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Dear Algory Community,The last weeks were very fruitful for us when it comes to the company’s development and working on our products. We wish to inform you about the changes which took place at our company and the development plans for the nearest future. We do our best so that our tools can be out as quickly as possible.New developers on our teamWe are very happy to introduce new members to our team.Project Manager — Andrzej MarekHe will supervise the works of our programmers and translate our business-functional expectations concerning specific functions into the ‘programming language’.Experience and Service Design Consultant — Paweł NowakHe designs and specifies processes and interactions of users with the Algory app and cares so that the product meets the highest usability standards.Full stack developer — Sebastian KubalskiHe will handle creating our tools concerning the Algory Project in terms of backend.Junior front-end developer — Konrad MorawiecHe will handle programming the app in terms of the fronted.Graphic designer — Marcin KnysakHe prepares graphic designs for our trading tools.Thanks to increasing the team our works gained speed. As we’ve mentioned in the latest posts, we are simultaneously working on two versions — DEMO and MVP (Minimum Viable Product). We want the published version to meet your requirements. We are going according to the plan presented on a roadmap which will soon be updated with detailed development plans and work progress (we will inform about it in a separate post).New officeWe are moving to a new location, thanks to which our work will gain even more speed.Algory Project — new officeMore info soonNew information already on Friday. This time the info will concern the DEMO and MVP version which we are working on.Join us on Twitter and Telegram to be up-to-date.Algory Project http://algory.ioNew developers and office was originally published in algory_project on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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