A Substantial Upgrade to eSports Industry

Source : A Substantial Upgrade to eSports Industry We live in an eSports world. Gaming today is bigger than ever. Mind-bending is the word that would best describe the impact eSports has on our lives today. Growth is evident, as the niche registers a monumental 100% growth rate in viewership, attention media-wise and economically lucrative. The idea is simple: eSports is a vast reservoir of gaming fans streaming through gaming events. The most recent event is DotA2 International. DotA2 is not the biggest eSports rep but it’s safe to say it holds 3rd place right behind League of Legends and Counter-Strike. Just to give you a scale of the industry, DotA2 had an international prize pool of $25 million, of which 90% was raised through crowdfunding ($23 million). It’s only natural that we see development ideas being championed to expand the eSports arena. Game developers are taking an interest in the growth in the arena. We can expect to see the world’s largest gaming companies tap into this. However, on the other hand, we have independent gamers who are looking to create an eSports gaming portal of their own liking. A team of gamers is working on developing a consumer based gaming portal that will offer high quality and meaningful experience to their gaming friends and fans. The portal, ICO launched on 1st November 2017 at 1 pm CET enables gaming fans to share, curate, and enjoy cool content together, or even participate in and contribute to events. All users will be able to participate in creating content for education, entertainment, and statistics, by writing guides or producing videos. The reward for their work will be furnished using the platforms digital currency, ESPORTS Reward Token (ERT). By providing the best to their clients, ESPORTS will build an online community that produces engaging and exclusive content aimed at eSporting enthusiasts. The company’s revenue stream consists of a four-tier offering including online eSports shop, licensed eSports betting, and all-exclusive eSports university. The long-term plan for is to create an independent backend that serves as the control center for all their activities and offers. To realize this, is working closely with Sports Book Cloud (SBC), a gold standard provider for BetRadar and represents one of the most up-to-date and best solutions on the market. Gaming is quickly becoming a spectator sport. For this reason, once the contribution goal of 20 million Euros has been reached, will open a physical eSports center in Berlin where players can be cultivated into pro players. The post A Substantial Upgrade to eSports Industry appeared first on NEWSBTC.

Blockchain Regtech Leader Coinfirm to Launch AMLT Token for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Source : Blockchain Regtech Leader Coinfirm to Launch AMLT Token for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance November 8, 2017 – Coinfirm, a global leader in blockchain AML/CTF and compliance is releasing a dedicated token, AMLT, to deliver one of the most needed solutions for blockchain adoption by allowing market participants to help determine the potential risk of others. Coinfirm has been raising the standards of tech solutions for compliance in the blockchain and financial ecosystem through their AML/CTF Platform. The platform delivered a solution for AML/CTF needs for cryptocurrency and blockchain-related companies that allows for the safe adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain by players in the traditional economy. AMLT adds a new level of transparency to the ecosystem by acting as the mechanism allowing entities to rate and provide information on other market participants into the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform, with AMLT as their reward for the valid data they provided. Coinfirm already works with world-class partners and clients ranging from major virtual currency players such as Dash and RSK, to leading financial institutions such as SEI. As a key link in bringing virtual currencies and blockchain to the mass market and a wider range of organizations, Coinfirm is introducing AMLT, its dedicated token to build the next step towards ensuring transparency and democratization of the financial system. The utility token set for sale later this year allows the holder access rights to the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform as well as a range of prepaid products. AMLT helps build the global standard for AML/CTF compliant blockchain transactions and a secure, transparent and compliant economic system that promotes financial inclusion and fair treatment. AMLT allows access to a reporting system that builds  transparency and democratization into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It does this by actively involving market participants globally in determining the risk of others in the network. For example, through AMLT, entities in “high risk” regions can also be evaluated based on the existing relationship and input of other market participants and have their risk lowered due to the positive feedback. Network members such as exchanges or payment processors can provide ratings and data on other market participants and cryptocurrency addresses to enrich data, potentially warn others about ransomware funds and be rewarded in AMLT. In addition the blockchain agnostic Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform supports a number of cryptocurrencies such as BITCOIN, DASH, ETHEREUM and ERC20/ERC223 tokens used in ICO’s. This will further help with compliance and vital regulations like anti money-laundering and countering terrorist financing across the blockchain ecosystem. This supports a major need of the token issuers as well as the banks that want to provide bank account facilities to them. Widening Financial Inclusion in Cryptocurrency One of the more important problems that AMLT looks to solve with the democratization model is financial inclusion. Because the current compliance system and related tools and processes are so ineffective, millions of individuals and entities are excluded from the financial system as a whole. Coinfirm’s platform helps solve this by not only taking compliance effectiveness and accuracy …

