Storm is Brewing Over Bitcoin Future

Source : Storm is Brewing Over Bitcoin Future
If you read recent media reports about future of bitcoin, you wonder what is going on.
For sure it is NOT clear which software we will be calling the true or real bitcoin in the future.
Here is a selection of citations from what different authors claim:
Many people and companies have withdrawn their support for SegWit2x bitcoin and the so called New York agreement is not widely accepted.
Bitcoin developers claim that Bitcoin SegWit2x will be just another altcoin: they “don’t think Segwit2x will succeed in its attempt to become the main bitcoin blockchain” see here.
Horror stories are told (as we read here):
SegWit proponents have  refused “to enact replay protection”
“the loss of funds for many users on the network will literally be unavoidable”
this is claimed due to “accidental replay spending, replay attacks and sudden and widespread incompatibility between various software and services”.

Forbes says that bitcoin is at the edge of destruction.
Another self-inflicted misery or a real war between developer and stake holder fractions?
I will now offer a small personal conspiracy theory explanation: Schnorr signatures are provably secure AND also offer many other opportunities for crypto ugrades. This will allow to finally end the sordid monopoly of current bitcoin developers on crypto standards inside blockchain technology at large. Dodgy people will no longer be able to dictate to the whole planet to use super dodgy cryptography solutions such as ECDSA+secp2556k1.

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