PR: Bankex, the Top-50 Fintech Company Worldwide, Launches Token Sale on November 28

Source : PR: Bankex, the Top-50 Fintech Company Worldwide, Launches Token Sale on November 28 This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. BANKEX sets out to solve inefficiencies inherent in today’s banking system by utilizing Blockchain technologies BANKEX, the decentralized Bank-as-a-Service enterprise, today announced that their Token Sale Event (TSE) will take place on November 28. Using proprietary fintech solutions, BANKEX aims to bridge the gap between the emerging blockchain sector and traditional finance. “We hope to have a transformative effect upon traditional finance and investment, micro-financing, real estate, as well as illiquid assets, natural resources, and derivatives markets. This is a large undertaking and will require substantial investment. The market gap is large, the potential is huge, and the aim is clear. We want to bring emerging Blockchain solutions to the established banking sector,” said Igor Khmel, Founder and CEO of BANKEX. TOKEN SALE EVENT Having raised $10 million USD in soft and hard commitments in the first two weeks of its presale and private sale period, BANKEX’s TSE will take place between November 28, 2017, and December 28, 2017. Interested parties can use ETH and BTC to participate in the sale. Capped at $40 million USD for retail investors contributing in both presale and public token sale, BANKEX will sell BKX tokens at a rate of 1 ETH = 500 BKX. Actively working on partnerships with financial institutions to develop pilot projects and proof-of-concepts, BANKEX has frozen a number of BKX tokens for release to institutional clients. BANKEX CEO Igor Khmel is a fintech entrepreneur with experience in product development, operations, and digital strategy implementation. With an MBA from Stanford School of Business, Khmel’s professional track-record includes professional tenures at prestigious organizations McKinsey, Deloitte, and Citadel. Khmel also founded a fintech laboratory and innovation practice at Sberbank, the largest bank in Eastern Europe. Deploying smart contracts and powered by the tokenization of assets, the BANKEX platform enables off-balance sheet crowdfunding and chain finance to function on existing infrastructure, creating novel and efficient solutions for banks and other financial institutions. With compliance and security as top priorities, BANKEX is in close cooperation with cybersecurity firm Group-IB to help mitigate risks at all stages of the token sale. In addition, all participants must go through an in-depth registration process. The privacy of the individual is respected throughout and no sensitive personal information is collected. Once registered, participants will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed with the presale. This email will include the ETH/BTC address that presale contributions should be sent to. “All resources acquired, during our TSE, will be used to ensure the success of all stakeholders involved in the BANKEX project. We aim to be fully resourced and equipped to fulfil our mission statement and to ensure we …

Plus…PR: Bankex, the Top-50 Fintech Company Worldwide, Launches Token Sale on November 28

High Prices May Help Solidify Crypto’s Place in History

Source : High Prices May Help Solidify Crypto’s Place in History Bitcoin’s recent price increase has shocked both longtime believers and skeptics alike. One reason for the price rise likely is the new money flowing into the network and the opening of Bitcoin futures trading. Another reason could be that people are hoping for “free coins” from SegWit2x a la Bitcoin Gold or Bitcoin Cash. Regardless, it is a good time to be holding Bitcoin. It is less of a good time for alt-heavy portfolios, but that may not be the case for long. While Bitcoin is King, Alts May Have Their Day Waking up to see Bitcoin at US$7.3k is exhilarating, though the price action of other coins leaves something to be desired in comparison. This is not to say that some altcoins have not seen incredible spikes recently. Bitcoin Cash, for one, is trading at about US$650 again for the first time in a while. EOS has hit US$1.35 a coin at the time of writing, and other alts have seen similarly impressive movement. Gains, even if not as impressive as Bitcoin’s, are indicators of healthy cryptos. This is especially true considering the recent bear run affecting most altcoins. For these reasons, I think that altcoins may still have their day in the spotlight. Even if their current rise is largely correlated to Bitcoin’s price increase, there may be other opportunities for alts to push even higher. Some crypto traders may want to try and protect their newly-made gains by putting that value into a more stable crypto. This is just one way that alts may stay relevant in the face of an unrelenting Bitcoin bull run. In Case You Had Any Doubt, Bitcoin is Here to Stay I’ve written in the past about how Bitcoin and other cryptos have secured their place in history because of the communities they create. I still believe that. However, I do think that the price of Bitcoin and any future increase in alt prices will solidify their longevity even further. These higher prices will prompt more institutional investors and peer-to-peer users to hear about cryptos and begin using them. I had no doubt about cryptos and Bitcoin being here for the long run, but now it seems that institutional money and even the most skeptical minds are coming around to this fact. This also makes me think that alts may enjoy a similar fate, and sooner than previously anticipated. I do think that we will see a small price correction at some point in the future before another bull run, but I may be inclined to disagree with those who call Bitcoin and cryptos an outright bubble. Even with the correction that I think will happen, I doubt it will move the price so far down so as to be called a “pop.” Obviously, this is not and should not be taken as investment advice. It is important that everyone conducts their own independent research.

