500+ Industry Leaders to Design a Roadmap for Blockchain at LAT Blockchain Economic Forum

LAToken, the first multi-asset tokenization platform, will hold LAT Blockchain Economic Forum in New York on October 31 – November 1 to gather major industry players and design a roadmap for the exponentially growing crypto economy. As one of the … Lire plus

Opporty: Ethereum-Based Market Place With Decentralized Escrow System

The structures of traditional marketplaces are inefficient and unnecessarily complex, primarily due to their reliance on intermediaries and third party service providers. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Companies and individuals engaging in trades, sales of goods, and exchange in … Lire plus

Bitspark and Global Remittance (Zephyr)

Bitspark is a company based in Hong Kong that acts as a money transfer platform for remittance businesses. It uses cryptocurrencies as a medium to transfer funds through Monetary Transfer Operators (MTOs). The benefits of crypto and blockchain technology allows for … Lire plus

Meet the Ambitious Binance Competitor with Teeth, Coss.io (COSS)

Reception to the recent debut of the brand-new exchange, COSS, has been very positive. COSS, an acronym for Cryto-One-Stop-Solution, sets out to achieve exactly what its namesake suggests; to become a one stop shop for all things cryptocurrency related. COSS … Lire plus

Russia to Issue First State-Backed Cryptocurrency ‘CryptoRuble’

Russia has announced plans to launch a nationalized cryptocurrency called CryptoRuble, citing competitive advantage by being the first of its kind in Europe, and as state-controlled digital money in the light of an increasingly digital economy. Russia has announced, via … Lire plus

Bernanke: “Eventually Governments Will Take Any Action They Need to Prevent Bitcoin”

Former Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Ben Bernanke’s recent comments about bitcoin and its network add to his growing list of hardening stances toward the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. No stranger to bitcoin, Mr. Bernanke has made several statements, at least … Lire plus

GoldMint and the Future of the Gold Trade

As a precious metal, gold is often associated with wealth, prestige and power. And as a commodity it has long been considered a prized asset for scores of investors throughout the world. Beginning with bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrencies have also … Lire plus

Goldmint – Providing a More Liquid an Efficient Trading Platform

GoldMint, a private blockchain platform, is developing a tokenized ecosystem of traditional asset gold, providing a more liquid and efficient trading platform for cryptocurrency users. Essentially, GoldMint’s cryptoasset GOLD provides investors in the cryptocurrency market with ownership of gold through … Lire plus

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