Confideal: MVP, 13 Cooperations with other Companies, 12 External Advisors, 5000 Subscribers-Contributors, Transparency Initiative. 2nd November – ICO Start. Time to Contribute to Success!

Confideal, a smart contract platform on Ethereum blockchain (, are excited to announce the beginning of the long-awaited ICO that starts on November 2 at 12:00 noon Central European Time (CET). [Note: This is a press release.] The campaign is expected to raise 70,000 ETH, which equals 21.5 million U.S. dollars as of two days before the start. Confideal’s ICO features a generous incentive program that enables early investors to receive a 25% bonus in CDL tokens. The token generation event will last for 20 days. Changing the Token Market for the Better In an effort to reduce fraud and encourage responsibility and accountability in the token market, smart contract management platform Confideal has announced the start of their transparency initiative. A hash (which is sometimes called “digital fingerprint”) of the project’s whitepaper PDF file will be saved inside the ICO smart contract as a read-only variable and will be available on Etherscan. During the ICO and continuing after its conclusion, the PDF file itself will be available for download at Confideal’s website, which will enable any user to calculate the hash of the file long after ICO and compare it against the hash inside the ICO smart contract. If so much as one byte is changed, the hashes will not match. Along with ensuring the integrity of the ICO’s main document, Confideal will be maintaining a special webpage where reports on the project’s ongoing progress will be published. An Environment of Cooperation Confideal has been working tirelessly to develop an easy to use platform that will deliver maximum value to its users. To that end, they have entered into several strategic cooperative agreements designed to deliver increased security and data integrity, more flexible payment capabilities, and expanded features and functionality. The entire team would like to express their gratitude to the following companies for their invaluable contributions and future plans to cooperate with the Confideal platform: Bankex Bitcoinist Law Center Byzantium Cryptonomica district0x Gamity Hacken ICOPromo IMMLA SmartDec WealthMan About Confideal Confideal enables businesses and individuals to create Ethereum smart contracts through a user-friendly interface that requires no programming skills. A fully functional version of the platform is already available and currently supports two-party interaction, like conventional agreements. The team is already working on more complex scenarios that will include multi-party transactions and contracts that are triggered by data from third-party services (for example, freight companies) and various devices (Internet of Things integration). One of the features that are listed on the project’s roadmap, the arbitration module, is expected to be rolled out early 2018. The platform is targeting multiple sales channels and the business model includes C2C and B2C interactions (transactions between individuals and between a business and a customer), as well as B2B and B2B2C (contracts that involve multiple business participants and customized complex use cases for large eCommerce companies that sell goods and services to consumers). The monetization model is currently based on a flat 1% fee (waived for CDL token holders who pay in tokens), …

Plus…Confideal: MVP, 13 Cooperations with other Companies, 12 External Advisors, 5000 Subscribers-Contributors, Transparency Initiative. 2nd November – ICO Start. Time to Contribute to Success!

Litecoin Faces Trade Paralysis but Outlook Very Bright – Hacked

Hacked Litecoin Faces Trade Paralysis but Outlook Very BrightHackedLitecoin has struggled to build momentum in recent weeks, as altcoins failed to keep pace with a surging bitcoin. But fortunes may soon change for the world’s fifth-largest crypto after a major South Korean exchange enabled LTC trades. // — Discuss …and more » Source>>> Litecoin Faces Trade Paralysis but Outlook Very Bright – Hacked