Coinbase Gains 100,000 New Users Within 24 Hours

Source : Coinbase Gains 100,000 New Users Within 24 Hours Coinbase Gains 100,000 New Users Within 24 Hours   On Tuesday just past, the CME Group announced plans to launch a futures market for Bitcoin. Since then, the largest Bitcoin exchange in the US has reported an influx of users. It’s widely believed that the expectation of greater institutional money entering the market is driving the high number of registrations… The post Coinbase Gains 100,000 New Users Within 24 Hours appeared first on Altcoin Today.

Chinese Analyst: ”Bitcoin Nuclear Bomb In New Currency War Between China and USA”

Source : Chinese Analyst: ”Bitcoin Nuclear Bomb In New Currency War Between China and USA” Xiao Lei, a Chinese financial analyst, has published an article that seeks to argue that the spheres of bitcoin and cryptocurrency are increasingly becoming a battleground in “a new currency” war between China and the United States. Despite some bitcoin users describing Lei’s views as conspiratorial, the article has garnered significant attention after becoming recommended by Baidu Baijia – an online media channel owned by major Chinese company Baidu. Also Read: Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Market Cap Now Commands $200 Billion Mr. Lei is Concerned About the Future for Chinese Bitcoin Traders In an article recommended by Baidu Baijia, Xiao Lei states “as an ordinary investor, I am concerned about whether bitcoin investment can make money. But if I stand in the perspective of a country, I am concerned whether this thing can be used by me or not and whether there are some factors that are unfavorable to me in the future.” Mr. Lei argues that the contemporary era comprises an epoch in which “the strategic significance of [traditional commodities such as] oil and grain… may not be so important [now, as] the game between countries has entered [the] virtual” domain. Xiao Lei posits that control over seigniorage (profit made by a government by issuing currency, especially the difference between the face value of coins and their production costs) has become the principal means through which economic power is assured in the contemporary context. Mr. Lei Argues That “The Battle of Seigniorage” Has Manifested At “The Level of Virtual Currency” The analyst states that bitcoin “is not welcome by the legal currency market, unless there is sufficient means and ability to control… If any country can manage bitcoin freely, bitcoin will become the nuclear weapon of a new currency war. This has been discovered by Japan and the United States.” Mr. Lei states that “the bitcoin core development team” has sought to “curb China’s growing influence in the bitcoin market”, arguing that such has resulted in a power struggle between western-based bitcoin developers and Chinese-based miners for influence over the network. Xiao Lei asserts that “since 2013, Bitcoin has seen tremendous growth in China with 95% of the trading volume and more than 50% of the computing power.” Mr. Lei argues that the growing Chinese presence in the bitcoin ecosystem has correlated with a reduction in the influence bitcoin’s core developers — of which he emphasizes “there are very few Chinese.” Mr. Lei even goes as far as stating that “cultural and strategic intentions determine that there is a natural and irreconcilable contradiction between the core developer and the Chinese government.” Mr. Lei alleges that “in order to counterbalance the rise of the Chinese market…Bitcoin is… constantly using technological improvements to weaken China’s influence.” “If the Current Trending Continues, One Day You Will Find That Holders of Bitcoin and Those Who Do Not Own Bitcoin May Be Two Totally Different Classes” Mr. Lei states that “on …

Plus…Chinese Analyst: ”Bitcoin Nuclear Bomb In New Currency War Between China and USA”

