Icelandic Adventure by B. Elduayen

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Icelandic Adventure

by B. Elduayen

I went to Iceland in April 2016. I loved it so much that I went back 5 weeks later. This icy and fiery land is stunning. I did one of the tours. I was glad I decided to do such a tourist thing. A day well spent travelling through the bleak and frigid landscape, with state of the art WiFi connection, which allowed me streamed some of moments to my family in England, Spain and Bangladesh. I knew about the American and Eurasian tectonic plates, but nothing had prepared me for such a landscape. The geysers were also quite a thing to see and the enormous half frozen Dettifoss waterfalls. The climax of the day was to gently swim in the natural pool my the hot water coming out of the guts of the Earth. It was then when I understood that the first Vikings decided to stay in Iceland. The volcanic landscape provides with all that luxurious warmth.

In the evenings I would go downtown. Icelanders are great and I made some friends while going from bar to bar following the app suggesting the bars with a “happy hour” to have the next round of “cheap” beers.

One friend took me North of Reykjavik to visit a stunning lava field, Barnafoss. In the evening we had some rest and then we went out for a night out. I met more people, from sheep farmers of the North to academics of Iceland University. Another evening another friend decided to take for a tour around Reykjavik. The Sun does not set that time of the year so a lot can be seen and experienced. I loved the headland where Artic or Antartic terns go to sleep. These birds migrate from pole to pole. Sturdy little animals. It was great to see them sleep cuddling in pairs, sweet. We continued visiting the surroundings and he showed me a shack where they process the famous Icelandic shark. He also showed me Björk’s house. What a tour in the middle of the night with the Sun up.

Icelandic cuisine is great too. I loved all that fresh fish, shell fish and other sea delicacies, which I will not mentioned here. Beef and sheep, all organic. They don’t have battery farms, no antibiotics or hormones feed to the animals, just the real thing and the food these animals provide is very reach in Omega-3 fatty acid oil, due to their rich diet in grass and lichens. Something unheard of in the rest of Western Europe. Very healthy indeed.

Another thing that impressed me was the amount and size of book stores. Eymundsson is called the chain. Not surprisingly, Icelanders are highly educated. There are lots book stores for a city with just over 100,000+ inhabitants. Some are huge with several floors full of books cd, dvds and other materials. I bought a few books while there. One in Icelandic cuisine, a copy of “Independent People” by the Nobel prize winner Halldór Laxness and another on Iceland Nature guide and birdwatching. It is packed with details about areas well mapped, where wild life congregate.

Then the day to return arrived. The route to Keflavik airport has a very interested landscape as well, with those rock pools dotted in the landscape. I felt like asking the driver to stop to explore some of them. The airport is very nice too. I vividly remember the stained glass roof. A piece of architectural art for all travellers to look up in awe. Then I was back inside the plane, on my way back to Blighty, I began to read “Independent People”. I love Iceland and its people.

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