This Blockchain-Powered Platform Aims to Disrupt the Esport Gambling Industry

Esports wagering is a large — and growing — global industry at the intersection between gambling, technology and entertainment. In their 2017 Global Esports Markets Report, Newzoo found that China and North America will generate $362 million during 2017, or 52 … Lire plus

The Fundchain initiative starts again this year with new Research & Development roadmap for the investment fund industry

Fundchain has announced today the return of the collaborative initiative to make Blockchain applications real for the funds industry ecosystem. This year, new major financial institutions have joined the Luxembourg initiative led by the startup Scorechain where participants now include … Lire plus

TEU by 300bits – Shipping Industry meets the Blockchain

The freight shipping industry is a huge driver in global economics. Most goods transported are carried out by large ships called container liners. There are approximately 400 liner services, most sailing weekly, in operation today. Liner vessels, primarily in the … Lire plus

Is Confideal About to Become the ICO Investor’s New Best Friend?

As the first “no coding needed” smart contract management platform, Confideal has a broad range of business applications, which we have touched on previously. As their November 2 ICO approaches, we explore Pre-ICO and ICO investing as a use-case scenario. … Lire plus

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