Simple Token Altdrop Will Pay Investors and Early Adopters in any ERC20 Token of their Choice

Source : Simple Token Altdrop Will Pay Investors and Early Adopters in any ERC20 Token of their Choice Apart from the value proposition offered by the Simple Token project ahead of its token sale, the startup is embarking on an unconventional style of incentivizing investors and early adopters. The system is fashioned towards an immediate gratification process that offers the freedom of being compensated in any altcoin of choice. This is navigated through a novel process called “altdrop”. Incentivising investors Besides the original values offered by blockchain products during token sales, it is normal to receive other motivational incentives. Prominent among the systems of immediate compensation as carried out by most organizations during token sales is the offering of some extra percentage of the particular token on sale depending on how early and individual participates. This more general pattern, despite representing immediate compensation on the periphery, in the actual sense remains an incentive for the future and restricts adopters and investors to depend on the eventual performance of the token in question. Hence, in the actual sense, these systems do not represent immediate gratification. Actual immediate gratification The innovation by Simple Token, beyond every doubt offers immediate compensation in already established ERC20 tokens. Even more attractive is the fact that individuals are given the liberty to choose which particular altcoin that they want to be compensating in. The Simple Token Project is a project of OpenST Ltd and The Simple Token Company Limited. OpenST Ltd and The Simple Token Company Limited are independent separate organizations with their own independent missions and governance. Simple Token (ST) is a utility token that enables any company to create, launch and manage their own branded digital token economy powered by Simple Token protocols and software. According to Simple Token, the OpenST protocol enables companies to stake Simple Tokens against their own branded tokens, minted on open scaleable side Blockchains in a cryptographically auditable manner. Therefore, for startups, developers or individuals who seek to purchase Simple Token(ST), it is actually an opportunity to ‘acquire two for the price of one’. Users can beef up their existing stock of a particular altcoin, gain ownership of a given crypto asset that has eluded them, probably in an ICO that was missed, or diversify their asset holding at no extra cost. How to qualify for Altdrop To qualify for the altdrop bonus, users are required to: Complete the registration form for the altdrop no later than 11 November at 12:59:59 UTC. You will be required to submit only 2 pieces of data: (i) Your email address, (ii) the name of the Token XYZ that you want to get bonused. Register for the ST Early Access sale at no later than 13 November at 12:59:59 UTC. You must register using the same email address that you use for the #altdrop form. Purchase a minimum of 1 ETH of ST during the Early Access sale. Blockchain technology is about decentralization and opening up of opportunities that offers more control …

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PR: Bitcoin’s Roger Ver and Mate Tokay Join Naga Fintech Board of Advisors

Source : PR: Bitcoin’s Roger Ver and Mate Tokay Join Naga Fintech Board of Advisors This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. The NAGA Group AG welcome CEO Roger Ver and COO Mate Tokay to the NAGA board of advisors. German FinTech company The Naga Group AG announced today that CEO Roger Ver had joined NAGA’s board of advisors. Furthermore, Ver’s colleague and COO Mate Tokay has joined the project as an advisor as well. Both men are well respected and considered to be key influencers within the cryptocurrency community and will bring a wealth of experience and insight to NAGA. NAGA’s ideas get pretty close to Roger’s philosophy and ideology. Due to the fact that NAGA’s Ecosystem will give access to 2 billion underbanked users to participate in the financial and crypto markets, it will allow everyone to get into trading and investing and it will result in their potential independent individual lifestyle, which supports the idea of libertarianism that is embraced by Roger. Due to the fact that Roger supports Bitcoin Cash, the NAGA Group decided to add BCH to their accepted currencies on their Token Sale in order to reduce the barriers for their potential investors and future customers who would like to become a part of the ecosystem. Founders and Executive Directors of The NAGA Group AG, Benjamin Bilski and Yasin Sebastian Qureshi expressed their keen pleasure with this latest development: “We are proud that Roger and Mate joined our Token sale. Both have an impressive track record in the industry and they have left an already significant footprint in the crypto-community. Roger and Mate´s engagement also substantiate our ambition to create a powerful solution for barrier-free investing into stocks or virtual goods with our NAGA Coin. Having one of the most renowned people from the community, combined with our fast growing business powered by our exchange-listed company, makes us confident to set the path for a fundamental token growth.” Roger Ver Take a look at any Who’s Who in Bitcoin list and you’ll find Roger Ver near the top of that list. Dubbed ‘Bitcoin Jesus’, Ver is a pioneer for Bitcoin adoption around the world. In 2011, Ver’s company,, became the first mainstream company to accept Bitcoin as a payment option. He is considered to be the first Bitcoin angel investor, having funded the seed rounds for most of the entire first generation of Bitcoin-related organisations and businesses, including: The Bitcoin Foundation Bitpay Ripple Kraken Ver is a proponent of libertarianism and voluntaryism, believing in an individual’s right to freedom of choice, voluntary association, and self-governance. These beliefs are in harmony with NAGA’s mission, which is to open up the financial and crypto markets to the more than 2 billion underbanked …