Coinbase Adds 100k New Users in Just 24 Hours as Bitcoin Prices Continue to Climb

Source : Coinbase Adds 100k New Users in Just 24 Hours as Bitcoin Prices Continue to Climb Interest in Bitcoin is intensifying. People wishing to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are flocking to digital currency exchanges, such as Coinbase. In effect, on November 2, 2017, as Bitcoin hit all-time highs for the third week in a row, Coinbase added more than 100,000 customers in just a 24-hour period. Many Are Now Jumping on the Bitcoin Bandwagon The number of people wishing to participate in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is increasing exponentially. For example, data collected by Alistair Milne shows the extraordinary growth of Coinbase’s customer base. Coinbase, the online cryptocurrency exchange, now has more than 11.9 million customers, in 32 countries. The amount of digital currency Coinbase has exchanged has reached $40 billion USD, according to the company’s website. Coinbase added 100,000 users in the past 24hrsData: — Alistair Milne (@alistairmilne) November 2, 2017 Based in San Francisco, California, Coinbase allows customers to instantly purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin using a US bank account. Launching of Bitcoin Futures Contracts Bitcoin’s value continues to increase dramatically. As of this writing, Bitcoin’s price has surpassed $7,300 USD. Thus, the cryptocurrency is poised for its fifth consecutive quarter of impressive growth in value. Financial experts suggest various reasons to explain Bitcoin’s recent increase in value. For example, many experts attribute the latest spike to the CME Group’s announcement that it plans to launch Bitcoin futures contracts in the fourth quarter of this year, contingent upon regulatory approval. This announcement has aroused investors’ interest. The CME Group is one of the largest derivative marketplaces. Other experts propose that the Bitcoin’s recent price spike is due to the upcoming Segwit2x blockchain hard-fork. Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin. On November 16, 2017, blockchain is scheduled to undergo a hard-fork, or split, known as Segwit2x. Consequently, there will be two Bitcoin blockchains and two types of coins: Bitcoin and Bitcoin2x. The Segwit2x hard-fork might significantly benefit those holding Bitcoin because they will receive an equal amount of Bitcoin2x for each bitcoin they possess. Specifically, as detailed by Coinbase, “Any user storing Bitcoin on Coinbase at the time of the fork will be credited with an equal amount of the new Bitcoin2x asset on the Bitcoin2x blockchain. No action is required – we will automatically credit your account. If you have 5 Bitcoin stored on Coinbase before the fork, you will have 5 Bitcoin and 5 Bitcoin2x following the event.” But even before the CME Group’s Bitcoin futures announcement and the Segwit2x hard-fork, Bitcoin’s adoption rate had been increasing. As we can see by the striking number of new Coinbase customers now subscribing in a single day, this trend seems likely to strengthen. Do you think Bitcoin’s adoption rate is just scratching the surface? Let us know in the comments below. Images courtesy of Pixabay and Shutterstock The post Coinbase Adds 100k New Users in Just 24 Hours as Bitcoin Prices Continue to Climb appeared first on …

Plus…Coinbase Adds 100k New Users in Just 24 Hours as Bitcoin Prices Continue to Climb

Coinbase Records Over 100,000 New Users Since CME Futures Announcement

Source : Coinbase Records Over 100,000 New Users Since CME Futures Announcement On Tuesday just past, the CME Group announced plans to launch a futures market for Bitcoin. Since then, the largest Bitcoin exchange in the US has reported an influx of users. It’s widely believed that the expectation of greater institutional money entering the market is driving the high number of registrations Coinbase has experienced. The company reported a massive 100,000 new customers within the last 24 hours. The data was compiled by Alistair Milne of Altana Digital Currency Fund. The chief investment officer Tweeted his findings on November 2nd. According to the San Francisco-based crypto exchange, they now have 11.9 million users. Founded in 2012, Coinbase represents one of the easiest ways to buy various digital currencies. They currently support Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin. The company have been in and out of favour with many within the space. Earlier this year, their GDAX platform was involved in the Ether “flash crash“. Last month, they were under inspection by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission with regards the anomaly. Many users have also complained about network outages during crucial moments for traders. In times of high volume, Coinbase servers would frequently overload and crash the service entirely. More recently, however, the exchange has won back some fans by eradicating the waiting period for certain customers wishing to buy into a digital currency. Previously funds would be locked for several days whilst fiat funds moved. This had been the chagrin of many users. It’s not just the number of new users registering for Coinbase accounts that’s gone parabolic since the announcement. The cost of a single Bitcoin rose dramatically from around $6,150 at the start of Tuesday, to over $7,300 at the time of writing. Many are anticipating the futures market to continue to drive the price following its launch too. The rationale behind such opinion is that many institutional investors who are unable to get exposure to the cryptocurrency at present will flood in sending the price to the proverbial “moon”. Image: ShutterStock The post Coinbase Records Over 100,000 New Users Since CME Futures Announcement appeared first on NEWSBTC.

