Requitix ICO – Trusted token and cofidence system

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ICO Start: To Be Announced – ICO Ends: To Be Announced 

Requitix is a global ecommerce payment gateway solution for any type of website. Whether it’s a dating site, WordPress site using Woocommerce, Joomla, Drupal or any other CMS system, Requitix can be used to take payments via web or mobile apps.







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The term “Requit” is defined by “Giving something in return” hence why we chose the Requitix name because we’re all about giving back and when it comes to being an online payment solution we believe in giving back something to our customers and that comes in the form of Lower Fees and Higher Profits and we think that’s awesome!
The Requitix solution processes transactions on the blockchain. What used to take days now only takes a few minutes and with the new hardfork coming on , those few minutes will turn into a few seconds. Try getting a transaction settled with a credit card company or a bank in a few seconds. It’s impossible! But with Requitix, you can do just that!
As with any payment gateway solution there will be transaction fees. What is crazy is that sites like PayPal and Stripe charge 3% of the total transaction. Other gateways like ccBill charge even more plus monthly usage fees and other fees. Not to mention $25 dollar or more in chargeback fee. It’s nothing but fees! With Requitix, one fee of .5%, that’s point five percent, with no other fees, period!

Tom Boyle – CEO & Cofounder
Michael Reece – CTO, Cofounder & Lead Developer
Rupesh Kumar – Software Developer
Mark Lesnick – Advisor
Michael Carter – Advisor
Andrew Boon – Advisor
Bogdan Fiedur – Advisor
Jennifer Fry – HR

Symbol: RQX
Token sale opening date: 20. Feb 2018 in a month
Token sale closing date: 31. Mar 2018 in 2 months
Concept: To create a totally encased global payment solution powered by Requitix to increase real trust, stop scammers and spammers, introduce zero chargebacks and offer the lowest transaction fee of .5% (Point 5%) to global merchants on the blockchain via Smart Contracts.

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Requitix is a new startup company looking to introduce the new Requitix (RQX) token built on the Blockchain through Smart Contracts.  Our rating for this ICO is 6.8 out of 10.0.
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