Vector Exchange ICO Review (Sponsored Review)

Source : Vector Exchange ICO Review (Sponsored Review) [youtube]For More Info Visit Rated 4.6/5 stars on ICOBench, Vector is a new cryptocurrency exchange that gives its users the power to vote for which new coins are added to the exchange! PreICO November 8 2017 MAKE SURE TO LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE! === Official Website & Contact Info === Official Website & Submit Articles ➨ Contact Email ➨ /> === IMPORTANT LINKS! === ➨ Buy $100 Worth Of Bitcoin and Get $10 Worth Of Bitcoin Free By Joining Coinbase ➨ Get Your Own Crypto Hardware Wallet To Store Your Coins === Crypto News Disclaimer === The content of this Youtube page is published in the United States of America and persons who access it agree to do so in accordance with applicable U.S. law. All opinions expressed by Crypto News on this website and on the show are solely Crypto News opinions and do not reflect the opinions of Youtube or their parent company or affiliates, and may have been previously disseminated by Crypto News on television, radio, internet or another medium. You should not treat any opinion expressed by Crypto News as a specific inducement to make a particular investment or follow a particular strategy, but only as an expression of his opinion. Crypto News’s opinions are based upon information we considers reliable, but neither Youtube nor its affiliates and/or subsidiaries warrant its completeness or accuracy, and it should not be relied upon as such. Crypto News and its affiliates and/or subsidiaries are not under any obligation to update or correct any information provided on this website. Crypto News’s statements and opinions are subject to change without notice. No part of Crypto News’s compensation from Youtube is related to the specific opinions we express. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Crypto News doesn’t guarantee any specific outcome or profit. You should be aware of the real risk of loss in following any strategy or investment discussed on this website or on the show. Strategies or investments discussed may fluctuate in price or value. Investors may get back less than invested. Investments or strategies mentioned on this website or on the show may not be suitable for you. This material does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs and is not intended as recommendations appropriate for you. You must make an independent decision regarding investments or strategies mentioned on this website or on the show. Before acting on information on this website or on the show, you should consider whether it is suitable for your particular circumstances and strongly consider seeking advice from your own financial or investment adviser.

Startup XZEN Presents a Next-Generation Hardware Crypto Wallet

Source : Startup XZEN Presents a Next-Generation Hardware Crypto Wallet Startup XZEN presented the first “smart” hardware cryptocurrency wallet designed to erase the boundaries between cryptocurrency and traditional financial worlds. [Note: This is a press release.] The banking sector faces rather hard times. A large amount of accumulated internal problems (such as high commissions, low level of yield, a great number of intermediaries, slow rate of transactions and high regulatory barriers) compel people to search for alternative options. For this very reason, many people draw their attention to cryptocurrencies. No one knew about them just a while ago, but nowadays the world leaders discuss the idea of national cryptocurrencies. Financial transactions required a bank account earlier, but now the necessary condition is a cryptocurrency wallet. Just a few years ago there have been only 5 million wallets in the world; nowadays the number exceeds 20 million pieces. Any bank could envy such a growth of clients and balance. Merely Myetherwallet stores over USD 60 bln. If a comparable growth continues, the wallet could become the part of TOP-100 of the largest world banks in terms of assets. [youtube] In the meantime, the cryptocurrency market encounters severe problems crippling its development. These include the issue of assets’ safety as well as low rate of involvement of cryptocurrencies into peoples’ daily life. As far as safety issues are concerned, over USD 1.8 bln in cryptocurrency has been stolen for the past 4 years. This matter scares away many potential users. As regards to the second problem, nowadays people mainly use cryptocurrency to generate speculative income. Its usage in a daily life is still heavily limited; at the same time, cryptocurrency is a fundamentally effective means of payment and exchange. The international startup XZEN promises to resolve these problems and release the most functional and safe wallet for cryptocurrencies. According to the developers, the wallet by XZEN will be able to change the paradigm of personal finance management dramatically. It will allow simultaneous storage of both cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies, which could be further used to pay for goods and services all over the world with the help of the integrated NFC chip. There is, though, something more to add. The developers say that the people in the future could use the wallet as a substitute for banks since the device will comprise a great number of up-to-date financial services. For instance, the users will be able to convert the currencies within the wallet, invest into various ICO projects, obtain and provide credits as well as to perform instant transfers within the system with no commission. The wallet by XZEN is a combination of splendid modern design, functionality and the most advanced technologies. The wallet’s body will be made of high-quality steel and impact-resistant glass, which will provide IP67 ingress protection. The wallet’s up-to-date technologies such as color LCD display, 3rd generation fingerprint sensor, Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC chip will ensure maximum usability and high level of security. The internal battery …

Plus…Startup XZEN Presents a Next-Generation Hardware Crypto Wallet

First Ever Phased ICO by Paycent Brings Transparency to Contributors

Source : First Ever Phased ICO by Paycent Brings Transparency to Contributors Paycent providers of multi-cryptocurrency wallet are holding the world’s first ever phased ICO The post First Ever Phased ICO by Paycent Brings Transparency to Contributors appeared first on The Bitcoin News – Leading Bitcoin and Crypto News since 2012.

