ARK Listed on Cyrpto Exchange OKEx, Available for Immediate Trading and Giveaways

Source : ARK Listed on Cyrpto Exchange OKEx, Available for Immediate Trading and Giveaways
All-in-one blockchain solution and crypto token is now the latest currency to be registered on digital currency exchange . Widely seen as the benchmark for the online Bitcoin futures industry, has served millions of clients from over 100 countries worldwide, with more than half originating from China. The robust platform has carved out a respectable name for itself in the industry and represents a strong partner for ’s potential on the open market.
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France-based harbours ambitions of creating a user-centric platform with mass consumer adoption in mind. This “all-in-one” blockchain solution hopes to introduce an ecosystem of linked blockchains and a virtual spider web of endless use cases that will make extremely flexible, adaptable and scalable for users, developers and start ups with innovative blockchain tech.
How the Project will Work
Instead of developing an entire blockchain from nothing, developers can now opt to plug into the ecosystem and use its existing capabilities, based on their unique set of requirements. All of this can be done without the prerequisites of developer knowledge and owning a blockchain. All it takes is a click of a button – a simple yet effective step for enhanced consumer adoption and propagation of blockchain technology.
In summary, aims to be the one-stop solution for all crypto-related needs, be it crypto solutions, smart contracts, merchant points-of-sale, Smart Bridge/ACES interoperability and more. The promise of ’s revolutionary ecosystem belies the incredible technology underlying the solution – yet recognized for its potential as evidenced by this latest partnership with .
The wallet is now available for desktop across all operating systems and supports the Nano S secure hardware wallet. Experience near instantaneous transaction confirmation with its’ 8-second block times. Mobile wallets are in development and will be launched soon.
To mark the significant occasion, will be hosting an giveaway of 75,000 in two stages, beginning on December 21st, 2017. During the first stage, will distribute a code to users following them across their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Weixin). users can then use this code to join the airdrop lucky draw game on WeChat for their chance of winning 10,000 tokens.
The second stage will be available to newly registered accounts during the promotional period. Once ARK trading volume on the platform exceeds 10 million tokens, all traders contributing to this volume will be placed into a lucky draw, with a total prize pool of 65,000 ARK tokens to be won. Because ARK tokens can be used to access all services within the ARK Ecosystem, there may no longer be a need to keep track of and maintain hundreds of tokens/coins, or a need to trade them to access each token-specific service.
ARK wallets are now active on and users may deposit ARK to their accounts immediately.
One of the world’s leading trading platforms, offers token-to-token and derivative trading to international clients. Currently, it offers more than 40 token trading pairs and 5 futures pairs, leveraging the reputation of ’s almost $1.5 billion volume of BTC futures trading. Customers benefit from the highest levels of security through bank-level SSL encryption and cold storage, while benefiting from high-speed crypto trading based on real-time data.To learn more about ARK, visit the website or read the whitepaper for technical details.

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