RIALTO.AI Update: Digital Asset Pool Active Rebalancing

Source : RIALTO.AI Update: Digital Asset Pool Active Rebalancing One of the RIALTO.AI core activities is arbitrage and market making which represent a simultaneous buy and sell of the targeted token or cryptocurrency. One of the main benefits is its very low trading risk and stable rate of return. RIALTO.AI investment capital for arbitrage and market making activities is based on the Digital Asset Pool (DAP), a structured entity composed of crypto and fiat currencies. Be sure to continue to read at the source: RIALTO.AI Medium

Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s Our Take On Today’s Action

Source : Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s Our Take On Today’s Action So that’s another day done in our bitcoin price trading efforts and we’ve had a pretty strong day as far as entry points are concerned. For anyone that missed this morning’s coverage, we were on the lookout for some breakout entries to help us draw a profit from the market as and when we saw any volatility. These breakout entries come when price closes above or below a key level (that we have predefined as part of our intraday strategy) and, once entered, they mature to completion automatically – be that for a take profit hit or for a stop loss takeout. During the session today, we got more of the latter than of the former, which, when taken into consideration in line with the fact that we employ a positive risk reward strategy, means we are closing out the session net-positive. That’s great, but it doesn’t mean we can get cocky. We’ve got the late US session ahead of us and we’re hoping to replicate our intraday success moving forward. So, with all this said, let’s get some levels in place that we can use to try and do just that. As ever, take a quick look at the chart below before we get started so as to get an idea where things stand. It’s a one-minute candlestick chart and it’s got our range overlaid in green. As the chart shows, our target range for the session tonight comes in as defined by support to the downside at 6425 and resistance to the upside at 6594. We are looking to jump in long on a close above resistance towards a target of 6640. Conversely, if we get a close below support, we will jump in short towards a downside target of 6375. Stops on both positions will help us to exit the trades quickly if things turn against us. Charts courtesy of Trading View The post Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s Our Take On Today’s Action appeared first on NEWSBTC.

PR – Choose a Crypto Trader and Earn Together With Investy

Source : PR – Choose a Crypto Trader and Earn Together With Investy A lot of people who are new to the concept of crypto trading, and even those who have been investing for some time, know that there is much to learn in this new and sometimes volatile space. Although there are risks and unpredictability in all markets, the supply of real-time solutions offering assistance to investors in the crypto exchanges was non-existent – until Investy.   Investy is the world’s first decentralized investments platform, offering ease of use, transparency, safety and reliability. Their mission is to unite experienced traders and novice investors together, in one platform. Artem Golovachev, CTO, says, “With Investy, we provide you, the investor, with a marketplace where you can choose a trader or a fund and know that your money is safely invested and the results are authentic. Most importantly, investing via the Investy platform is safe.” “There is no need to transfer your money or assets, and they are always on your account. Only you can access the transaction, and the rest is taken care of by the platform. We are the first ones to develop and implement an expert trader’s system, and the platform assumes the role of a gateway, blocking all fraudulent transactions.” Alex Pershing, CEO, explains, “Investing via Investy, you can be sure that your money will not be withdrawn, with a guarantee that there will be no chance of fraud from the trader’s side. No one can lose your deposit and it is in maximum security in the Investy environment.” “Analyzing cryptofunds and traders markets, we realized that many funds do not provide transparent reporting for their investors, and often their official numbers do not exceed the growth of bitcoin.” The revenue created from the Investy platform will be formed from subscription fees for services and commissions.  Token holders will receive reduced commissions: the more Investy tokens are in a wallet, the lower the commission is. Tokens will be used as subscriptions for services on the platform. After investors no longer need the services, they can sell them on the exchange. If you are a beginner and do not know how to “enter” the crypto-market, or what to do after your Bitcoin purchase, the Investy platform will put you at ease. The Investy platform is decentralized and does not have the problems of the classical investment sector: lack of transparency or a lack of trust. Investors can keep their assets on the exchanges that they trust, including decentralized ones, as it will be integrated with all major crypto-exchanges. On the platform, an investor can choose a trader that matches his expectations according to various parameters: profitability, a size of trader’s commission and of course a stock exchange, where a trader works. Golovachev says, “Investy connects traders with investors’ accounts, but moreover, the investor can set additional parameters and conditions, such as a stop-loss. For example, if the investor is afraid of a drawdown of more than 20% of the …

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European Financial Regulator Warns Investors On ICO Risks

Source : European Financial Regulator Warns Investors On ICO Risks The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) today issued two separate statements that outline what it perceives as the risks initial coin offerings (ICOs) pose for investors and startups, respectively. Striking a concerned tone on the nascent state of the market, ESMA warned investors that the use of custom cryptocurrencies for fundraising comes with a […] The post European Financial Regulator Warns Investors On ICO Risks appeared first on Bitcoin Wiki.