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RocketICO Builds Trust in Blockchain Community

Source : RocketICO Builds Trust in Blockchain Community 14th November 2017, Minsk, Belarus – RocketICO is the world’s first accelerator based on the principles of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). RocketICO connects experts, investors, and startups in an effort to coordinate the blockchain community more efficiently and build trust within it. It will create an ecosystem that is beneficial for all its members. The ICO market is in recession. In October, 5x less funds were raised during ICOs in comparison to September. Investors are more cautious about new projects. About 5-10% of blockchain ICOs were total scams as well as an unconfirmed percentage of startups failed after their ICOs. It’s a comparatively high percent especially when considering that ICOs in 2017 have raised $3 billion. At RocketICO, we understand this. We are also influenced by the recession. That’s why we are creating a brand-new platform that would detect scams at the early stage and create transparent interactions among teams, experts, and investors. Teams Teams, groups of enthusiasts or even a single person can present their ideas on RocketICO platform. The ideas are validated by experts and community. If a project finds support, then it will be able to get financial and expert help. RocketICO platform provides teams with following tools: – Metrics and analytics – ICO management – Mentoring and consulting (includes collaborative WP preparation, MVP development, marketing campaign execution, legal work, testing ideas) – Custom modules (project management, WP creation, landing page creation, bounty-campaign management, project discussion among experts and investors, token model development, listing on stock exchanges) Experts Experts can monetize their expertise by participating in RocketICO platform. They need to pass internal validation. Professionals with high competence in business, marketing, legal, software development, design, writing fields can become contributors on the platform. Moreover, RocketICO builds a network of experts, thus, professionals from related fields can share experience and keep their expertise up-to-date. Investors Investors get access to validated projects, thereby minimizing risks of failure and maximizing potential return on investment. Investors can use filters to monitor projects by date, popularity, and field. Furthermore, by financing projects at an early stage, investors get increased returns. Many investors support projects by financing as well as providing expertise. The platform enables a transparent and easy way for communication between investors and teams. Tokens ROCK tokens are utility coins that could be used on the platform for further interactions. By purchasing ROCKs you will also acquire coins for investment in other projects on the platform. Token value increases simultaneously with the platform’s growth. Token Sale RocketICO has raised 175% of its initial goal during pre-ICO. Token Sale has started on November, 1. Whitelist registration is opened until November, 15.  Everyone can join Whitelist and claim a bonus of up to 35%. RocketICO Token Sale will last until December, 15.   Learn more about RocketICO here: This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, …

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Pundi X Integrates NEM Blockchain

