TRON gets listed at BIBOX – Markets unmoved!

Source : TRON gets listed at BIBOX – Markets unmoved!
Bibox recognizes [TRX] and lists it at 11:00 Beijing time on Sunday and opens with a TRX/BTC and TRX/ETH pairing.
The value per TRX token is currently at $0.0436 and still in the red like the entire cryptocurrency market which has been experiencing a bearish trend since January.
Bibox is Artificial Intelligence enhanced cryptographic exchange. The Bibox team was formed by top-tier Chinese giants who were Bitcoin enthusiasts and AI experts. Bibox offers a digital app for both Android and iPhone.
Reacting to the news on Bibox’s Twitter handle, Denize says,
“To bad this is the crappiest Exchange with the worst support ever.. funds keep frozen riddiculeous”
Prithvi Bisht, a Financial Strategist at DXC Technology Bangalore, spoke to AMBCrypto’s Santhosh and says,
“Bibox has had problems before but this is a positive sign for , especially after March 31st release, I think the TRX will definitely see a big spurt in value”
is a protocol that aims to create a worldwide free content entertainment system. Their working is powered by sub-block chains distributed storage technology.
Currently, has been dependent on ETH for its transactions but a beta version of the Independent app named Exodus is due to release on March 31, 2018. This release is expected to be better because:
Low transaction costs: You can do 2 Lakh transactions for one cent. Comparatively becomes cheaper than ETH and BTC.
Huge number of Transaction Per Second(TPS): As this is currently dependent on ETH it can process only 15 TPS. But when goes independent it can process 1000 TPS.
This is what founder of , Justin Sun had to say regarding the release of the independent app,
“First Beta version of the app Exodus will be launched on March 31. It will be supporting UTXO based trading models”
Considering the given facts of Bibox recognizing and ’s plan to go independent with its own platform, investors feel that this is the right time to invest big in TRX and reap rich dividends.
Jeremy Lee, ex-CTO at a Blockchain startup says,
“The markets don’t have enough steam in them, generally news like this would push the prices up by 10-15% but now everything is reliant on how Bitcoin does. Markets, in general, are now 60% lesser than what it used to be at peak, when the big green comes, is going to be leading the pack”
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