Covesting Launched by Former Investment Bankers Invites Traders to Join Its Platform

Times are hard for crypto at the moment: governmental and institutional bans, lots of scam and frequent hacks have come as a hard blow to the reputation of the industry, spurring active discussions about the future of the digital assets.
Disclosure: T…

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Are Bringing Transparency and Verifiability to Loyalty Programs

New blockchain apps using cryptocurrency as rewards and cash back have the potential to improve the loyalty space. Read on to learn how.
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Loyalty Programs
The International Council of Shopping Centers reports that the l…

Blockchain DLT: Friend Or Foe To Artificial Intelligence, IoT & Big Data?

Blockchain is a different way of doing familiar things. It’s perhaps a testament to the indoctrination we have suffered as a species that it is taking years for adoption of the decentralized ledger to become mainstream.
This seems a fair statement, be…

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