Adamant ADM ICO: Anonymous Encrypted Messenger Network?

Source : Adamant ADM ICO: Anonymous Encrypted Messenger Network?
Today, the protection of our transferred data is becoming the highest priority for users of electronic devices, no matter if personal devices or corporate once. Another project focussing on data protection, the messaging app ADAMANT, is based on robust blockchain technology with its being code open and public.
What Is Adamant ADM?
For all personal and business-related communication, ADAMANT has created a blockchain based system for data and message transfer that also comes with an integrated payment system. Their blockchain messenger can be used from any device, it is already available to use. Anonymity and data protection is one of ADAMANTs highest priority.
For businesses, the platform offers a corporate system that not only allows to transfer messages and data but enables the ability to digitally sign documents and use the integrated payment system which can reduce internal transaction costs.
Using blockchain technology has a great advantage of almost complete anonymity. A message history is therefore not connected to a specific person.
The ADAMANT app has the following features:
Messages are stored in the blockchain
No access to the user’s address book
No access to the user’s location information
No user identifications – the app can be used completely anonymous
All messages are encrypted on the sender’s device and decrypted on the recipient side
The client app does never transfer a user’s Private Key
All work is done locally on the user’s device
No user Private Data is being transferred
Message histories is not stored on a device and are directly loaded from the blockchain
It is impossible to obtain the user’s IP-address
Program code and blockchain are openly sourced
Accounts cannot be closed, blocked or limited by anyone, including the developers.
The companies own token, the ADM token will be used on the platform for a variety of things. It can be used as transfer fee for messages, direct payments or other added system functions in order to continue building the networks infrastructure. The platform promises a transaction speed with a 5-second block time and an easy-to-use direct payment system usable directly from the chat screen.
Adamant ADM ICO Token Details
The ADAMANT token sale will run from January 30th, 2018 until March 3rd, 2018. You can be part of the ICO and pay with the following currencies: ETH, BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, LTC, XMR, ETC, ZEC, and LSK
The Token price will reach between 0.002 ETH tо 0.005 ETH for 1 ADM unit and there is no minimum investment. There will be a soft cap $500,000 USD and a hard cap of $30,000,00 USD.
Token Distribution
Infrastructure support — 10%
Development — 30%
External security and code auditions (reviews) — 10%
Users involvement — 50%
Adamant ADM ICO Token Specification
Token name: ADAMANT (ADM)
DPoS algorithm (Delegated Proof of Stake)
Maximum tokens amount: 200 000 000 ADM
Genesis-block: 98 000 000 ADM
Block time: 5 seconds (17 280 blocks per day, about 6 307 200 blocks per year)
Block size: variation (not limited)
Adamant ADM ICO Conclusion
A completely autonomous messaging app plus payment system running on the blockchain is a very desirable concept, we are curious about how their token sale will go. If you want to invest, make sure you do your research in whatever ICO you are excited to contribute in.

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