The 1 Bitcoin Show- The official Bgold interview!

Today’s 1 topic is Bgold! The PR/marketing guy who represents Bgold will be on the show and audience questions will be answered if all goes well. Bring on the friend Bitcoin fork! Thanks Alejandro Regojo! Bgold official site- Bgold Twitter- … Lire plus

The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC creates a new land of opportunity way of thinking. Live it! Love it!

Bitcoin is its own land of opportunity and at the same time it allows people from all over the world to create opportunities in lands where they may otherwise have trouble being productive. Adam is on the beach in Tel … Lire plus

The 1 Bitcoin Show- You have elite BTC knowledge when compared to most people so use it!

I filmed this Bitcoin show yesterday i the Brussels Belgium airport and am posting as a short 1 Bitcoin show since is only about one topic. Andreas Antonopoulos is the man when it comes to cryptocurrency. but you don’t have … Lire plus

More Bitcoin traders than BTC holders? Bgold site update! Ethereum Vega and South Korea?

I am taking my Bitcoin show on the road to Israel. My plane leaves in 5 hours so I am in a bit of a rush to get out of here. The Bgold page has been updated. Does Ethereum Vega … Lire plus

3 Reasons to Get Excited About the Future of Litecoin

Although most people will look at the current Litecoin price action as a pump-and-dump, there are some genuine reasons to get excited about this currency moving forward. Similar to any other altcoin, there are some interesting developments underway as we … Lire plus

The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC is not about gatekeepers and credentials! Ethereum Vega

if you blindly rely on popular sources of « news » to inform you about Bitcoin and crypto-currency then you are going against one of the foundations of Bitcoin. Don’t lock yourself in an echo chamber- be your own boss when it … Lire plus

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Bad actors & the impulsive make BTC a playground for delayers of gratification

Many people in the Bitcoin space complain about the bad actors out there that appear to want to harm Bitcoin. In reality these bad actors weed out the weak hands and make them do irrational things. If one can stand … Lire plus

Viacoin Developers Complete Atomic Swap With Litecoin

Atomic swaps are all the rage among cryptocurrencies right now, by the looks of things. After a successful swap between Litecoin and Decred, we have seen similar projects focus on Ethereum and Bitcoin. Amid all of this is Viacoin, an … Lire plus

Productive Bitcoin- Instead of fantasizing about economic collapse do something, Crypto-dividends

Some people get a kick out of worrying about a major economic collapse that will bring down the entire system as we know it. I do not think this is going to happen. It is a waste of time to … Lire plus

The 1 Bitcoin Show- You can't hide from numbers in the world of BTC!

We live in a world dominated by central authorities that bail entities/people out when the numbers don’t come out the way they expected them to. Instead of promoting success, losers are rewarded. It is not a natural state. With Bitcoin … Lire plus

Top Ten – Cryptocurrency Wallets

Copay – The Secure Shared Bitcoin Wallet Copay is a true bitcoin wallet, not an account service. Secure your personal funds with multiple signatures, or just one.  Take security into your own hands and avoid trusting third parties with your … Lire plus

The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC changes the unchangeable & creates the unimaginable in finance

Bitcoin has created a new financial paradigm and has forced longtime precious metals people to change their outlook on gold and silver. BTC is the game changer of all game changers. Who could have predicted crypto-dividends at the start of … Lire plus

Bitcoin all-time high reminds us that now is the time to save! Adam in the pool! Crypto-dividends

I decided to make a special show from the pool in honor of the Bitcoin ATH. Remember that Bitcoin is your savings account. Selling now is not a good idea. Freesom! 2018 year of the fork- Thursday’s show- … Lire plus


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The 1 Bitcoin Show- In southern Africa BTC is the key to financial survival

I spent close to two months in southern Africa in late 2016 and today at 2:30PM I will be on CNBC Africa to talk about Bitcoin. I have seen how people in this region need Bitcoin now and how it … Lire plus

Crypto-dividend news- ETH CAHF becomes Ethereum Vega, BGold articles & news, Bitcore

My third Bitcoin show in 24 hours! I want to share the latest crypto-dividend information with those of you who are still awake. Ethereum Vega… not the best name. You only get this type of original cryptocurency breaking news here … Lire plus

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