Remove Limits when Exchanging Digital Currencies with Cointal

Source : Remove Limits when Exchanging Digital Currencies with Cointal Digital currencies are bound to revolutionize the financial market, yet at this time, exchanging coins for fiat and vice-versa isn’t straight-forward, and often requires users to share personal information as per know-your-customer (KYC) policies, respect deposit and withdrawal limits, use specific payment options, but also deal with lack of security, slow customer support and no transparency. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article This slows down the digital currency ecosystem and is a barrier to the free-trade principles that the market strives for. Cointal represents the first multi-cryptocurrency peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace where users can buy or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, without needing to face the issues addressed above. Cointal will help revolutionize the market, as it gives users the possibility to easily exchange their coins by bypassing traditional exchange rules. As it is a marketplace rather than an exchange, Cointal doesn’t have to abide by the same regulatory issues that exchanges often face, thus giving users access to a quicker, more privacy-oriented and safer way to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies. With this in mind, some of the best features associated with Cointal include, but are not limited to:    Escrow and feedback system The fastest transactions thanks to their BitGo wallet    Absolutely no deposit or withdrawal limits applicable for any currency    Live chat, phone and ticket-based customer support team    Great security practices and an anti-hacking platform to keep your coins safe    Worldwide, transparent service    Lucrative affiliate program Cointal’s services are straight-forward. When buying a digital currency, users will have to search for a seller that meets their requirements, post a purchase offer, make the payment through the multi-signature escrow system, and then get access to their newly-purchased coins. The process is similar for sellers as well. Simply post an offer and wait for a buyer to purchase your coins. Safety is the number one priority of the service, therefore scamming attempts aren’t possible here, thanks to the escrow service provided. Free insurance is also provided for hacking and phishing attempts. As part of their continuous development, Cointal has recently announced that they’ve scheduled the launch for 11 additional digital currencies including IOTA, NEM, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum Classic, SiaCoin, Bitcoin Gold, and Monero,  a ‘Pay with Cointal’ button and marketplace similar to that of Amazon. Soon enough, the website will get a big redesign and even more services will be offered. Cointal was entirely funded from the pockets of its creators, with no ICO, or investment round being held so far. Those who wish to learn more about Cointal and its services can check out the website, alongside the explanatory video, and start selling/buying digital currencies.

Silk Road Secret Service Agent Sentenced for Laundering Money While Prosecuting Ross Ulbricht

Source : Silk Road Secret Service Agent Sentenced for Laundering Money While Prosecuting Ross Ulbricht A Secret Service agent, key in prosecuting Ross Ulbricht during the infamous Silk Road case, was himself sentenced to prison 7 November 2017 for money laundering crimes while investigating Mr. Ulbricht.  Also read: Ross Ulbricht’s 144,336 Bitcoins Courtesy of Ars Technica.Silk Road Agent Sentenced, Again, to Prison Time Senior Business Editor at Ars Technica, Cyrus Farivar “was the sole member of the public in court” of San Francisco’s US District Court. He was there to witness a sad chapter in bitcoin history, an infuriating one for most bitcoiners: disgraced US Secret Service agent, Shaun Bridges, was sentenced to two more years of prison. Agent Bridges is already serving nearly six years for thieving money from Silk Road members while investigating Ross Ulbricht. Agent Shaun Bridges.The new round of prison time stems from charges brought after Agent Bridges was first convicted. Authorities believe he zapped at least 1,600 bitcoins to himself while the ink was drying on that first guilty plea. As pointed out by Mr. Farivar, Agent Bridges “laundered the funds stolen from the United States government by moving the funds out of the BTC-e account and into other various online wallets and accounts,” according to court documents. Among many outrages, one immediately jumps out of Mr. Farivar’s accounts. In a courtesy not normally extended non-government citizens, Agent Bridges “was temporarily free between the time that he was previously convicted in late 2015 and then re-arrested in early 2016,” the article claims. Former prosecuting attorney Kathryn Haun details how while free, Agent Bridges “tried to change names and social security numbers,” and “it seemed that new criminal activity was possibly afoot,” she told Ars Technica. A Tearful Secret Service Agent Begs for Better Prison Conditions Agent Bridges also moaned tearfully about his present terms of incarceration, “I’m pretty much alone, 99 percent of the time,” Mr. Farivar quotes the Secret Service Agent now prisoner. “They talk about one hour per day; it’s more like one hour per three days. The six years I face in the case psychologically breaks you; you’re just alone all the time.” It’s an interesting contrast for most bitcoiners, who are aware of Ross Ulbricht’s case and incarceration. Mr. Ulbricht is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, compared with a corrupt Secret Service Agent’s relatively paltry eight. And while debate might be had about Mr. Ulbricht’s ultimate involvement in Silk Road, no charges were ever brought having to do with stealing funds or defrauding anyone. Crucially, and unlike Agent Bridges, Ross Ulbricht never plead guilty, maintaining his innocence. At the conviction’s worst, assuming Mr. Ulbricht’s guilt, he ran an underground Ebay, of sorts, where buyers and sellers were brought together by a product-agnostic, indifferent website, Silk Road. Some analysts have maintained Silk Road provided a safer environment for buying and selling products deemed illegal by the government, products otherwise exchanged in person, carrying obvious dangers. Ross Ulbricht in happier days. …

