Money Trade Coin to establish its global footprint in 40 countries worldwide

Source : Money Trade Coin to establish its global footprint in 40 countries worldwide
The applications of the Blockchain technology are simply boundless and with new ones being launched every other day, the cryptocurrency market grows further. Money Trade Coin Group, the pioneers in offering its unique multi-cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services across the globe, has since its launch made an accelerated growth which created a mark in the crypto-world.
The group led by Dr. Amit M. Lakhanpal jumped the cryptocurrency bandwagon in early 2017 and later announced the soft-launch of Money Trade Coin at a global platform in Dubai by July 2017 and entered into a partnership with Dubai based BitCoin Global FZE. Since then, the growth of the company has been enormous and right now, the company has its footprints in almost 40 different countries globally.
The company, with its big-bang launch in mid-2017, already started to intrigue the crypto group’ interest in the cryptocurrency market. It was launched initially with a presence in six different countries, which made a difference, and all such companies were registered with the respective government authorities, a first of its kind. The registrations were acquired from the countries of Estonia, United Kingdom, Dubai (UAE), India, Switzerland and Antigua and Barbuda from where the group started providing its unique multi-cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services, primarily. Apart from such services, it also offered world-class payment solutions, a cryptocurrency knowledge academy as well as E-Commerce and utility services.
By the end of 2017, as we all know about the boom in cryptocurrency markets, this little-known digital token Money Trade Coin caught the eye from crypto communities and what was then valued at $6 in November 2017, soared to the levels of around $100 by the end of December 2017. Currently, the is valued at $282 at the time of writing. Such spectacular performance of the group’s cryptocurrency and the value it generated to its holders was attributed to the only fact which was led by purely organic growth of the company, uniquely designed services and applications and its approach to reach the masses.
The Founder of Money Trade Coin Group, Dr. Amit Lakhanpal Says
“Only 3.5% of Total cryptocurrencies are currently being traded. There is huge scope for development in this space. Cryptocurrency holders should also keep in mind that it is a highly volatile market and before investing in it one should consider all the risks associated with it.”
With the New Year came multiple launches and along with it brought multiple announcements from the company which included the launch of its products and services across the globe. The announcements included the new registrations of the group’s companies that would provide its services in multiple countries that included the following:
Asian Countries:
European Countries
Currently, the group has its presence in the aforementioned 17 different countries and enjoys a reputation in the market which no other cryptocurrency retains.
Raghu Desai, A Bitcoin miner from Delhi says,
“I have invested in tokens which are sceptical in nature. I heard about Money Trade Coin in Dubai and I was skeptical about it first but this is truly a radical coin. A lot of people don’t know about this yet, I think there is lot of scope of growth in this space.”
Furthermore, Money Trade Coin Group has its plans to launch its services in some other Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, Myanmar and Israel and by the coming 3 months, the company is in the procedure to legalize its services in almost 40 different countries. This would mark as the first cryptocurrency in the crypto market which enjoys its presence in almost every part of the world.
While the independent approach of  Dr. Amit Lakhanpal combined with the group’s vision of a decentralized economy has made a significant impact in the way cryptocurrencies are perceived.
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