Plus…Blockchain Regtech Leader Coinfirm to Launch AMLT Token for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Hedge Funds are Heavily Investing in Bitcoin, as Price Continues to Soar

Source : Hedge Funds are Heavily Investing in Bitcoin, as Price Continues to Soar In the past 12 months, the demand for bitcoin from the traditional financial industry has significantly increased, pressuring hedge funds and large-scale investment firms to include bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a major part of their portfolios. In an interview with Nathaniel Poppers of the New York Times, research firm Autonomous Next revealed that more than 130 hedge funds exclusive to bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market have been established, with more to be expected throughout 2018. Led by Fidelity and billionaire hedge fund legends like Mike Novogratz, some of the largest hedge funds in Wall Street and the global financial industry have started to invest heavily in bitcoin. Analysts expect investments in bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market to only increase in the upcoming months, as financial institutions like CME Group, Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), and LedgerX provide sufficient liquidity and efficient cryptocurrency trading platforms for institutional and retail traders. Hedge Funds Will Lead Bitcoin Price to $10,000 Bobby Cho, the head trader at Cumberland, a leading bitcoin trading business, further emphasized that the vast majority of the firm’s consumer base is now composed of institutional and retail traders, after years of hesitancy. “The vast majority of the trading we do is with institutions. The education and research have turned into real-life activity.” Over the past few months, analysts have stated that the launch of bitcoin futures, options, and derivatives exchanges by some of the world’s largest financial institutions will result in tens of billions of “money on the sidelines” being invested in bitcoin in the next several years. Movement of Funds From Traditional Assets to Bitcoin is Happening Already, the traditional financial industry and market have begun to acknowledge bitcoin as a safe haven asset and a robust store of value. As the mainstream adoption of bitcoin continues to increase at an exponential rate, in the mid-term, with necessary infrastructure, the bitcoin market will accommodate a rising number of institutional and retail investors. The migration of billions of dollars worth of funds from conventional wealth management products (WMPs), offshore banking accounts, and safe haven assets to bitcoin will allow the cryptocurrency add hundreds of billions of dollars to its market valuation, allowing the price of bitcoin to climb to $10,000 and potentially to tens of thousands of dollars in the long-term. Famously, Wall Street strategist the founder of Fundstrat Tom Lee, stated that the bitcoin price will likely surpass the $25,000 in the long-term, in a few years time. “Bitcoin represents a store of value because it is an encrypted database, that for seven years has not been hacked. That is a way to store value. And if personal information is our gold, Bitcoin is our digital gold. So we think that the gold market which is $9 trillion, and for a generation of investors gold was their store of value. I think the next generation of young people view Bitcoin as their store of value. …

Plus…Hedge Funds are Heavily Investing in Bitcoin, as Price Continues to Soar

AMA Session with Eidoo (02.11.2017)