Plus…Silk Road Secret Service Agent Sentenced for Laundering Money While Prosecuting Ross Ulbricht

Op-Ed: Bitcoin As a People Magnet

Source : Op-Ed: Bitcoin As a People Magnet We are currently experiencing an unprecedented time in terms of interest in Bitcoin. The price goes up, and everyone wants to be your friend. When the price goes down… crickets. Frankly, I find all of this very amusing. Speaking of the price of bitcoin, the timeline below charting the cryptocurrency’s meteoric price rise is being widely circulated on Twitter. Since 2011, the price of bitcoin on 11/6 reflects the following: 2011 – $32012 – $112013 – $2582014 – $3412015 – $3882016 – $7052017 – $7,300 I’ve had a massive uptick in people wanting to befriend me over time as this trajectory has taken shape. This is pretty remarkable given that less than two years ago few had any awareness of Bitcoin. Now it seems that over 70 percent of people I cross paths with have heard of it and are somewhat conversant on what it is. Laughingly when they find out that I’m a Bitcoin journalist, they often think I have insider tips on how to capitalize on bitcoin’s meteoric rise. Sadly, I don’t. The best advice I can give is to engage in a dollar-cost averaging strategy. But it has certainly led to some interesting encounters. Like when I recently reconnected with a lovely couple I’d met the previous week at a local Ohio State University alumni gathering. As it turns out they had been hoping to talk to me again, this time about how to set up a bitcoin account. Of course, I was happy to oblige, directing them to an exchange to set up a wallet. To their delight, once they were set up, I sent them a few dollars worth of bitcoin to get started. This is a common occurrence for me these days with so many people wanting even a small slice of the riches permeating the Bitcoin ecosystem. And the growing number of friendships I’ve acquired from these interactions?  Priceless. The most common question I get these days is “How do I buy bitcoin?” And the most common refrain is “I’m so mad at myself for not having invested in bitcoin earlier.” Yep, they heard about bitcoin from that crazy niece or nephew but never acted on it. One friend of mine who did act and purchase $100 in BTC in 2014, promptly forgot about it. So imagine her response when she stumbled upon her account password again just a few weeks ago. Can you say, stunned? Friends aside, I’ve also used my familiarity with bitcoin as a repellant to unwanted strangers. Like the time I was seated at a bar at a Las Vegas hotel when what I thought was an out-of-town visitor turned out to be a “Lady of the Night.” Armed with my telling her that I had recently moved to Las Vegas she promptly offered me what she affectionately called her “newcomer discount;” $1000 for three hours. Despite repeatedly declining her overtures, she persisted. So to get her to go away, I told …

