Luxcess’ buy back and burn idea set to propel this token to new heights!

Source : Luxcess’ buy back and burn idea set to propel this token to new heights!
LXC is a new token in the market which aims at providing investors with a regular long-term profit. With reports suggesting only 10% of the coins will survive, if at all, then they have plans for retaining the investors by giving them long-term benefits.
When AMBCrypto’s reporter contacted Luka Lah, co-founder of Luxcess group this is what he says,
“Low supply of 35 Mio and burning process will be a unique and decisive factor in our coin becoming a hit with the people”
He also was glad enough to explain about the burning process and this is how they dot it – they buy back the coins from part of their profits and burn them which results in a decrease in market cap and circulation thereby increasing the coin value. Buy Back and Burn will be the core idea that will help Luxcess to compete with an existing set of coins and battle it out for survival.
The future plan of the organization is rolling out pre-sales for public investors and promotions have already started on the company’s social media platforms. The penetration level of the publicity has been very successful and people who join the company’s telegram group and share their posts get an initial amount of LXC for free.
“Luxcess group’s main product of Royal Platform will be a medium for people to track our portfolios transparently and also transact using that platform without any transaction fees”
To improve the flexibility and medium of transactions, Luxcess is planning to bridge Fiat and Cryptocurrency so that people will be able to contribute through Fiat currency.
Peter Gordon, a Market Analyst from London spoke to AMBCrypto and says,
“With markets still feeling the bearish grip, brands like Luxcess puts back faith in the crypto community. I have always been skeptical of new tokens and you always need to do your own research but definitely Luxcess feels legit”
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