The Crypto Religion

Source : The Crypto Religion A cross of code is being raised which turns what we write into immutable scripture. Our ifs and thens are law, we are told, even when we mistype. And if… The post The Crypto Religion appeared first on Trustnodes.

Chicago Options Exchange Getting the Bitcoin Bug: “We Believe” says President

Source : Chicago Options Exchange Getting the Bitcoin Bug: “We Believe” says President In a conference call updating investors and media on its third quarter (Q3) earnings, Cboe Global Markets, which owns the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and BATS Global Markets, said it’s bullish on cryptocurrencies. It said other exchanges, such as its “competitor across town,” are also believers in cryptos.     Also read: Bank of America Bullish on Bitcoin ETFs, Anticipates 1.6 Billion USD Market Legacy Exchanges Get New Religion, Cryptocurrencies A 7000 USD price point will change many minds, so will a 120 billion USD market capitalization. Cryptocurrencies, lead by bitcoin, are officially all the rage in investment circles. Chris Concannon, Cboe President and COOIn truth, Cboe Global has been more out front than most legacy outfits of its class. It recently inked a deal with Gemini Trust Company, LLC., in hopes of listing bitcoin derivatives, for example. Continuing their pack-leading, Chris Concannon, Cboe Global’s President and COO, struck a very optimistic tone toward cryptocurrencies’ eventual place on legacy exchanges. In a Q3 conference call he explained, “Over time, we do envision (our bitcoin) ETF coming to market,” he said, “once the regulated futures market is built … we‘re encouraged by everyone‘s focus on this space.” Bullish on Bitcoin + Former SEC Attorney = Mainstreaming on the Way By “everyone’s focus” he could be referring to CME’s announcement. CME, the world’s largest derivatives exchange, shook the financial sector by saying it was moving forward with a bitcoin futures contract. Such a market was splashed all over media headlines, prompting another run-up in price (at least temporarily). It is widely acknowledges to be the beginning of mainstream legitimacy and acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Mr. Concannon “is responsible for Cboe’s trading businesses – U.S. and European Equities, U.S. Options, Global Foreign Exchange and Futures – as well as Technology/Operations, Risk and Marketing,” his Cboe bio reads. “Concannon has more than 20 years of experience as an exchange executive, trading participant and regulator,” including a stint as “a staff attorney at the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Division of Market Regulation from 1994 to 1997.” This bodes well for Cboe’s long-term crypto mainstreaming ambitions. “Overall, the cryptocurrency space is the space that I think we believe in and certainly our competitor across town believes in as well and I‘m just encouraged by that validation.” What do you think of Cboe’s optimism toward bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Is it a good sign? Tell us in the comments below! Images courtesy of: Pixabay, Cboe Global.  At there’s a bunch of free helpful services. For instance, check out our Tools page! The post Chicago Options Exchange Getting the Bitcoin Bug: “We Believe” says President appeared first on Bitcoin News.

‘Xeno Tokens’ New Blockchain Technology by Imagination Park $IP and InterKnowology LLC

