New App Links Coinbase With Lightning Network as Frustration Continues

Source : New App Links Coinbase With Lightning Network as Frustration Continues
A new Blockchain app seeking to introduce Lightning Network compatibility for users has debuted its alpha demo.
Could Users Get Lightning?
Lightning Ramp acts as a middleman service, allowing users of major exchanges to benefit from Lightning Network improvements in transaction fees and faster processing times.
As Lightning gains huge mainnet traction among the Bitcoin community, currently operating almost 2000 channels, demand from users for better transaction experiences on in particular also continues to grow.

While the largest US exchange and wallet provider promised SegWit functionality will appear “within weeks,” users were previously far from being able to benefit from Lightning’s capabilities.
In addition, expert Andreas recently went on record to claim major exchanges like “won’t run” Lightning in future due to its design being at odds with their regulatory obligations.
“There are plenty of things to keep us busy,” Lightning Ramp wrote on Reddit in comments about its third party solution.
I’m glad we can let deal with holding funds. I think it’ll really help push the big guys along knowing that third parties can do these types of integrations.
Armstrong’s HR Post Falls Flat
This week meanwhile has seen CEO Brian Armstrong come under renewed fire after he published a blog post focussing entirely on human resources management.
Titled ‘36 Ways To Hire, Develop, and Retain Great People,” the post resulted in no shortage of snide criticism from Bitcoin commentators aware of ’s year-long history of technical problems, as well as Armstrong’s own activities.

Brian has had 35+ major fails: Supporting multiple failed fork attempts, adopting #BCash, insider BCash trading, disaster Bcash rollout, no tx batching, no SegWit, useless toys, UTXO mess, overcharging fees, attempt to « fire Core », etc. He’s ’s worst employee!
— Ragnar Lifthrasir ⚑ (@Ragnarly) February 14, 2018

Like ShapeShift Tuesday, involvement with Bitcoin Cash has given Armstrong’s business considerable negative publicity. Allegations of insider trading preceding integration of the altcoin into wallets was followed by an announcement that no new assets would feature in the near future.
SegWit appeared to take priority in 2018 after a user petition demanded make it first on the list of engineering upgrades.
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