Beware!Kraken Lost My 180k USD Wire Transfer

Source : Beware!Kraken Lost My 180k USD Wire Transfer
We transferred 180k USD on the 15th of December and funds are still not showing in our account. I encountered the same matter as AI2019 This time their excuse is kyc. Ive been waiting for my deposit to be credited for more than 30 days now. my account is verified (tier4) and I already called my bank and they said the money left the bank and they () have it, so its not being held by my bank. I have sent multiple tickets and Their support team keeps saying the same thing over and over, asking for the same thing, over and over: “Hi, Thank you for providing that information. Unfortunately, The correspondent bank SMBC NY has requested more information on your transaction for their KYC processes before they allow your transaction through. In most cases, this takes between few days and a week for their compliance team to review, but can sometimes take longer. We have submitted everything on our end and must wait until they are satisfied with our answers.”heir website is broken as hell and now they are stealing our money? Did anybody have a similar situation with them?I will update the progress of the situation, and now the site has been unable to withdraw money(UTC:02:54). There is reason to suspect serious financial problems. submitted by /u/bjsheping [link] [comments]

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