Digital Currency Bubble, What’s Next

If you attend funding meetings or communicate to long-time business analysts, it’s clear that that the overall digital currency marketplace bubble is unsustainable. There were thirty initial coin offerings in July, every launching new digital currencies. Then, in August, there … Lire plus

What is Bitcoin Gold and why you should care about it

Bitcoin Gold will be a new cryptocurrency that will split from Bitcoin blockchain at block 491,407 the 25th October 2017. This new cryptocurrency will start to be traded on November the 1st on the exchanges that would support it. Mining … Lire plus

BitcoinGold helped Bitcoin to boost its price

In 8 days and 21 hours, Bitcoin Gold fork will happen in block 491407. It means that a new Bitcoin will appear in the market, named BitcoinGold (BTG). If Bitcoin is going to split, why is Bitcoin price being traded … Lire plus

Bitcoin price hits $5300

After a week in which Bitcoin grew strongly, finally crossed the 5K level and hit high As we predicted in CoinStaker, Bitcoin price passed the resistance level of $5000 around five in the morning and kept growing until the price … Lire plus

Markets Update: The Bitcoin Price Rocket Blasts Off Again

As we predicted in our last markets update, bitcoin markets were behaving like a shaken can of soda — waiting to pop. The bitcoin price rocket started its ascent yesterday surpassing the $4,500 zone. Then the price of bitcoin blasted to … Lire plus

Bridging Gaps Between the Major Cryptocurrency Paradigms

Currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum use conventional Blockchains, while others like IOTA operate on a blockless paradigm. … Of course, the Chinese public has already shown a great interest in mining and investing in crypto. Lire Suite : Bridging … Lire plus

Fundstrat Global Advisors Create Bitcoin Indexes

Bitcoin bull and independent research boutique, Fundstrat, reveals its new five indexes to monitor cryptocurrencies. Aimed at institutional investors, FS Crypto FX indexes are the most recent and prominent speculation instruments and a first for Wall Street insiders. Bitcoin 55K USD … Lire plus

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