The Bitcoin News Show #60 – CME & Nasdaq Futures, Crypto Regulation, Crypto going Mainstream

The Bitcoin News Show for the week of Nov 27th with your host @theonevortex and your panelists: @needitshareit @CABS_Token @WilliamSantiago

William K. Santiago – Crypto Token Analyst at

Evgeny Xata – Managing Director at

Austin Angler – Crypto Trader


-Your guys’s thoughts on the CME and Futures, and how long until we see an ETF?

-Where are ICOs right now and why/how are you guys using them?

-What do you see as the most exciting projects right now?

-How do you guys see bitcoin and crypto regulation evolving around the globe?

-How will banks interact with bitcoin and other crypto in the near future?

-What do you see as the #1 hurdle to bitcoin and crypto going mainstream?


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