Humaniq App Partners with Biometrics Institute

Source : Humaniq App Partners with Biometrics Institute
Humaniq has announced that it is joining the coordinating group led by the Biometrics Institute and will cooperate with other members on security, technology and ethics issues. Committed to a strong social mission, the Humaniq team will as a member of the institute to bring more attention to the security of personal data and the ethical issues of using biometrics.
The London-based blockchain firm leverages bio ID technology in its mobile application. Upon registration, the user in white-listed in countries (including Uganda, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Rwanda) and is required to take photographs of their faces to register and log-in. The company’s technology brings together behavioural and facial recognition, making it possible to use the Humaniq Application even on low-end mobile devices with Android 4.0.3. To strengthen user security, Humaniq has created a ‘proof-of-human’ approach based on behavioural analysis, user profile completion, the frequency and number of sessions and other actions.

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