Farmers in FinTech – a bunny’s tale

Source : Farmers in FinTech – a bunny’s tale Picture this, – A farmer from Kansas, let us call him Roger decides to expand his rabbit ranch and become a nationwide supplier. Roger has been in the business for over 10 years now and supplies 40% of rabbit meat across his state. Despite his successful business Roger is unable to get a loan from his bank, even though Roger has a steady cash flow, infrastructure and a clear business plan illustrating his expansion strategy. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Here comes Jim. Jim works for Furry International Bank, he is a banker and has been a good friend of Roger’s for over a decade. Furry International is no conventional bank, it has been innovating from day one, and understands the difficulties Roger faces when he goes around town seeking investments: Traditional banks seem to be reliable, but they require large collateral, enforce tiring procedures and can be stingy with loans considering Roger’s credit score is still recovering from his student loan back in the day. Private investors are hard to find, negotiations can take a lifetime and due to the large scale of investments, a single investor may not be able to provide Roger with the capital he needs. Looking for several investors seems to be too complicated and Roger has no idea how to go about this process – he’s a farmer not a financial mastermind. Venture funds only tend to invest in new tech with high risks but probabilities of high rewards. Roger’s business doesn’t involve neither tech innovation nor extremely high returns. Roger wants to ride the hype. At this point, Roger decides to explore the breakthrough technology of blockchain and run an ICO campaign for his project. But he soon realizes that running an ICO won’t benefit his business. With regulations kicking in quickly, running an ICO that is economically viable for crypto-investors is just as hard as taking his company to the stock exchange and making its shares publicly available. Roger sits down with Jim in a bar A drink or two into the night, Roger tells Jim about his struggles and asks if Furry International has any solutions to find investments for the ranch. Jim quickly brought up a solution provided by an innovative company named BANKEX and their Proof-of-Asset protocol. Jim wants to help Roger, so he agrees to represent Roger in the further process, which Roger does not fully understand. Jim on the other hand is an expert and he is bringing Roger as a new client to his bank.   FARM Token is released Jim pays a visit to BANKEX and fills in all the necessary information about Roger’s project – cash flow, years on the market, current market coverage, business owners background etc. This information is collected and confirmed by professional accountants, lawyers and financial analysts. Once BANKEX validates every aspect of the business, Jim is asked to install special IoT sensors in the rabbit ranch. These sensors will …

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ICO : les deux avertissements de l’ESMA

Source : ICO : les deux avertissements de l’ESMA L’Autorité européenne des marchés financiers a publié aujourd’hui deux déclarations concernant les ICO [1]. La première rappelle aux investisseurs que ces opérations de financement sont non régulées, volatiles, opaques, non éprouvées sur le plan technologique et qu’il s’agit de placements à haut risque. La seconde s’adresse aux entreprises tentées par ce genre d’opération : quand « les pièces ou les jetons » émis « sont … Continuer la lecture de ICO : les deux avertissements de l’ESMA Source: Bitcoin.fr

Coinfirm, Leading Blockchain Regtech Company, Adds Citigroup, KPMG, Publicis Groupe and SAP veterans to the Advisory Board