Joel Osteen-Endorsed Pastor Sentenced to Five Years in Case

Pastor Trevón Gross, endorsed by televangelist Joel Osteen, was sentenced to five years in prison for his role in the exchange case, which involved bribery and use of a long-established church credit union. He’s the third person to be sentenced in the case.   Also read: Wild Case of Religion, Bitcoin, Hacking, Ends in Prison Sentences [youtube] Joel Osteen-Endorsed Pastor Sentenced to Prison in Church Exchange Case Non-denominational Christian Pastor Trevón Gross, founder of Hope Cathedral in New Jersey (a sect of what is known as charismatic Christianity or Evangelical), was sentenced to five years in prison and a 12,000 USD fine for his role in the case. Authorities allege in United States of America v. Anthony R. Murgio, Yuri Lebedev, Trevón Gross the Pastor played a key role in enabling his co-defendants to operate an unlicensed cryptocurrency exchange,, by allowing the two other men access to his church’s credit union. Credit unions operate under slightly different reporting laws, often operating more informally with regard to reporting regulations and know-your-customer (KYC) laws. Pastor Gross of Hope Cathedral, authorities maintain, as Chairman of the Board for the church’s Hope Federal Credit Union handed over effective operations of the bank to two Florida men while receiving upwards of 150,000 USD in bribes. The Pastor insists he believed the money to be donations. Endorsed by Televangelist Joel Osteen The Pastor continued his official ministerial work throughout the indictment, arrest, trial, conviction, and sentencing. According to the church’s website as of this writing, he maintains “degrees from the University of Virginia, Duke University and further graduate work at Harvard University.” No mention is made of his involvement with nor the surrounding legal troubles. He is well-known in Prosperity Gospel circles, appearing on the Trinity Broadcast Network, and was endorsed, shortly before the present scandal law enforcement began investigating, by noted televangelist Joel Osteen. Not long after, Hope Cathedral’s credit union was being linked to a money laundering exchange due to Pastor Gross’ placing two men now serving prison sentences on the bank’s board. The exchange that ran through his Chairmanship was linked by authorities to an international crime syndicate, authorities claim, which is said “to be responsible for a data breach at JPMorgan Chase & Co, revealed in 2014, that exposed more than 83 million accounts,” according to Brendan Pierson of Reuters. The Bitcoin Scandal that Never Was Mainstream media outlets continue to link phrasing like “money laundering” to bitcoin, and this particular conspiracy carried the eye-popping detail of being loosely-associated with “cyber attacks” resulting in one hundred million people potentially being victims of identity theft. And while bitcoin was surely exchanged, the real issues seem to be institutional corruption and time-honored business fronting scams. Bitcoin just happened to be a sexy headline association, nothing more. Real victims are those who depended upon the Pastor’s credit union’s funds, belonging to people who were mostly low-income, which was later seized and liquidated. What do you think of the case? Tell us in …

Plus…Joel Osteen-Endorsed Pastor Sentenced to Five Years in Case

Coinbase Offers $50,000 Hack the World Bug Bounty

Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, announced it will actively participate in Hackerone’s “Hack the World” project, offering 50,000 USD for a first-place remote code execution. It’s the company’s effort to extend its bug bounty program in hopes of remaining “top-of-[the]-market” with regard to security. Also read: Coinbase Plans to Call the Fork With the Most Accumulated Difficulty “Bitcoin” “Coinbase Loves Bug Bounties” Bug bounties are an increasingly used initiative by businesses to find code issues and security problems through incentivized hacking. Bounty payouts reward hackers to expose companies to problems before potential bad-actors might. Head of Security for Coinbase, Philip Martin, blogged, “We’re thankful to all the security researchers who have worked hard to find and report vulnerabilities.” Instead of researchers “facing a choice between using a vulnerability themselves,” he urged, “selling a vulnerability to 3rd parties or giving a vulnerability away for free, bounties present a good, legal, risk-adjusted return for the time invested by a researcher.” To date, Coinbase has disclosed 73 discovered vulnerabilities. Mr. Martin emphasized bounties “de-criminalize the actions of good-faith security researchers, while still forbidding malicious hacking.” Though most proposals are not relevant, Coinbase finds value in bug bounties.Over five years, the exchange has “paid out $176,031 in bounties to 223 researchers across 346 valid reports out of a total of 3101 reports submitted,” Mr. Martin noted. This year, Coinbase joins a competition hosted by Hackerone, Hack the World. An unsigned blog post stated the venture’s goals as “to help build stronger relationships between our hackers and our customers, reward high signal and high impact reports, and to have some fun along the way by giving out some awesome prizes to our top hackers.” Sponsors range from Uber, Github, and Airbnb, to Mapbox and Dropbox. Coinbase is offering “the top 3 most impactful bugs submitted, as part of Hack The World, an additional $10,000, $7,500 and $5,000,” he explained. “‘Most Impactful’ will be judged by the Coinbase security team on a combination of bug severity, system criticality and report quality.” The company’s Hack the World payouts are ranked as “Remote Code Execution: $50,000; Significant manipulation of account balance: $10,000; XSS/CSRF/Clickjacking affecting sensitive actions: $7,500; Theft of privileged information: $5,000; Partial authentication bypass: $3,000” respectively, among other lesser tasks. Bitcoin, Safe and Easy This does not mean storing bitcoin on the exchange is safe. In fact, “there have been months when Coinbase users have been robbed as often as 30 times—a rate of one robbery every single day,” according to Fortune. CEO Brian Armstrong tells Ms. Wieczner, “We need to be held to a higher standard because digital currency is so new and interesting and powerful that it is attractive to a lot of people out there to try to steal it.” The exchange holds users’ keys, allowing them ease of access to trading through mere passwords. Thefts are generally on the customer side, exploiting weaknesses at mobile phone carrier companies such as Sprint and Verizon. Hack The World competition formally ends on November 18. …