Source : Pundi X Integrates NEM Blockchain SINGAPORE — November 14, 2017 — Pundi X, a cryptocurrency point-of-sale (“POS”) solutions provider for retail stores seeking to accept digital currencies in South East Asia, today announced their successful integration into the NEM blockchain. [Note: This is a press release.] Every Pundi X POS device can be connected to both the Ethereum and NEM blockchains, enabling consumers to easily buy or sell cryptocurrencies (BTS, ETH, XEM, LTC, PXS tokens) using fiat money (Dollars, Rupiah, Baht, etc.), bank card, mobile wallet or with a Pundi X Pass. XEM is the world’s tenth largest cryptocurrency, according to, with a market capitalization of US $1.6 billion. NEM’s technology is currently employed by a variety of financial institutions and industries. NEM is also one of the most popular altcoins in Japan in terms of demand and trade volume. “With the NEM solution we can confirm transactions instantly which enables us to lower the exchange risk and provide a better user experience,” said Zac Cheah, CEO of Pundi X. “Moreover, Pundi X can now expand rapidly through the NEM network and accelerate the whole on-boarding process.” “We are working to achieve mass adoption for NEM through sovereign fiat money issuance, financial settlements, payments, trade finance, stock markets, forex and other applications. The Pundi X business matches this goal because it makes cryptocurrencies more accessible for people to use in their daily lives,” said Lon Wong, President of Foundation. “NEM is very easy to implement. For example, it took only one day to make the Pundi X system work on the NEM blockchain for both the private and the public chains.” See Pundi X POS in action this week at Singapore Fintech Festival 2017 Singapore Fintech Festival 2017 attendees can experience Pundi X POS device (Booth: 2L12) and NEM blockchain (Booth: 1F21) in the exhibition area. Media or partners interested in meeting with Pundi X during Singapore Fintech Festival 2017 can contact Pundi X is currently opening its KYC (Know Your Customer) process to whitelist investors in preparation for its ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Investors who pass the KYC check are eligible to invest and are guaranteed the opportunity to buy PXS tokens in the public token sale starting on November 20. The whitelisting application will close at 10:00 GMT+8 on November 19. About Foundation Ltd Foundation Ltd. is a non-profit organization based in Singapore, set up to promote NEM’s blockchain technology globally. It is currently one of the most well-funded and successful blockchain technology projects in the cryptocurrency industry. NEM’s technology is currently being utilized in a variety of financial institutions and industries. For more information, please visit  Press contact NEM@transform.PR / +1-415-595-2030 All other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.  About Pundi X Pundi X is a blockchain startup that aims to make cryptocurrency an enabler of ubiquitous cashless payment environments across South East Asia and beyond. Pundi X POS enables shops, cafes and …

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Citigroup CEO Calls State-Sponsored Digital Currency the Future of Commerce

Source : Citigroup CEO Calls State-Sponsored Digital Currency the Future of Commerce The CEO of Citigroup thinks it’s only a matter of time before nations transition to digital currencies. The comments come as Citigroup explores trading shares via blockchain.   Corbat: Bitcoin to Have Nation-States Scrambling Soon Enough In a bureaucratic sense, governments are often conservative when it comes to enacting systemic societal changes. But when money […] The post Citigroup CEO Calls State-Sponsored Digital Currency the Future of Commerce appeared first on The Bitcoin News – Leading Bitcoin and Crypto News since 2012.

Citigroup CEO Calls State-Sponsored Digital Currency the Future of Commerce

Source : Citigroup CEO Calls State-Sponsored Digital Currency the Future of Commerce The CEO of Citigroup thinks it’s only a matter of time before nations transition to digital currencies. The comments come as Citigroup explores trading shares via blockchain.   Corbat: Bitcoin to Have Nation-States Scrambling Soon Enough In a bureaucratic sense, governments are often conservative when it comes to enacting systemic societal changes. But when money is at stake, institutions become as adaptable as they need to be. That appears to be the dynamic at present as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies power through new adoption and price milestones. Indeed, as the crypto space achieves success in general, governments are increasingly determined to capitalize on this success. And, according to Citigroup Inc., CEO Michael Corbat, this trend is going to surge further ahead in the coming years. During a November 8th interview at the Bloomberg Year Ahead summit, Corbat declared that state-sponsored digital tenders would soon be sweeping the globe.   “I don’t think governments are going to take lightly other people coming in and potentially disrupting their abilities around data, around tax collection, around money laundering, around know-your-customer…It’s likely that we’re going to see governments introduce, not cryptocurrencies—I think cryptocurrency is a bad moniker for that—but a digital currency.” Corbat also went on to remark that Citigroup wouldn’t be shunning blockchain now or ever, saying, “You won’t hear us be dismissive in terms of the nascent technology because it’s real and there is something there.” And Corbat’s words here are as good as Citigroup’s deeds. The powerhouse corporation has recently created Citicoin—a facilitator of foreign currency exchanges—and is now collaborating with Nasdaq on a shares-via-blockchain trading platform. Interested Nations Could Look to Early Experimenters for Examples As far as crypto-politics go, one of the most explosive developments of 2017 was Russia’s decision to create and institute the crypto-ruble—a digital currency version of Russia’s national currency that would be powered by a blockchain ledger. In placing itself at the vanguard of state-sponsored cryptocurrencies, then, Russia is also  positioning itself as a high-profile example that other nations will imminently follow. So, too, has the government of Dubai started working on a national cryptocurrency, the emCash. With other notable nations like Japan and Sweden flirting with the creation of their cryptocurrencies, it seems to be just a matter of time now before governmental interest in the space reaches a critical mass and institutional development skyrockets. The domino effect of adoption necessitates that late nation-state arrivals will have to look at early adopters like Russia and Dubai in crafting their cryptocurrencies. The entire world’s money supply will then move “on-chain” and cryptocurrencies may become as ubiquitous as paper money is throughout the globe today. The post Citigroup CEO Calls State-Sponsored Digital Currency the Future of Commerce appeared first on BTCMANAGER.