Plus…Op-Ed: Bitcoin As a People Magnet

Divi Project to Bring Mass-adoption to Digital Currencies

Source : Divi Project to Bring Mass-adoption to Digital Currencies At this moment in time, one of the largest issues the digital currency market faces is mass-adoption. While investors, finance enthusiasts and tech-fans were instantly captured by the potential of cryptocurrencies, the masses haven’t been specifically targeted and convinced yet. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article The Divi Project, represents an upcoming, fourth-generation digital currency that attracted a lot of media attention once it launched. Its main purpose is clear: offering a lucrative solution to mass adoption by ordinary people throughout the world. The Divi Project strives to become the world’s first digital currency specifically designed for regular people, while offering an easy-to-use interface that anyone can use. So far, the Divi Project has been mentioned by numerous news outlets including Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur and more. The development team behind the Divi Project consists of highly-skilled individuals with years of experience. For instance, the former Yahoo Chief Solutions Officer, Tim Sanders; Toni Lane Casserly, former CEO of CoinTelegraph; Ramez Naam, the winner of the Phillip K Dick award for the best Sci-Fi novel; top New York publicist Heidi Krupp and more. The members behind the Divi Project believe that the current digital currency solutions are way too complicated, insecure and confusing for the common users, hence why Bitcoin hasn’t managed to be mass-adopted so far, despite its popularity and price. The Divi Project aims to solve all of these problems by developing a new blockchain network that is capable of withstanding massive use and no longer bugged, but also by creating a smart wallet which will make storing, sending and receiving digital currency a lot easier. Tim Sanders believes that: “Apple brought design acumen and appliance-level ease of use to the personal computing world. Similarly, Divi’s team is taking a design approach to take the complexity and fear out of cryptocurrency. They’ve demonstrated the ability to not only dream big, but to execute the plan. Those are the two ingredients I look for when getting involved in a company.” To help incentivise adoption and secure the network, Divi will also offer a lottery blocks feature, which will grant 11 lucky people a share of over 5,000 DIVI every week, directly into their smart wallets.  It’s most innovative feature, which is sure to be beloved of many crypto fans, is the world’s first five-tiered masternode system, with diamond, platinum, gold, silver, and copper levels depending on the amount of coins a user places in them. The Divi Project is currently raising money through its crowd sale campaign. It intends to capture a slice of the $10 trillion dollars’ worth of money that will soon go digital, and provide people with an easy-to-use system that will change the world’s financial system. Those who are interested in learning more about the project, can head over to the Divi website, or read the whitepaper.

Startup XZEN launching a next-gen cryptocurrency hardware wallet

Source : Startup XZEN launching a next-gen cryptocurrency hardware wallet Startup XZEN is announcing the first ‘smart’ hardware cryptocurrency wallet designed to erase the boundaries between cryptocurrency and traditional financial worlds. The cryptocurrency market now encounters some specific problems crippling its development. These include… Startup XZEN launching a next-gen cryptocurrency hardware wallet was published on CryptoNinjas.

Tim Draper: People Will ‘Laugh At You’ For Using Fiat By 2022

Source : Tim Draper: People Will ‘Laugh At You’ For Using Fiat By 2022 Serial investor, Bitcoin holder and Tezos advisor Tim Draper says fiat currency will be “laughable” within just five years. Cryptocurrency Will Be ‘So Relevant’ In 5 Years In comments to Forbes at the WebSummit 2017 conference in Lisbon, Draper, who purchased bitcoins in the Silk Road auctions now worth over $200 million, said people who use fiat in 2022 will find people ridiculing them. “In five years, if you try to use fiat currency they will laugh at you,” he stated. Draper’s forecast is a bold depiction of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency’s ability to achieve mass adoption along the lines of John McAfee’s $500,000 price prediction by 2020. The mogul remains steadfast in his beliefs as Wall Street begins to see genuine commitments to interacting with “new asset class” Bitcoin in the form of futures trading. The future is crypto. Let’s help everyone understand it’s importance to the entire world. — Tim Draper (@TimDraper) September 4, 2017 In the medium term, cryptocurrency will usurp fiat activity and become the natural choice, Draper says. “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be so relevant… there will be no reason to have the fiat currencies,” he continued. Smart Wallets, Thousands Of Coins The future landscape may not be Bitcoin-dominated. Rather, multiple – or even thousands – of cryptocurrencies would interoperate, wallets picking the best-value option for payment at point of sale. “My guess is that it will centralize around a wallet that you have, and when you pay for that Starbucks, your wallet will optimize to whichever currency has most value,” he added. “Good marketing people” would be the situation easy for lay consumers to understand. Draper has equally vigorously defended current upset at Tezos as the project is hit with a user-activated lawsuit over its ICO funds worth over $500 million. Having remained silent as news of infighting between developers and the Swiss custodian of the funds broke last month, he sought to defend Tezos’ ICO practices after news media outlet Cointelegraph published material alleging foul play. Do you agree with Tim Draper’s 2022 fiat currency predictions? Let us know about in the comments below! Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Twitter The post Tim Draper: People Will ‘Laugh At You’ For Using Fiat By 2022 appeared first on

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