Ceyron CEY ICO Token: Cryptocurrency Fund Manager Coin?

Source : Ceyron CEY ICO Token: Cryptocurrency Fund Manager Coin?
Ceyron or CFL is a project whose aim is to bring together the financial sector via the blockchain technology. The project will entail both a cryptocurrency and provision of financial services. On the Ceyron platform, various service such as digital coin trading, debit card access, and token offerings backed by secure credit will be possible.
The Ceyron CEY tokens, which will power the platform, will disrupt two spheres: the crypto world and the financial world. These tokens will bring solutions in five key areas:
Inability to use tokens as a fungible payment method
The slow liquidity of token transactions, which can take up to a week to complete
High transaction costs, which can range from five to seven percent
Issues of volatility; where crypto coins have seen swings of 20 to 50 percent in value within just a few days. This is usually because they do not have any underlying collateral to support them, which makes it easy for speculators to wildly affect prices.
Lack of transparency since most crypto has no compliance, audit or oversight regime. CFL intends to have an annual audit as well as traditional quarterly reporting.
About the Ceyron CEY Token
The CEY tokens are tokens, which investors will receive. They will represent beneficial ownership interests in a separate class of non-voting equity sharing in CFL. Thus, token holders will hold a beneficial interest in CFL.
The Fund
The Ceyron Finance Sarl will be a limited liability company that is incorporated under the liability companies’ law. Thus, the fund will be wholly owned by CFL. The fund and CFL have entered into an Operating Agreement that sets out the rights and obligations, which each party has.
This project is designed for sophisticated investors, and it is expected to start its operations in the Q4 of 2018. For you to participate in the fund, you will do so via the CEY token. This fund is going to be managed by the Columbus Investment Management Ltd., a company registered in the British Virgin Island.
The fund manager is made up of experienced senior officers and bankers in the finance world. This fund may enter into agreements with other investment funds that have the same or similar investment objectives as the fund.
How Volatility Will Be Minimized
To minimize the volatility of CEY tokens, as has been seen with other digital coins, CFL will support its value via a portfolio of secured credit assets. The yields will then be reinvested into the portfolio to try to grow the value of the underlying CEY tokens. To secure the portfolio of the credit assets further a surety wrap will be used to enhance returns and stability. AI and machine learning are going to be utilized to create a portfolio of secure assets.
The blockchain has the potential to offer safety, security, and transparency. As such, CFL is going to utilize the blockchain to ensure that there is immediate transaction adjudication at a low cost in the hope of creating greater liquidity for the investors.

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