What’s it like to be one of the best?

Source : What’s it like to be one of the best? This article will be dedicated to the presence of one of the youngest and most successful companies in the igaming industry, its participation in the international summit in Malta in the arena of gambling, namely SIGMA. Company Boss Gaming Studio exists in the market of gaming services for only 2 years, and during this time has already managed to prove itself through the implementation of several successful online projects, the development of its own platform and innovative solutions in operating both online and landbased. Catalina Lukianenko (Business Development director at Boss Gaming Studio) noted that the main idea and decision to attend SIGMA 2017 was the fact that this event includes not only an exhibition but also a host of accompanying conferences, official meetings, interactive sessions, and reports. “SIGMA’17 eventually became a platform that united on its territory not only affiliates, but also representatives from various industries. It is very important to meet on the summit many experts in operating, affiliates, investors, start-ups, regulators, representatives of payment systems, vendors. Our company is developing in several directions and thanks to our participation we will be able to significantly improve the communication between all of the above, with sharing our experience and getting experience of experts – in the future we will implement advanced services with the least expensive time part.”  Eman Pulis (Founder of SIGMA) comments on his approach in organizing the summit as follows: “WE believe the three distinct pillars – Affilaites, Operators, and Vendors are coming closer and closer together, thanks to this constant effort for consolidation. In addition, the barriers for an affiliate to become an operator on a white label today are non-existent. Couple this with the fact that the events calendar is overwhelming – we thought it pertinent to have an all-encompassing show.” Bossgs also noted that due to the fact that the summit is not taking place in a short period, but lasts almost a week, they have the opportunity to distribute themselves through the expo floor, conferences, actions with the reports of start-ups and attend official evening events, according to which the CEO of Bossgs, Viacheslav Viedienieiev, knows that all the further “magic of development of vital activity of the industry” takes place. “Having been engaged in gambling for more than 15 years, I’m convinced that any quality communication is developed in informal situations. The costume and tie is easily replaced with a cigar and a nice soul company … For people who really have something to discuss and what to focus on, what to share and what to advise. We are open for innovations, we are ready for introducing new products, we value our time and respect the time of other people, we participate in SIGMA’17 to improve and develop the whole direction”  This year, the organizers of the summit have increased the number of options for raising brand awareness. “For example, we expect that our portfolio of ” Another Games “, …

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Reality Shares, Nasdaq Partner to Launch Blockchain Economy Index

Source : Reality Shares, Nasdaq Partner to Launch Blockchain Economy Index Investment marketplace Reality Shares has teamed up with Nasdaq to launch an index tracking companies in the nascent blockchain industry. The smart-beta index – called the Reality Shares Nasdaq Blockchain Economy Index – is compiled by using internal and external research, as well as a proprietary “Blockchain Score” ranking system, a press release  states. Reality Shares is also planning […] The post Reality Shares, Nasdaq Partner to Launch Blockchain Economy Index appeared first on Bitcoin Wiki.

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