Source : Coinfirm, Leading Blockchain Regtech Company, Adds Citigroup, KPMG, Publicis Groupe and SAP veterans to the Advisory Board Global Citigroup Managing Director as well as ex-Global Sales Head at SAP among those who joined Coinfirm November 13, 2017 – Coinfirm, one of the leading companies operating around AML/CTF compliance and regtech in the blockchain space announced it has added deeper strength and experience to its ranks. The list of established advisory board members, working with the company for 6 months now include: Ruth Wandhofer, Global Managing Director at Citigroup, Regulatory, Market & Innovation Strategy. Julian Johnson, former Global Head of Sales and Executive Vice President in top enterprise software businesses such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Pawel Tomczuk, entrepreneur and angel investor, founder of the largest strategic communications firm in Central Europe that was eventually sold to Publicis Groupe. Also as of the beginning of November, Pawel Tomczuk, took the position as the Chairman of Coinfirm. Among the new team members who joined Coinfirm’s advisory board are: Lee Byrne a regulatory veteran, who serves as the International AML Advisor Harry Saito, former KPMG Executive Director and CEO of Tokyo International Consulting, who joins as Senior Advisor for Japan – the market with the most advanced adoption of cryptocurrencies. Both of them have been working with the company as consultants for over 3 months before joining the advisory board. Also, the team is joined by Ben Brophy, Delivery Director, and the former Head of the Innovation Hub at Royal Bank of Scotland and CEO of BlockLab, who advised organizations such as Euroclear on design, implementation and launch of the blockchain based solution. “Each of the board members bring in unique insights into different layers of our organizations, which helps us to accelerate the process of becoming the global standard for AML in Cryptocurrencies,” said Pawel Kuskowski, CEO and Founder of Coinfirm. As the Global MD of Regulatory and Market & Innovation at Citigroup, Ruth brings in over a decade of experience as a global executive at one of the world’s premier financial institutions. A leader in the regulatory space with particular knowledge and insight into blockchain applications, Ruth helps Coinfirm to accelerate the process of becoming the global standard for AML/CTF in the cryptocurrency space and speed up its adoption by regulators and financial institutions all over the world. “I am excited to support Coinfirm in the growing space of blockchain technology, where risk management, compliance and data analytics are the backbone for creating sound solutions and systems for the future.” said Ruth Wandhofer about joining Coinfirm’s Advisory Board. With 25 years experience in the technology market and executive roles at Oracle, Siebel, SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce, Julian Johnson has implemented major software solutions all around the world and built an extensive career spanning several industries, including financial services, public sector, telecommunications and media, utilities, and energy. Now he’s bringing his experience to take Coinfirm into more major enterprises as he recognizes Coinfirm’s solution as the critical to drive blockchain …

Plus…Coinfirm, Leading Blockchain Regtech Company, Adds Citigroup, KPMG, Publicis Groupe and SAP veterans to the Advisory Board

Rollercoaster weekend: Bitcoin Cash fluctuates as major upgrade approaches​

Source : Rollercoaster weekend: Bitcoin Cash fluctuates as major upgrade approaches​ BCH hit the $2,400 mark over the weekend, but this is not why people should be paying attention to it. It’s been a crazy week for the Bitcoin world, and it seems things have been going in favour of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Last week, advocates of the now infamous SegWit2x fork finally forfeited and announced that the controversial hard fork will not be pushing through. While it was a huge relief given the risks associated with the half-baked protocol change, it has the community up in arms over what they saw as a centralization of power—it only took six signatories to ultimately terminate the motion. And with the second phase to the New York Agreement called off, the compromise to Bitcoin’s scaling conundrum has been botched. But instead of SegWit Core (BTC) reaping the benefits of this cancellation, it seemed to have worked against them, at least temporarily. With the block size increase for the legacy chain abandoned, a migration by miners and investors to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ensued. In addition to this, Bitcoin Unlimited announced that it was conceding in the race, saying Bitcoin Cash is already achieving what it set out to do. This led to the rise of BCH from around $300 to over $1,000. But over the past day or so, there was a further jump in this value. BCH had an unexplained shoot, going over $2,400 at some point. Users noted that this was artificial, with Korean exchange Bithumb holding majority of the trading volume that made it run up that price for seemingly no reason. However, according to CryptoCompare, cashing in from Korean Won to Bitcoin Cash was actually lower last week compared to other weeks, and that the migration was in fact, from BTC to BCH. Korean exchanges, however, were selling BCH higher than other countries. During this rollercoaster, BCH surpassed ETH’s market cap at some point. Congrats on this. Seriously. @rogerkver @JihanWu @deadalnix pic.twitter.com/UXYdEcRn4y — Vitalik Buterin (@VitalikButerin) November 12, 2017 As expected, the correction led to a drop in its value, with BCH now trading at just over $1,000. This is still quite an impressive jump. However, this isn’t really the reason why people should be paying attention to BCH. Decentralized development While most people have their eyes glued to the trading rates, it seems quite a few actually bother to have a look at the roadmaps behind each coin. BCH has an ambitious roadmap ahead, with a league of independent developer teams focused on research to implement goals of what is supposedly a payment system that stays as true as possible to the Satoshi vision. The truth is, while everyone is arguing about which coins are the best, development teams are going about their day as usual. After all, all the bickering in the community does not change what developers can and can’t do. As it stands, BTC and BCH seem to be diverging into different markets, so it …

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ICOs : 99% d’ARNAQUES ?

Source : ICOs : 99% d’ARNAQUES ? Dans cette vidéo, ArtPlay explique le fonctionnement des Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), les levées de fonds en cryptomonnaies : leurs objectifs, leurs avantages, leurs aspects juridiques, mais aussi les risques associés à de tels investissements. Cet article ICOs : 99% d’ARNAQUES ? est apparu en premier sur BitConseil.

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