Source : ‘Xeno Tokens’ New Blockchain Technology by Imagination Park $IP and InterKnowology LLC (CSE: IP) (OTC: IPNFF) Imagination Park Entertainment Inc. and InterKnowlogy LLC are pleased to announce the proposed development of Xeno Tokens(R) by XenoHolographic Inc., a worldwide joint venture between Imagination Park and InterKnowlogy focused on delivering products, services and content while seamlessly enabling holographic experiences within augmented and mixed reality. When launched Xeno Tokens(R) intends to leverage Blockchain technology to monetize 3D content delivery. “When businesses pay for advertising delivered to its consumers, there is little if any trustworthy ‘proof of success’. Companies must rely on well-known search engines or social media platforms to report what ads were served. By leveraging Blockchain technology for ‘proof’, XenoHolographic intends to provide the world’s first trusted content delivery network in a 3D holographic experience. Xeno Tokens(R) will be used by companies to pay for content delivered. Although a relatively new and emerging technology facing all the natural risks of embryonic development in the business community, InterKnowlogy has already delivered Blockchain technology and knows its strength. We believe Blockchain technology is perfectly suited for this scenario. We feel the teams at XenoHolographic, InterKnowlogy and Imagination Park have the content capability and technical expertise to monetize this unserved area of ad development and design.” Tim Huckaby, co-founder of InterKnowlogy’s  and a director of XenoHolographic The Company and XenoHolographic is expecting the launch of Xeno Tokens(R) in the first half of 2018 subject to a suitability review of securities and regulatory matters surrounding our leveraged Blockchain technology. “With the explosion of augmented reality, we believe our novel approach to 3D augmented reality content delivery uniquely positions XenoHolographic. Thousands of businesses will be able to deliver holographic experiences instantaneously when it would have been near impossible before. Xeno Tokens(R) will be used as part of ‘proof of play’ of content delivery and engagement. Augmented reality is with us now, and we believe will be even more prevalent in the short term future.” -Paul Silverrstieen, CEO of Imagination Park and director of XenoHolographicFiled under: Block Chain Technology, BlockChain, News, Public Companies, Technology Tagged: BlockChain, BlockChain Technology, Imagination Park, Imagination Park Entertainment Inc, InterKnowlogy LLC, IP, Xeno Tokens

Neufund to Create Equity Token for Investors Funding Projects

Source : Neufund to Create Equity Token for Investors Funding Projects Community-owned fundraising platform Neufund, a coding project on the Ethereum blockchain, has announced a successful pre-sale funding round of $11.6 million. Backed by private investors from funds such as Philipp Freise (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co), Michael Jackson (Mangrove Capital), VC funds such as Atlantic Labs, and crypto influencers like Max Kordek (Lisk), Fabian Vogelsteller (Ethereum Mist, ERC20), the company will use the money raised to launch its Initial Capital Building Mechanism (ICBM). The protocol will allow investors to fund projects while acquiring equity in return in the form of tradable crypto-tokens. The blockchain-based fundraising platform allows start-ups, SMBs, and established companies to legally issue a new concept of asset ownership. Neufund operates as a public, open-sourced platform that allows any entrepreneurship venture to hold an ‘Equity Token Offering’ for their own company’s Equity Token. Neufund’s ICBM will occur on the 17th of November, 2017, at 11am UTC, lasting for 30 days. Designed to be compliant with blockchain technology and current legal regulations, Neufund’s protocol token is the the Neumark (NEU). NEU tokens are earned by committing capital to Neufund’s platform; the amount of NEU held then represents the individual’s share of the Neufund ecosystem. When an investor uses the funds they committed to the platform to contribute to a company’s ETO, the investor will receive equity in the form of the respective company’s crypto tokens, and NEU tokens. With the NEU token users will stay in full control of their funds with no minimum requirement on contributions. Tokens entitle their holders to revenues from platform fees for ETOs taking place on the platform and can be traded on crypto-exchanges and transferred among users. In addition, if a contributor desires to remove their capital, they can do so after 18 months, with a 100% return. Zoe Adamovicz, Co-Founder and CEO of Neufund, remarked: “At Neufund, we believe firmly that innovating, building, and contributing is the only priority of our generation. We are excited to have developed a new way to fund ventures , and ultimately, to remove unnecessary barriers that prevent the alliance of inventors and investors, including geographical and jurisdictional constraints in order to open innovation for good.”

