Why Lightning Network (coming this year) threatens the Dollar as the World Reserve Currency

Source : Why Lightning Network (coming this year) threatens the
Dollar as the World Reserve Currency

There is a reason Ver/Wu/ and their government/corporate bosses are so against Bitcoin/Core/Lightning. They are SO threatened by it because it WILL replace them. THUS, the EXTREME amounts of manipulation in the market, the paid advertising in literally every outlet imaginable (media/social media/websites/sock puppets/etc), the mining, etc.So, why are they so threatened and acting in these EXTREME ways that costs them millions if not billions of dollars to fund these manipulations?Because Lightning gives back to bitcoin its attributes of being a CURRENCY.For perhaps a year now (and these bad actors saw this in advance for a few years, as a lot is at stake with bitcoin replacing the dollar….. hello), transaction fees have gone up so much (esp due to spam from Wu, and not batching tx’s/not implementing/blocking segwit, promoting centralized 2x), that bitcoin has ceased to be a daily micro transactional currency. So, right now, bitcoin is being used as a store of value.Now, the dollar has been special for decades now because it’s been seen as somewhat of a store of value and currency, thus the world RESERVE CURRENCY status. reserve=store of value, currency=daily micro transactional currency. (yes gold is more store of value but most ppl save in dollars). Well, when Lightning rolls out, Bitcoin becomes both a daily micro transactional currency AND a store of value SIMULTANEOUSLY. THUS, giving it the go-ahead to become THE world reserve currency that is superior to the dollar in so many ways (decentralized, peer-to-peer, uncensorable, digital, etc). Funny, we saw that image on « The Economist » from the 1980’s of the Phoenix Rising picture with a gold necklace that says 2018 and « Get Ready for a World Currency ». https://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user3303/imageroot/2017/07/05/20170709_econ.jpgThis is not a coincidence as there are no coincidences in life. Only synchronicities. Winks from God. submitted by /u/wallyjo3 [link] [comments]

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