Plus…Coinbase Offers $50,000 Hack the World Bug Bounty

World’s First Blockchain Acquiring Cryptonex (CNX) Is Preparing for Launch

Bitcoin Press Release: In 2017 we are witnessing active cryptocurrency industry development. Companies seek to offer their solutions to pressing problems, for example, security establishment and speed of conversion. However, blockchain experts come to the conclusion that there is a question that is not solved yet. We are talking about acquiring. Instead of waiting until the global commercial companies endorse cryptocurrency as a primary payment instrument on a par with fiat, ambitious developers are now offering projects able to change the situation. In October 2017, ICO of the international blockchain acquiring project Cryptonex (CNX) was completed. The team has set up the main objective – to provide the opportunity to exchange any world currencies for crypto currencies and tokens to buy goods and services using mobile phone and payment cards. All transactions will be instantly carried out with minimal commission. Even in the absence of powerful PR-support, Cryptonex team managed to raise 18 million dollars. This result was achieved thanks to the value of the developed product. Taking into account, that every day there appear more than 200 new ICOs, such an impressive amount proves acquiring relevance and actuality for many people. Today for funds deposit/withdrawal implementation, it is necessary to use exchangers or other services (for example, localbitcoins), which charge fees and take much time for conducting operations. There is always risk to lose money because of a dishonest contractor. Money withdrawal is also difficult, and there is no opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency using a mobile application. Cryptocurrency holders are tired of waiting for conversion, deposit and withdrawal and of the fear of losing funds on the exchanges. To solve these problems, Cryptonex has already developed a secure web wallet that allows to store and convert popular cryptocurrencies. The team has begun to implement the mobile application and the opportunity to work with fiat. Cryptonex is based on Scrypt encryption algorithm. It protects transactions and wallets from hacking from the outside. The access may be encrypted; the key thing is to store the password in a safe place. Some selected opportunities of Cryptonex are implemented by other cryptocurrencies, in particular, Cryptopay and Dash debit cards. However, there is no full functionality, aggregating all the major financial flows in the blockchain anywhere. In October the process of adding CNX to the exchanges started. Yobit and HitBTC appeared to be the first ones. In comparison with the initial public offering CNX coin value has increased to $2.5. The total amount of the coins issued for trafficking circulation is 105 million CNX. In the nearest plans of Cryptonex is to complete mobile app testing in winter 2018 and start acquiring development. With the Asian investors from the banking sector support, by the end of the year the company will have announced the first deposit/withdrawal operations using mobile app with contactless payments. CNX mandatory participation in acquiring will provide high liquidity and, accordingly, 70-100 times rising cost of the cryptocurrency on exchanges. As an additional income source, the team offers P-o-S mining …

Plus…World’s First Blockchain Acquiring Cryptonex (CNX) Is Preparing for Launch

Coin Hive hacked via old password to move manic miners’ Monero … – The Register

Coin Hive hacked via old password to move manic miners’ Monero …The RegisterMonero miner maker Coin Hive was hacked so that websites using its code inadvertently redirected their generated cryptocurrency to miscreants – after the outfit …and more » Source: Coin Hive hacked via old password to move manic miners’ Monero … – The Register

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