[Discussion] I did my test about Flypool and Nanopool mining for Zcash

Ok so I saw the post about nanopool stealing a lot of shares from miners and I wanted to do my own test. I mined for 24h straight on nanopool and then I switched for another 24h on Flypool. I have to say I was very astonished when I fired up my miner connected on flypool. I got 5-6 shares in the first couple of secs. But that wasn’t the case after all. You can see in my proof pics below. I would get from 390(lowest) up to 500+(highest) shares per hour on nanopool. Whereas in flypool, I was getting around 35 to 42 shares per 10 minutes. Which equals to 200 – 250 shares per hour. In the end, I made 0.00628 (and sth digits) in nanopool for 24h straight with one 1070 (420-435 sol/s) And 0.00525(and sth digits) in flypool. Now , I know 24h isn’t a good sample but I will continue to mine this week to see if the shares get any better. But in the end, even if nanopool steals shares from miners, you will make more. P.S. Now you can tell me that can impact a lot but it was 24h apart. I don’t think 0.001 zec less on flypool was because of the diff change. P.S. 2: I’m only showing one hour from flypool cause they only show shares that you get every 10 mins, and I didn’t have the time to get 144 screenshots of every 10 minute-shares report 😛 But I guarantee you the whole day wasn’t much alike. Image Proofs of shares on both pools: https://imgur.com/H1owDxz submitted by /u/Ntdark [link] [comments]

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