When Lambo: Parody Bitcoin Value Lamborghini Calculator?

Source : When Lambo: Parody Bitcoin Value Lamborghini Calculator?
With a wide range of investors having plenty of bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin among others, there still remains very few ways of cashing these coins to fiat currency. This is despite the fact that one of the goals of the crypto pioneers was to allow the cryptos to work just as fiat money works in exchange of commodities. This dream is still being actuated as many companies are accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.
When Lambo is a new website that allows investors to predict the amount of coins they need to buy a Lamborghini. Here’s learn all about it.
How Does When Lambo Work?
Well, the site is straightforward even if you are not an internet or computer guru. All you need to do is to go to the when-lambo.com. Once you’re there choose the coin you wish to use in your prediction and state the amount you are willing. Then click on ‘When Lambo?’ box that’s on your right and just like that you are able to know when you can purchase you Lamborghini.
Why Use When Lambo?
Well, as an investor, it is important to have the requisite information on your fingertips. The time you have been waiting for to know when you can use your virtual coins to purchase your favorite Lamborghini car is finally here. Here are some of the benefits you will get by using the When Lambo site:
You can use more than 100 virtual coins for prediction: The site allows you to choose from a wide pool of digital currency to use and predict how many you will need to purchase a Lambo and when you can achieve this milestone. The best thing is that you can easily choose the virtual coins that you already own
The site gives you the current price of the Lambo using different virtual coins: This allows you to easily do your estimations of the much you will need in a specific timeframe
You do not have to do any calculations: The site does all the calculations for you and all you need is to choose your amounts and the type of the virtual coin to use
It is also easy to access different exchanges like Coinbase, Yobit, eToro to name but a few, using the site
When Lambo Conclusion
We all agree that it is awesome to buy a Lambo using virtual coins. However, caution should be taken as these are just predictions. The site asks you to be cautious as the results are fictional.
In this regard, while it is fun using the site, it is also imperative to note that the information given may not reflect the truth. Therefore, we advise you to avoid relying on the site to entirety.

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