Emurgo and SIRIN LABS Partnership to Expand Cardano

Source : Emurgo and SIRIN LABS Partnership to Expand Cardano
Emurgo has announced a strategic partnership with LABS, a pioneer in secure open source consumer electronics, as a part of its global strategy in developing and expanding the ecosystem of ’s blockchain. ’s native token – ADA – will be supported in the upcoming blockchain smartphone, the FINNEY™, which LABS is currently developing.
LABS, which successfully completed its crowdsale, raising $157.8 million for the development of the blockchain-based FINNEY™ family of devices which will include an all-in-one PC and the FINNEY™ smartphone, described as the world’s most secure blockchain smartphone. The FINNEY™ is scheduled to launch globally in the second half of 2018.
The FINNEY™smartphone’s cold-storage wallet, which provides token exchanging and is developed using the blockchain-enabled and proprietary OS, will support ’s native token, ADA. Users will be able to use the ADA token as a choice of payment within the DApp store which will come pre-installed on the device.
Emurgo will aid the LABS R&D team in integrating the FINNEY™ smartphone with the protocol, which is currently developed by Input Output HK, a global blockchain engineering company.
Moshe Hogeg, CEO of LABS said: “We are incredibly excited to be able to work with Emurgo on implementing the protocol into OS and our upcoming FINNEY™ family of devices. The availability of the ADA token will undoubtedly enhance the user experience and utility of the FINNEY™ smartphone, to both crypto enthusiasts and mainstream users.”
CEO of Emurgo, Ken Kodama, commented: “It’s very exciting that we can work with LABS to expand the blockchain industry. Also, it’s great news for the community that such an innovative smartphone will support ADA.”

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