Coinmall Hopes to Build an Ebay for Digital Goods Powered by Cryptocurrency

This week we looked at a new cryptocurrency-based marketplace called,, a platform that allows users to purchase digital goods with bitcoin and litecoin. Further, discussed the marketplace platform with its founder, Yousef Abdulhassan, who explains the project recently … Lire plus

ViaBTC upgrades its mining contracts to S9 and L3+

What is ViaBTC? Via Bitcoin or ViaBTC is a mining company based in China that offers a mining pool and cloud mining service for its clients. Haipo Yang, the founder and CEO of ViaBTC, created it in 2016 with a … Lire plus

Mining still profitable as of October? ROI Under 2 Months?? My Strategy Works!

Mining still profitable as of October? My strategy Build a Mining rig! GPU: Nvidia Geforce 1060GTX 3GB Asus ROG Strix B250F Gaming LGA1151 PSU: 1 x 1200watt Power Risers: CPU: Ram: SSD Drive: Buy Bitcoin … Lire plus

Mike Novogratz, Bitcoin investor, called Jamie Dimon a “Rent-Taker”

The former principal and macro fund manager at FIG (Fortress Investment Group), Mike Novogratz, has commented that Jamie Dimon is a ‘rent-taker’ and will lose the fight against Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Some days ago, Jamie Dimon gave his opinion on … Lire plus

TabFor Lets Users Choose Their Own Cause for In-Browser Monero Mining

It is evident there has been a lot of negative attention directed toward in-browser cryptocurrency mining. No one wants someone to use his or her CPU cycles to mine Monero without being aware of the situation. TabFor is doing things very differently in … Lire plus

Ukraine reviews two bills to regulate cryptocurrencies and promote mining

It seems legalizing cryptocurrencies is not in question. It’s just a matter of ensuring legislation is airtight. Ukraine’s cryptocurrency advocating lawmakers have been busy: two bills proposing the regulation and promotion of cryptocurrencies have been submitted early this month and … Lire plus

Ukraine’s New Bill Treats Bitcoin as Financial Asset and Encourages Mining

Two bills to provide legal frameworks for cryptocurrencies including bitcoin have now been submitted to the Ukrainian parliament. The latest one proposes recognizing them as financial assets. It also defines cryptocurrency derivatives, as well as proposes simplifying taxation and reducing … Lire plus

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