Tim Draper: People Will ‘Laugh At You’ For Using Fiat By 2022

Source : Tim Draper: People Will ‘Laugh At You’ For Using Fiat By 2022 Serial investor, Bitcoin holder and Tezos advisor Tim Draper says fiat currency will be “laughable” within just five years. Cryptocurrency Will Be ‘So Relevant’ In 5 Years In comments to Forbes at the WebSummit 2017 conference in Lisbon, Draper, who purchased bitcoins in the Silk Road auctions now worth over $200 million, said people who use fiat in 2022 will find people ridiculing them. “In five years, if you try to use fiat currency they will laugh at you,” he stated. Draper’s forecast is a bold depiction of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency’s ability to achieve mass adoption along the lines of John McAfee’s $500,000 price prediction by 2020. The mogul remains steadfast in his beliefs as Wall Street begins to see genuine commitments to interacting with “new asset class” Bitcoin in the form of futures trading. The future is crypto. Let’s help everyone understand it’s importance to the entire world. — Tim Draper (@TimDraper) September 4, 2017 In the medium term, cryptocurrency will usurp fiat activity and become the natural choice, Draper says. “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be so relevant… there will be no reason to have the fiat currencies,” he continued. Smart Wallets, Thousands Of Coins The future landscape may not be Bitcoin-dominated. Rather, multiple – or even thousands – of cryptocurrencies would interoperate, wallets picking the best-value option for payment at point of sale. “My guess is that it will centralize around a wallet that you have, and when you pay for that Starbucks, your wallet will optimize to whichever currency has most value,” he added. “Good marketing people” would be the situation easy for lay consumers to understand. Draper has equally vigorously defended current upset at Tezos as the project is hit with a user-activated lawsuit over its ICO funds worth over $500 million. Having remained silent as news of infighting between developers and the Swiss custodian of the funds broke last month, he sought to defend Tezos’ ICO practices after news media outlet Cointelegraph published material alleging foul play. Do you agree with Tim Draper’s 2022 fiat currency predictions? Let us know about in the comments below! Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Twitter The post Tim Draper: People Will ‘Laugh At You’ For Using Fiat By 2022 appeared first on

ICOs as a Marketing Tool for Businesses

Source : ICOs as a Marketing Tool for Businesses As a financial tool for blockchain companies, the ICO has already started to lose popularity in its original form. More and more, however, companies in the non-crypto economy are pondering the idea of raising money through an ICO. But, when it comes down to it, these companies don’t have the know-how, nor the willingness, to switch their business processes over to the blockchain. What would an ICO do for these companies? Would it just be a tool to raise funds, or perhaps something more? As of late, many of these companies of the “traditional” economy have approached our team seeking consultation on the primary requirements for starting an ICO. Although we are not a consulting firm, and our entire team is busy with our own ICO and the development of our product, we do find time to speak with these people and to give some advice regarding the ICO mechanism and blockchain tech. More and more, in these conversations, we find ourselves talking to the heads of highly innovative companies, that have rather popular products. Of course, chief among their interests is to offer some sort of tokenized securities. In business, the most understood practice is to offer a share of the company or some portion of the profit. These companies want to use the ICO like an IPO. Instead, we recommend creating a token that is connected to the product, rather than to the company.   Over the course of these discussions, during which we recommended that it is better to connect the token with the product, we have gradually come to a new idea – an interesting model for ICO use – which has already been applied to traditional companies several times. The idea is this: since these companies already have started production, have determined who the audience is for their products, and since they are seeking increase sales, they must be ready to provide discounts for the products. We think a great idea for these companies would be to sell tokens at 5-10% of the market price of the product, and offer all token holders a discount on the actual product of around 50%. So if the product costs 100 USD, the token would cost 5-10 USD, and the token would give its owners the right to purchase the product for 50 USD. We think this can really be an effective strategy to increase sales. The product is already finished, and past the R&D phase. Even with the large discount, profit will still be made, especially since the product is ready to be delivered at any moment.  What’s more, during the ICO there will be no reason to go through escrow, as the company has already long since proven its concept and its trustworthiness. Funds raised during such an ICO will be available to be reinvested into the global marketing of the product, and the promotion of the ICO itself. By going through the ICO process in this way, …

Plus…ICOs as a Marketing Tool for Businesses

IBM: Blockchain May End Up Tracking Cannabis Sales in Canada

Source : IBM: Blockchain May End Up Tracking Cannabis Sales in Canada Technology giant IBM has pitched for the use of their blockchain technology to track the legal distribution of cannabis in British Columbia. According to a document, IBM is attempting to convince the British Columbia government on the benefits that the use of the technology can bring. The document comes at a time when authorities in […] This post IBM: Blockchain May End Up Tracking Cannabis Sales in Canada first appeared on Coinjournal.

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