Hush USH ICO: Regulated, Tokenized Crypto Compatible Bank?

Source : Hush USH ICO: Regulated, Tokenized Crypto Compatible Bank?
Hush is a platform that allows you to carry your money and cryptocurrencies everywhere you go through a customizable card. Instead of moving too many documents around to help you with transactions, Hush allows you to have all of them in one place.
The platform provides a technologically advanced way for people to master their money. Their pre-ICO is open until 25th February 2018 where investors can obtain the USH token.
HUSH Tokenized Crypto Compatible Bank Features
Through the USH token, users on the HUSH platform will discover new and exciting ways of handling crypto-money. Token holders will have a chance to help develop the project further and even engage in the governance of the platform.
The token will also provide a crucial lever that will ensure the development of a mobile banking system that’s independent of traditional banks. A vibrant community of users and influencers will help leverage the token in the banking industry. Crypto-compatibility with users is a crucial feature of this token which will give a strategic position in the world of cryptocurrencies.
Hush USH ICO Details
Here are the details regarding the Hush ICO:
Token symbol – USH
Token type –ERC 20
Pre-ICO date – 22nd January 2018 to 25th February 2018
ICO date – 26th February 2018 to 25th March 2018
Price -0.70 euros/USH
Hardcap – 10 million euros
Currencies accepted – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Euros
Why Get The HUSH Token?
There are various benefits of owning a USH token:
Users that transact with USH on the Hush platform receive a 50% discount
Token holders become part of a vibrant and collaborative community
The most active users on the platform collect badges
These badges receive rewards at the end of every month
Hush Platform Model
Developers of the platform are keen on bringing banking closer to users. The platform allows users to have control over their cards, accounts and even cryptocurrencies. A user is also in a position to share out and spread their expenses using various applications on the network. Regarding projects, users will quickly define the terms of engagement and even contribute at their leisure. Community members can get invited into projects and make their contributions on the platform.
Helping users get and stay organized is a significant aspect of this platform. One can plan travels, organize hobbies, activate insurances and extend warranties. The platform cultivates an environment of creativity where users’ imaginations are not limited.
Regarding cryptocurrencies, one can create a portfolio for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash among others. Monitoring one’s crypto investments on this platform are secure. The Hush credit card allows users to convert cryptos into Euros at any given time. In short, Hush consolidates one’s life through blockchain in one customizable card.

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