Etherbots: Ethereum Based Robot Battle Game By Fuel Bros?

Source : Etherbots: Ethereum Based Robot Battle Game By Fuel Bros?
Etherbots is a decentralized platform for collecting, building, and duelling virtual robots on the network.
With Etherbots, users can buy and sell parts for their bots on the Etherbots marketplace, and use those parts to make more powerful creations.
As a reward for duelling, users can earn valuable and rare rewards to further strengthen their rankings in the platform.
How Does Etherbots Work?
The Etherbot economy is based on acquiring and trading rare parts on the marketplace. Each part is unique and scarce thanks to the parts being recorded via blockchain technology. Also, each part is an ERC721 token, which means that users can retain full ownership of their robots.
Bots are made up of a melee arm, a defence arm, a body, and a turret. Users can customize their robot at any time they want.
As part of adding an element of scarcity to the network, there will be a maximum of 3900 crates for sale. Each crate contains a randomly-generated part that’s required to build a robot. After the 3900 crates have been found, it will only be in the marketplace that users can buy and sell parts.
Battling Etherbots And Leveling System
As a core feature of the Etherbot platform, users can battle their bots against each other to level up and win extra parts. Users can then use the parts they win to make their bots stronger, or they can sell them on the marketplace.
The rewards from winning can range from a legendary light saber through to upgrades that are worth nothing.
Etherbots Based Robot Battle Game Perks
As part of the Etherbot platform, one can level up their etherbots and buy new equipment to win more duels and parts.
The perks let users customize their bots according to their play style and how they’d like their bots to perform in duels.
There are also Legendary Gold and Elemental Part Sets that allow for an integrated robot and battle bonus all in one.
Each victory and defeat is tracked via decentralized leader board on the blockchain.
Etherbots Presale
Participants that purchase during the presale period have the option of buying robots at a large discount. The price for each Etherbot increases as they are sold, and to a further 20% upon launch of the game.
Each presale crate has a 500% increased chance of getting the items rare shadow or legendary gold items over regular crates. Only 3900 crates will be sold, making them a valuable source of investments for both investors and users of the Etherbot platform.
How To Buy Etherbots
The founders recommend that people use MetaMask to buy robot crates. This is a wallet and chrome extension that allows people to interact with the network.
Transfer ether into the MetaMask wallet then click on buy crate.
Determine your gas price as per the recommendation of the Eth Gas Station.
After the transaction confirms, click on the My Robots button, there you will see a way to buy crates.
After you click the button, this will send another transaction that costs 0 Eth, yet it is required for the robot to be generated.
You’ll then see that the crates are able to be opened. Each robot is owned by an individual’s wallet address until the launch period, at which point they will be transformed to ERC721 tokens.
About The Company Behind Etherbots
Etherbots was created by an Australian company called Fuel Bros, and has its headquarters in Sydney.
The team members are:
James Ferguson: Co-Founder and Developer
Robert Ferguson: Co-Founder and Developer
Alex Connolly: Solidity Consultant
Sebastian Delgado: Solidity Consultant
Oksana Mykytiuk: Designer
Andy Stef: Designer
Ling Ping Chow: Animator
Etherbots Summary
Etherbots lets you trade, buy, and battle etherbots on the platform. The interesting thing about Etherbots is all the interesting upgrades and their ability to further customize the user’s gaming experience.
More information about Etherbots can be found on their Discord, Github, Reddit, and Twitter platforms.

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