How to Obtain B2X Safely Upon the SegWit2x Hard Fork in November

The SegWit2x hard fork is expected to occur in mid-November of 2017. Inevitably, if the hard fork is executed within the next month, it will lead to a split chain and the creation of another fork of Bitcoin. This guide … Lire plus

Blockchain-Focused Presentations to Watch at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas

Money 20/20 Las Vegas is only a few days away. The event, to be held on October 22–25, 2017, at the Venetian, will be packed with people from the top tiers of banking and finance looking to learn more about … Lire plus

The 1000 Enemies of Bitcoin

It’s hard to believe, but Bitcoin is infiltrated by its enemies. At least if you believe what Adam Back, Blockstream CEO, tweeted last week, as the SegWit2x fight reached another pathetic peak. The important website promptly followed and threatened … Lire plus hits out at SegWit2X supporters

With a month to go before the November hard fork, Bitcoin information website is launching a full-blown attack against 50 companies supporting SegWit2X. On Thursday, the website published a blog post announcing that it will publicly denounce on October … Lire plus

A Few Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Bid Farewell to the Crypto-Community

This week a few popular Chinese bitcoin exchanges, BTCC, Bitkan, and Viabtc, shut down shop and stopped cryptocurrency trading operations. The closures were announced last month and follow the recent government decision to legislate virtual currencies on October 1. Also … Lire plus

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