Video Game firm ‘Ubisoft’ is going to use Blockchain Use Cases

Source : Video Game firm ‘Ubisoft’ is going to use Blockchain Use Cases
Blockchain Technology to be Explored by one of the Leading Video Game Firms Ubisoft
French video game firm Ubisoft is using the potential applications of blockchain in its Strategic Innovation Lab, which will be used to study developing technologies and their use cases.
Lab’s director of trends, Lidwine Sauer said that Ubisoft is especially interested in the blockchain’s ability for offering unique ownership over digital items.
Sauer said:
“The technology presents the opportunity to finally have real digital collectables which cannot be replicated by anybody and will be 100 percent owned by you.”
She included:
“Thanks to the blockchain, we can now have the equivalent of a digital Picasso, with the benefit that it’s a lot more difficult to steal something on the blockchain than to steal a Picasso.”
There are so many companies which are going towards blockchain technology to adopt it for many purposes. Recently, we reported that Blockchain Technology to be explored by Lenovo with U.S Patent for Document Validation.
Lenovo described:
“We have the current authentic physical document even if multiple paper copies exist and multiple people have made entries in the chain of modification. If multiple, fake copies of a physical document came into existence, they would show up as orphaned blocks in the chain.”
The Leading Projects on the Ethereum network has planned to merge resources and collaborate for the Community Fund.
Microsoft also announced that it is going to welcome Decentralized Identity Systems Built on Bitcoin and other Blockchains.
Microsoft wrote:
“After examining decentralized storage systems, consensus protocols, blockchains, and a variety of emerging standards we believe blockchain technology and protocols are well suited for enabling Decentralized IDs.”

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