Hadron ICO: AI In-Browser Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining?

Source : Hadron ICO: AI In-Browser Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining?
About Hadron
Hadron is among the pioneer projects that are using blockchain technology to harness the untapped power found in smartphones and personal computers. The purpose of tapping into these gadgets is to obtain power that will be used to drive artificial intelligence. Hadron is a combination of both blockchain and expertise in artificial intelligence. The project is run by a group of crypto visionaries from credible universities.
Hadron’s Mission
Hadron.cloud’s aim is to let people mine artificial intelligence using a web browser on their phones or computers. Doing so will allow complex AI computations to be done on a large scale from any part of the globe. Basically, Hadron.cloud creates an AI supercomputer that has amazing speeds and is cost efficient due to the power of Blockchain technology.
Users of this platform can start mining in a matter of seconds without much complication. Users also have an opportunity to earn crptocurrencies when they share their idle processors from their phones and personal computers. The project mission is to let people and businesses gain access to AI resources that are designed to boost productivity in a seamless manner.
Hadron’s Rationale
Artificial Intelligence is already transforming the way business is done around the world. It’s predicted that by 2025, the use of AI will have grown 80-fold. Hadron believes that by bringing AI mining right into people’s hands, they will acquire a strategic position for this growth. There’s a lot of technological shift towards the use of AI and combining this with Blockchain technology will lead to formidable growth in the industry.
There are a number of factors that have made Hadron believe that their project is viable. These factors include:
The global adoption of mobile phones more so smart phones
It’s reported that there are over 2 billion smartphones in the world today. This number grows every day and over time it may exceed the number of people. Most of these phones are said to lie idle over half of their lifespan. This is what the Hadron project is aiming at in order to tap AI power.
Introduction of 5G networks
Such networks allow very high speed internet connections under the right conditions. This will allow people to have unlimited access to data which will enable the project to run seamlessly.
AI frameworks designed for mobile systems
This will enable artificial intelligence computations on mobile phones which weren’t the case sometime back.
Acceleration of mobile AI use
The more recent versions of smartphones have accelerator chips which boosts the performance of artificial intelligence.
Hadron ICO Tokens
It’s possible for businesses and individuals to use HADRON tokens in order to purchase AI services. This will be the means of payment for transactions on this platform.
Blockchain technology through Hadron tokens will make it possible for small businesses and individuals to have access to this essential technology that will definitely leave a mark on the global map. It will be interesting to see how this project fares because its success will bring about a lot of positive gains for the tech world and humanity in general.

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