ConcertVR incorporates Blockchain and Virtual Reality

Source : ConcertVR incorporates Blockchain and Virtual Reality
ConcertVR is an organization in Europe started 18 months ago by Andreas Knuffman and Sebastian Deyle, two people who have experience in producing classic films in the entertainment industry for the past 20 years. The idea of using blockchain stemmed from an idea that it will be a win-win situation for both the fans and the music industry. The benefits are clearly visible from small things such as organizing bills and saving costs.
The company as a first step in the process of utilizing the decentralized feature of blockchain has opened up the term for pre-ICO and it will be followed by an ICO in March. The plan of the organization is to create their own token ConcertVR Token [CVT] which will have an issue rate of 0.00015 ETH which will be approximately 16 cents. This token can be used by people to pay for their concert in the ConcertVR app. They would accept payments in the form of other cryptocurrencies which will make them more flexible and grow faster.
The pre-ICO of the company starts on the 15th of February 2018 (tomorrow) and lasts for 7 days with a hard cap of 1200 ETH. The ICO will begin on 01 March 2018 and will last for 31 days with a hard cap of 60000 ETH. For security and transparency reasons the tokens during pre-ICO and ICO shall be available only on their websites.
Started out as a desire to inculcate technology with entertainment, the company got an upward lift when they won the association of Exozet GmbH – a development partner with a vast experience in PR. Jan Mewes an internationally acclaimed artist-manager in their team has given validity and trust in the eyes of the investors.
Most of the people don’t attend the concert because of the location of the concert or sometimes the tickets get sold out and ConcertVR solves both of these issues. It helps the fans to realize their dream of attending a concert from the comfort of their homes
Gordon Larsen, a cryptocurrency investor from Ireland says,
“The space of VR and blockchain is growing and it is good to see both of them integrating. I am generally skeptical of new tokens and ICOs but ConcertVR seems to be revolutionary.”
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