Straks STAK: Fast E-Commerce Community Driven Utility Token?

Source : Straks STAK: Fast E-Commerce Community Driven Utility Token?
A decentralized, open source and community-driven new digital currency is on its way to focus on e-commerce utility.
What is Straks STAK? is aiming to create a decentralized new digital currency (STRAKS token) that is open source, community-driven and focussed on e-commerce utility. The company is focused on fast transactions and efficiency for the e-commerce focused on fast transaction
Straks STAK focuses on the following attributes and features.
The market and the acceptance of digital currencies grows fast, therefore more businesses are aware of the benefits of integrating cryptocurrency payment methods. The Straks platform seeks to be easy to integrate and utilize for business and wants to be widely used in all aspects of e-commerce so all transactions can run smooth and quick.
Open Source
All progress that is made on the platform is open and visible to the public on GitHub. Keen contributors can generate pull request to help the platform make faster product improvements.
Decentralized Ownership
The Straks platform will not depend on single individuals and through its decentralization ensure safety and a long lifespan.
Community Oriented is building a community around its product and is already collecting feedback and suggestions to further develop the platform. For the implementation of future features, the company is planning to have the community vote for feature suggestions.
Speed is focussing on its transaction speed and constantly improves transaction speed. Coins can be sent and received instantly. The platform is using Segwit which increases the block-size and capacity and helps the network grow.
Integrating the Zerocoin protocol will help to ensure the privacy of investors and community. The transactions will stay untraceable and anonymous.
Self-Funded is aiming to be completely self-funded and has one of the lowest PoW fees on the market. The platform takes 5% fee on PoW, this way makes sure it is also funded in the future and support business and product development as well as other operational expenses.
Straks STAK Details has a block reward of 10 STRAKS with 5% going to the PoW fund, this leaves 9.5 STRAKS per block.
Calculations show a GTX 1070 gets 1.65339264 STRAKS per day. This is at 105GH/s+ network hashrate and the current difficulty fluctuating between 700-1500
Mining Details:
Current Version:
Block Size: 4 MB
Max Block Size Serialized Size: 16 MB
Proof-of-Work Algorithm: Lyra2rev2
Block Time: ~60 seconds
Coin Maturity: 100 blocks
Transactions Per Second: 133 (Bitcoin: 3, Bitcoin Cash: 27, Dash: 13)
Transactions Per 24 hours: 11,520,000
Difficulty Retargeting: New D106 Algorithm
Maximum Coin Supply: 150 Million
Treasury Funding: 5% Per Block
SegWit: Active
SegWit2x: Active
SegWit4x: Active
Lightning Network: Compatible
Atomic Swaps: Compatible
Masternodes: Enabled
Masternodes Collateral: 15,000 STAK
Masternode Reward: Rebalancing via New Reactive Equilibria (REV1) Algorithm
ZSMR: Explicit Masternode Decentralisation Promotion [Zero Reward to Block 50400]
ZSIP: Zero Start Instamine Protection [7 Days: 10080 Blocks]
Straks STAK Verdict
Currently, even offers an integration to websites for free, if you are interested to use the system for your business. The site is also planning to launch a marketplace, to help you find more sellers or buyers within the Straks community. We are certainly keeping an eye out on the development of this platform.

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