CME Group’s Example of Launching Bitcoin Futures is Followed by Argentina’s Biggest Futures Market

Source : CME Group’s Example of Launching Bitcoin Futures is Followed by Argentina’s Biggest Futures Market After CME Group decided to launch trading for Bitcoin futures contracts, the Mercado de Termino de Rosario, Argentina’s biggest futures market, considers offering services for investors in digital currencies. The post CME Group’s Example of Launching Bitcoin Futures is Followed by Argentina’s Biggest Futures Market appeared first on CoinSpeaker. Continue reading at Coinspeaker

Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Market Cap Now Commands $200 Billion

Source : Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Market Cap Now Commands 0 Billion The price of bitcoin (BTC) has been soaring once again after reaching an all-time high of $7350 on November 2. Now after a quick drop below $6800, yesterday the price per BTC reached yet another peak at $7500. Additionally, the market value of bitcoin cash (BCH) has also seen an intense run-up over the past two weeks as the currency topped $700 on November 3. Also Read: Meet the K-7 Offline Paper Wallet Generator Bitcoin Markets Soar to $7500 Bitstamp BTC/USD order books show heavy resistance in the $7,500-8,000 range. The first week of November is seeing a lot of action in regard to cryptocurrency markets worldwide. The top cryptocurrencies combined now command a whopping $200B market capitalization, with bitcoin’s $121B market cap dominating by 60 percent. After bitcoin reached a peak at $7,500 per BTC, the decentralized currency dipped a touch and is now hovering just above $7,250. Bitcoin’s value has increased immensely over the past four weeks as the network prepares for the pending Segwit2x fork expected on or around November 16. Speculators believe a lot of money is flowing into bitcoin so that traders can get in on the 1:1 split scenario that could take place during the fork. In addition to that, people think it’s possible that bitcoin is gaining a lot more mainstream acceptance. For instance, mainstream media covers the currency’s performance daily, and CME Group’s recent announcement concerning the launch of bitcoin-based futures may have had an impact. Whether it’s the fork or the talk of a mainstream tipping point, bitcoin proponents see a lot of demand for the cryptocurrency’s benefits and can’t ignore the 500 percent gains. BTC/USD markets hit an all-time high of $7,500 on November 3.     The Value of Bitcoin Cash Has Risen Relentlessly Another market that is doing phenomenally well is bitcoin cash, which is seeing an 18.7 percent increase over the past 24-hours. BCH markets currently command the third highest market cap, and the second largest trade volume over the past few days. BCH markets are swapping over $1.7B in trade volume and holds a market cap of $11B at the time of writing. Global exchanges leading in bitcoin cash trade volume include Bithumb, Korbit, Bitfinex, Coinone, and Hitbtc. The South Korean won is dominating the BCH trade volume by currency with BTC trailing behind the state issued tender. Presently bitcoin cash is trading at $650 per BCH at press time.  BCH/USD markets touch $700 per bitcoin cash. Currently, BCH is hovering around $650 per token. BCH speculators believe demand is stemming from the optimistic belief that the Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA) will be fixed on November 13. The BCH network’s DAA has caused an issue for the protocol’s participants with erratic block times and mining pools jumping between two chains. Another speculative theory, which some BCH supporters believe, is that the upcoming Segwit2x fork may cause problems for those specific networks. Some individuals think BCH will be a …

Plus…Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Market Cap Now Commands $200 Billion

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