Source : AMA Session with Eidoo (02.11.2017) The Swiss project Eidoo from Chiasso is now corporate member of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland. The Token sale was a big success with raising more than 82’000 Ethereum (above CHF 23m). In an “Ask Me Anything Session” in our Altcoin Telegram Channel at Thursday 2nd October 2017 the team was one hour available to answer all questions from the community regarding this new project (Names of community members are anonymous): Mr. A, [02.11.17 21:00] Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to our AMA session with the team from Eidoo, a member of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland! Represented by Community Manager Amelia Tomasicchio and User Support Manager Massimiliano Di Loreto. Please participate and ask a lot of questions. More information about Eidoo: [Eidoo] Amelia Tomasicchio, [02.11.17 21:00] Hi everyone, let’s start the Q&A [Eidoo] Massimiliano Di Loreto, [02.11.17 21:00] Hi Everybody Mr. A, [02.11.17 21:01] Hi Amelia, Hi Massimiliano! If you have just 3-4 sentences how would you explain Eidoo? [Eidoo] Massimiliano Di Loreto, [02.11.17 21:02] mine probably would be: new experience in cryptocurrency wallet, extremely user friendly and open to future feature implementation, thanks to the development and management team [Eidoo] Amelia Tomasicchio, [02.11.17 21:03] Eidoo is the first app that help users to spend, buy, convert, and invest in digital currencies in a few clicks and with a friendly interface. You would need too many tools to do the same without Eidoo. Mr. A, [02.11.17 21:03] Is it somehow like Blockfolio but trading inside? [Eidoo] Amelia Tomasicchio, [02.11.17 21:05] Blockfolio doesn’t allow users to have a debit credit card; and it doesn’t have a decentralized exchange, an ico engine or a decentralized marketplace. [Eidoo] Massimiliano Di Loreto, [02.11.17 21:05] because Blockfolio was built around Bitcoin, I think it is a kind of first generation system. Mr. A, [02.11.17 21:06] You cover just ERC20 or other systems as well? Mr. A, [02.11.17 21:06] Like Dash for example [Eidoo] Massimiliano Di Loreto, [02.11.17 21:06] meaning we are scalable and will be always on the spot to implement newer features Mr. B, [02.11.17 21:06] @Mr. B what was the name of the service your team developed so one doesn’t need Ether to move ERC20 tokens? I miss that in eidoo. I don’t want to buy Ether just move some tokens [Eidoo] Massimiliano Di Loreto, [02.11.17 21:06] we also support ERC223 [Eidoo] Amelia Tomasicchio, [02.11.17 21:06] [In reply to Mr. A] Right now we only support ethereum and erc20 and erc223, but in the near future we will also implement Bitcoin and more digital currencies Mr. A, [02.11.17 21:08] @Mr B Gas Station I think [Eidoo] Amelia Tomasicchio, [02.11.17 21:08] [In reply to Mr. B] Currently you need to use ETH to pay fees, that’s correct. [Eidoo] Amelia Tomasicchio, [02.11.17 21:08] But we will follow the market, so maybe we will change this thing shortly Mr. A, [02.11.17 21:09] Regarding the Debit-Cards: Just an example: Can I go with this card to the ATM and …

Plus…AMA Session with Eidoo (02.11.2017)

Cryptonetix ICO Pre-Sale Is Live – ICO Set For Nov 15, 2017 Next Generation Analytics For Cryptocurrency Markets

