A Look at Five Different Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets and Prices

As bitcoin and alternative digital currencies grow more valuable, the demand for  hardware wallets has grown significantly. Currently, there are a lot more options than when the first bitcoin hardware wallets came out and a lot more features. Here’s a … Lire plus

The 1 Bitcoin Show- The official Bgold interview!

Today’s 1 topic is Bgold! The PR/marketing guy who represents Bgold will be on the show and audience questions will be answered if all goes well. Bring on the friend Bitcoin fork! Thanks Alejandro Regojo! Bgold official site-https://btcgpu.org/ Bgold Twitter- … Lire plus

The Blockchain Era of Swiss Private Banking

The Blockchain Era of Swiss Private Banking Cyberbank of tomorrow owned by Community. For Immediate Release: In the near future, the Asset Management industry will go through disruptive changes and transformation, once bankers unlock the full potential of the Blockchain. Today, … Lire plus

Bank Consortium to Launch Joint Venture for Blockchain Trade Platform

Bank Consortium to Launch Joint Venture for Blockchain Trade Platform A consortium of banks is planning to launch a joint business venture for its in-development blockchain commerce platform. Aiming to ease European domestic and cross-border trade, the Digital Trade Chain group … Lire plus

A Global Ethereum-Focused Trading Platform Cryptolocator Is Up And Running

Cryptolocator has launched an Ethereum-focused trading platform emphasizing safety and convenience. The new marketplace allows users to trade popular altcoins and provides an assortment of ETH trading pairs. The second most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum, boasting an over $30 billion market … Lire plus

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