Kahnchat KCH: Crypto Payments & Social Networking Blockchain?

Source : Kahnchat KCH: Crypto Payments & Social Networking Blockchain?
Thanks to rapid technological innovations, mobile payment services are just a few taps away on one’s phone. But in a bid to make this service a bit more convenient, Kahn technology Ltd is set to integrate it with a social media app. Is this just a great idea given that a billion people are already active on social media and still need a convenient tool for sending funds?
Introducing Kahnchat
The future of Blockchain technology holds the key to so many opportunities and given that KahnChat makes use of this technology is merely impressive. KahnChat, a modest solution that will double up as a social connectivity tool and a new payment getaway, will support cryptocurrencies and fiat money.
A KhanChat user will seamlessly transfer funds without requesting for their bank details, and the recipient gets a notification in a flash. Away from exchanging funds, this app will bring together friends and relatives, acting pretty much like WhatsApp or Telegram. It will favor corporates as well as the ordinary persons too!
The best part of it is, it will be acceptable in a variety of places, including pubs and restaurants, retail and departmental stores, gas stations, taxi, online shopping, coupons, etc. In short, KhanChat will be a little like bringing together all the features of PayPal, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and other apps crypto payments getaways.
Kahnchat Crypto Payments & Social Networking Blockchain Benefits
Supports Fiat And Cryptocurrency
As per the project’s Whitepaper, there’s no doubt KahnChat will create a massive revolution in the way funds are sent in the future. Today, cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming a better alternative to mainstream cash, and if the trend goes this way, cryptos will usurp fiat.
Given that it will support both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, it thus presents its users with the best of both worlds. You will make payments conveniently straight from your smartphone!
Combines Social Media And Sending Money In A Single Platform
The glamor of KahnChat isn’t simply a traditional mobile payment application. Given that it entails the best of other social media apps and combines it with super-awesome features, this app is just perfect for simple, hassle-free interactions. You will chat and converse on video, voice, and text, earn followers and experience a lot more.
Kahnchat Features In A Nutshell
Mobile payments
Transfer of funds
Exchanging cryptocurrencies
Text messaging
Voice and video calling
Creation of public and business pages
Creation of private and public discussion groups
Live streaming
File transfer
Playing mobile games.
Kahnchat ICO And KCH Token Sale
KahnChat is blockchain-based and will be fast, secure and convenient for your safe money transfers and purchases and interactions. The ICO and KCH token sale took place on 1st Feb – 3rd Feb 2018.
Token type: ERC-20 compliant
Price: 1 KCH = 0.002 ETH
Coins accepted: BTC, ETH, and Fiat
Soft cap: 500 ETH
Hard Cap: 100,000 ETH
Where Is Kahn Technology Ltd Based?
Well, David Kan (kahnchat.com) who owns the parent company credited for this exciting project is from the UK. But given the development of KahnChat is set to start right after the end of the ICO means it will only be registered once it becomes operational. However, you can trust that it will be a huge hit, perhaps revolutionary in the future.

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