Source : Cryptonetix ICO Pre-Sale Is Live – ICO Set For Nov 15, 2017 Next Generation Analytics For Cryptocurrency Markets Early adopters reaping huge discount on tokens. is a web-based investment application platform that incorporates methods such as Fibonacci, Harmonics, Elliott Wave, Price Action, AI and more. [Note: This is a press release.] San Jose, Costa Rica, November 8, 2017 – is on its way to establishing itself as the dominant blockchain investment & analytics platform. It has features and methodologies not seen before in the Blockchain world. This is the reason they are viewed as a major disruptor in the global investment arena. Cryptonetix is not a fledgling startup, it is “Made By Traders For Traders”. The company reports that they are looking to raise $3.9 Million for the analytics platform, then later a total of $17 million which includes various investment funds. Cryptonetix aims to be the premier blockchain assets management, analytics, funding and resource platform for the Cryptocurrency markets built on the Ethereum Platform. Cryptonetix has announced that they are partnering with BullPay, who is noted for building highly secure crypto-acceptance platforms for global customers and have also recently partnered with Bounty Portals for the bounty campaign. The ICO Pre-Sale is showing great promise and now is the time to get in on this excellent ICO offering. The Pre-Sale will end and the ICO will begin on 11/15/2017. The Token will be symboled as “CIX”. Some of Cryptonetix’s outstanding features: Dashboard: The dashboard will be a central place for users to find the optimal blockchain assets for trading and investing. Cryptonetix’s platform will feature intuitive heatmaps and algorithmic indicators showing the hottest cryptocurrency pairs based on price action, volume, technicals, and fundamentals. They will incorporate up to the minute blockchain news and provide live audio and video updates from their cryptocurrency analysts. Analytics: The analytics will be based on AI and non-AI algorithms involving heavy technical indicators to find the leaders in the pack from the mundane, less appealing Cryptocurrency assets. They will provide detailed analytics that tie directly into the heatmaps and dashboard areas of our platform. Included analytics featuring Elliott wave, Fibonacci, Harmonics and more. Alerts: One of the most exciting features of the Cryptonetix platform will be their alerting system. They’re creating an alert service that will send timely updates by Telegram, email, SMS as well as Push notifications in their mobile application of key support and resistance levels, Fibonacci retracements, fundamental breaking news headlines and pullbacks to ideal entry levels thus enabling you to make concrete trading decisions. Funding: Their funding feature of the platform will harness the ability for Fund managers to create new funds on the Cryptonetix platform so investors can subscribe to the various investment funds on offer, thus being entitled to receive monthly, quarterly or yearly payouts in various currencies for profits obtained. Additionally, Cryptonetix will feature multiple investment funds that they host, and those holding their tokens will receive quarterly payouts on profits. Their fund tracking system …

Plus…Cryptonetix ICO Pre-Sale Is Live – ICO Set For Nov 15, 2017 Next Generation Analytics For Cryptocurrency Markets

Starbase Presale Shows the Massive Demand For Blockchain Integration

Source : Starbase Presale Shows the Massive Demand For Blockchain Integration Though initial coin offerings, or ICO, have been around for several years, 2017 is the year where they really decided to take off. There has been tremendous growth in ICOs the past couple of years, with a large majority of it coming this year. Time will tell what will happen in 2018, but even if the growth continues at a moderate pace, ICO investors are in for one wild ride. As is expected, not everyone is a fan of ICOs. Some are quite critical of them. One of the reasons is because of scam ICOs. If a company raises money for a product that hasn’t been created, where’s the incentive to actually create the product? The cash flow is already there–why the need to go and develop it? Another reason is the perceived inaccessibility of ICOs. Those who aren’t familiar with blockchain technology or even the concept of ICOs feel like they’re missing out. This isn’t to say that blockchain companies aren’t reaching out to potential investors, they are. But perhaps something needs to be done to kick ICOs into their top gear. One idea floated by several companies is to create a blockchain platform that actually automates large parts of the initial coin offering process. These platforms, which run off of blockchain platforms themselves, provide the resources necessary for any company–blockchain based or not–to participate in an ICO. One company that is pioneering this type of blockchain platform is Starbase. The sale can be accessed via their website. The demand for such a platform is substantial, as evidenced by the Starbase presale which was completed with great demand. Starbase’s own crowdsale begins on November 9th and runs until the 24th. Blockchain Technology Paves the Way for ICO Integration The genius of these platforms lies in their ability to create blockchain based infrastructures which easily integrate with a company’s products and business objectives. Those without any blockchain, coding, or software experience can fully participate in ICOs by running their crowdfunding through a designated blockchain infrastructure. The barriers to entry are removed, creating an easy experience where the technical aspects of the ICO are taken care of. Additionally, these blockchain platforms provide companies with a way to find and hire short-term human capital. By creating a decentralized marketplace, companies can list projects or tasks that need to be completed before a product or service is launched. A company’s core teams can get immediate help for any quick jobs they need to be completed, while investors are given a way to participate in the growth of their investment. Once a task or project is completed, hires are paid in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but they may also choose to receive the coins of the platform they assisted with. From the beginning, these investors will have a deep interest in the success of the company. As an added benefit, companies can cut down on middleman costs and longer-term hiring costs by …

