Luxure Global Citizen: Luxury Brand Cryptocurrency Rewards?

Source : Luxure Global Citizen: Luxury Brand Cryptocurrency Rewards?
Luxure Global Citizen claims to be a luxury rewards platform for the world’s most affluent and popular brands. Luxure helps connect brands and its clients through its many years of expertise. With these connections, Luxure can secure its customer base 5% cash rewards.
Luxure Global Citizen Features
Luxure offers what they call an unrivalled global rewards programme.
This lets people enjoy the full services and benefits of the Luxure brand, including a 5% cash reward on each member’s total monthly spend.
Membership is available in Gold, Platinum, or Titanium
Appointment services
VIP personal shopping experiences
Priority access to exclusive items
Access to rare and sought after cultural events
Free basic cultural events, alterations and repairs
Special gift boxes when requested
Private jet and booking service
Access to the best hotels and villas around the world
Luxure Global Citizen (LGC) Coin
Luxure Global Citizen has its own inbuilt cryptocurrency known as the LGC Coin. This token can be used as an alternative to the 5% cashback customers get every month. The LGC Coin can be used towards purchases for any advertiser on the Luxure Global Citizen portfolio of clients.
Brands That Work With Luxure Global Citizen
Luxure boats an impressive portfolio of brands that its customers can enjoy. These brands come from almost every industry sector for consumers, and there are 1200 in total to choose from.
Some stand out brands that work with Luxure Global Citizen are:
Tom ford
Four Seasons
And many others.
Purchasing Luxury Brand Cryptocurrency Rewards
As Luxure Global Citizen works with a diverse range of luxury brands across every sector in the industry, it’s then not surprising that the business offers a multitude of products to purchase.
Shoppers can purchase items such as:
Bars & restaurants
Luxure Global Citizen Mobile App Features
The Luxure Global Citizen Mobile App is due to be released later in 2018. When its development has finished, customers will be able to shop and get special offers through the app and compatible with Apple and Android devices.
When the app is released, it will have the following features for all of its customers to enjoy.
Tailored Products
The Luxure Global Citizen App displays a tailored suite of products for its end users. The products displayed update dynamically, and are based on what the user has previously searched and paid for before. Only the best and most targeted deals are shown to users on the app, along with exclusive discounts and incentives.
Special Requests
Members can enjoy the benefits of special requests direct from the advertisers on the mobile app. Each receipt is sent to the customer once their payments clear. Additionally, people can see how much they have saved with their cashback rewards incentive.
Cash Rewards
Members can opt for 5% cash rewards, or they can alternatively request for their payments in the LGC cryptocurrency.
Luxure Global Citizen Summary
Luxure Global Citizen is an innovative payment in the space of providing luxury brands to high net worth individuals. Its inbuilt cryptocurrency is one of the first of its kind, which means that it could be hard for other companies to successfully compete with its offering.

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