AMA Session with Eidoo (02.11.2017)

Source : AMA Session with Eidoo (02.11.2017) The Swiss project Eidoo from Chiasso is now corporate member of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland. The Token sale was a big success with raising more than 82’000 Ethereum (above CHF 23m). In an “Ask Me Anything Session” in our Altcoin Telegram Channel at Thursday 2nd October 2017 the team was one hour available to answer all questions from the community regarding this new project (Names of community members are anonymous): Mr. A, [02.11.17 21:00] Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to our AMA session with the team from Eidoo, a member of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland! Represented by Community Manager Amelia Tomasicchio and User Support Manager Massimiliano Di Loreto. Please participate and ask a lot of questions. More information about Eidoo: [Eidoo] Amelia Tomasicchio, [02.11.17 21:00] Hi everyone, let’s start the Q&A [Eidoo] Massimiliano Di Loreto, [02.11.17 21:00] Hi Everybody Mr. A, [02.11.17 21:01] Hi Amelia, Hi Massimiliano! If you have just 3-4 sentences how would you explain Eidoo? [Eidoo] Massimiliano Di Loreto, [02.11.17 21:02] mine probably would be: new experience in cryptocurrency wallet, extremely user friendly and open to future feature implementation, thanks to the development and management team [Eidoo] Amelia Tomasicchio, [02.11.17 21:03] Eidoo is the first app that help users to spend, buy, convert, and invest in digital currencies in a few clicks and with a friendly interface. You would need too many tools to do the same without Eidoo. Mr. A, [02.11.17 21:03] Is it somehow like Blockfolio but trading inside? [Eidoo] Amelia Tomasicchio, [02.11.17 21:05] Blockfolio doesn’t allow users to have a debit credit card; and it doesn’t have a decentralized exchange, an ico engine or a decentralized marketplace. [Eidoo] Massimiliano Di Loreto, [02.11.17 21:05] because Blockfolio was built around Bitcoin, I think it is a kind of first generation system. Mr. A, [02.11.17 21:06] You cover just ERC20 or other systems as well? Mr. A, [02.11.17 21:06] Like Dash for example [Eidoo] Massimiliano Di Loreto, [02.11.17 21:06] meaning we are scalable and will be always on the spot to implement newer features Mr. B, [02.11.17 21:06] @Mr. B what was the name of the service your team developed so one doesn’t need Ether to move ERC20 tokens? I miss that in eidoo. I don’t want to buy Ether just move some tokens [Eidoo] Massimiliano Di Loreto, [02.11.17 21:06] we also support ERC223 [Eidoo] Amelia Tomasicchio, [02.11.17 21:06] [In reply to Mr. A] Right now we only support ethereum and erc20 and erc223, but in the near future we will also implement Bitcoin and more digital currencies Mr. A, [02.11.17 21:08] @Mr B Gas Station I think [Eidoo] Amelia Tomasicchio, [02.11.17 21:08] [In reply to Mr. B] Currently you need to use ETH to pay fees, that’s correct. [Eidoo] Amelia Tomasicchio, [02.11.17 21:08] But we will follow the market, so maybe we will change this thing shortly Mr. A, [02.11.17 21:09] Regarding the Debit-Cards: Just an example: Can I go with this card to the ATM and …

Plus…AMA Session with Eidoo (02.11.2017)

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