Plus…Starbase Presale Shows the Massive Demand For Blockchain Integration

The Tokenbox ranked by ICOrating agency

Source : The Tokenbox ranked by ICOrating agency The Tokenbox platform, whose ICO is planned for November 14th, was given a “Stable+”, high-quality assets rating category. Top analysts of cryptomarket recommend to buy TBX tokens for long-term portfolios. The ICOrating agency also noted that The Token Fund, a successful tokenized cryptofund created by the same team, is one of the advantages of the project. Clear marketing strategy, a team of high-end marketing professionals, social media success are named among other advantages. Portfolio managers considering to start a crypto business are recommended to look into the project, as the reserve fund would be established and the money would be invested in the funds established on the platform, then distributed among 10 of them. According to the rating description, the Tokenbox’s future chances may be increased, as the market for cryptocurrency funds and professional cryptoassets trading is developing rapidly. The Tokenbox is a unique platform aimed to unite the cryptomarket players. It will offer professional traders, funds, and investors a secure ready-made tool for creating their own cryptofund based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The ICOrating is a highly credible agency that evaluates blockchain-based companies planning on an ICO. Startups are ranked by the company analysts and experts according to 4 categories, where the lowest rating is given to companies close to default, while the highest rating is for high-quality assets. “Stable+” is one of the 4 highest categories, which indicates recommendation to buy and a possibility of increasing the rating. The post The Tokenbox ranked by ICOrating agency appeared first on NEWSBTC.

Decentralized Sports Betting Platform, EtherSport, Announces ICO

Source : Decentralized Sports Betting Platform, EtherSport, Announces ICO The decentralized sports betting platform, EtherSport, has announced the launch of its ICO, which is set for November 13th. [Note: This is a press release.] EtherSport is raising funds through the issuance of its native ESC token, as a means of funding its roadmap and day-to-day operations. Ethersports’ goal is to create an innovative and […] The post Decentralized Sports Betting Platform, EtherSport, Announces ICO appeared first on The Bitcoin News – Leading Bitcoin and Crypto News since 2012.

World’s First Blockchain-Based Privacy App Starts Pre-Token Sale

Source : World’s First Blockchain-Based Privacy App Starts Pre-Token Sale FortKnoxster Ltd. announces the beginning of its token sale for their secure privacy platform – one of the few token sales backed by a working product. [Note: This is a press release.] No More Big Brother Surveillance The FortKnoxster platform is an end-to-end encryption system leveraging the Blockchain technology to establish secure and trusted communication […] The post World’s First Blockchain-Based Privacy App Starts Pre-Token Sale appeared first on The Bitcoin News – Leading Bitcoin and Crypto News since 2012.

Openbazaar Sees a Variety of New Vendors After Privacy Enhancements

Source : Openbazaar Sees a Variety of New Vendors After Privacy Enhancements This past September the cryptocurrency-based decentralized marketplace, Openbazaar, launched its 2.0 platform with a slew of new features. Now a couple of months later, the marketplace seems to be seeing some significant growth as vendors from Darknet markets are starting to flock to the protocol’s benefits. Also Read: Increased South African Bitcoin Adoption Highlights Need […] The post Openbazaar Sees a Variety of New Vendors After Privacy Enhancements appeared first on The Bitcoin News – Leading Bitcoin and Crypto News since 2012.

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