Evrial Crypto Malware Siphons Users Bitcoin via Clipboard Address Hack

Source : Evrial Crypto Malware Siphons Users Bitcoin via Clipboard Address Hack
With the high level of security on the blockchain, malicious hackers are now resulting in sophisticated tactics to gain access to your cryptocurrency. The latest malware invention is known as Evrial. The malware is set to target unsuspecting users by modifying addresses to steal cryptocurrency payments. Under the umbrella of information taking Trojans, this is probably one of the most accessible. The program is currently on sale in dark web and online criminal forums, which might make it quite widespread.
How Evrial Crypto Malware Works
As a Trojan, Evrial hijacks, extracts or edits your browser cookies and credentials. A unique feature on the program monitors the window clipboard for particular strings and modifies them with the attacker’s version. Anyone with desktop client or hardware wallet is at risk of attack from this malware. It is an open knowledge that most of the crypto enthusiast tend to copy the recipient addresses to the Window clipboard. And that is the mistake this malware takes advantage and alters the copied information.
Modifying strings is a somewhat new tactic in malware, and this is what makes this alarming. As a result, Evrial is capable of attacking browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Torch, Amigo, and Comodo. Currently, the Trojan configures this feature to monitor for strings relating to cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, , Webmoney, , and Qiwi. In the end, the cryptocurrency payment you sent gets re-routed to another address owned by the attacker. Additionally, the malware is capable of stealing information, with bitcoin wallets, passwords and protected files among the top targets.
How Do I Protect Myself?
With the malware relatively new, much research is underway on how to counter it. Luckily, the Trojan is also detectable by several antivirus programs. An excellent way to protect yourself is by updating your security software whenever a new installation is in place. Moreover, you can practice right computing habits to keep your online activities safe. This means you avoid downloading attachments from emails and other sources without scanning them. Also, refrain clicking on links from anonymous senders as this is the most common tactic for hijacking browsers. Lastly, users should seemingly get a reliable and updated antivirus program.
Evrial Crypto Malware Conclusion
Although Evrial might seem harmless, with time, it might evolve to attacking our operating systems. This is an issue that needs maximum attention, especially with cryptocurrency investors. Enhancing your privacy and security is the most viable solution.

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