Custody solutions will drive “big wave of capital”, says hedge fund manager

Kyle Samani, Co-Founder of Multicoin Capital, believes that a “big wave of capital” is coming. This wave will be catalyzed through the advancement of custodian solutions for digital assets.
At a time where established custodians like JPMorgan and bank…

Regulated Crypto Custody: Game Changing Investor Services are Coming

Regulated Crypto Custody is Nearly Here – And It Could Revolutionize the Industry As We Know It
Regulated crypto custody services will soon be available across the cryptocurrency industry. A report from Bloomberg published earlier today describes the …

Cryptocurrency Volatility: Top 6 Reasons & Factors Traders Need To Know

6 Reasons Why Cryptocurrencies Are So Volatile
1 – Lack Of Fundamental Value
Cryptocurrencies have no inherent worth; they don’t earn revenue or return any bonuses. You can’t really know if and when they get overbought or under trading. There is no b…

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