The Real “Next NEO” is Here – Meet Cardano and ADA

Project Overview Cardano (The blockchain powered by the ADA token) is a next-generation cryptocurrency developed by Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of the Ethereum project.  Originally sold as an ICO in 2016, the project has quietly been in development … Lire plus

Playkey: A Blockchain-based Cloud Gaming Platform

Cryptonomos is a solution provider for blockchain-based crowdsales that is now launching an ICO for a new cryptocurrency project which is striving to be the future of gaming. is the new project launching the ICO. Playkey is presenting a … Lire plus

Goldmint – Providing a More Liquid an Efficient Trading Platform

GoldMint, a private blockchain platform, is developing a tokenized ecosystem of traditional asset gold, providing a more liquid and efficient trading platform for cryptocurrency users. Essentially, GoldMint’s cryptoasset GOLD provides investors in the cryptocurrency market with ownership of gold through … Lire plus

Blockchain Changes Banking for the Unbanked

MicroMoney COO and co-founder Sai Hnin Aung offers his thoughts on how blockchain technology can level the financial playing field for the 2.5 billion unbanked people in the world. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] I am completely sure that financial exclusion … Lire plus

What is Bitcoin Gold and why you should care about it

Bitcoin Gold will be a new cryptocurrency that will split from Bitcoin blockchain at block 491,407 the 25th October 2017. This new cryptocurrency will start to be traded on November the 1st on the exchanges that would support it. Mining … Lire plus

BitcoinGold helped Bitcoin to boost its price

In 8 days and 21 hours, Bitcoin Gold fork will happen in block 491407. It means that a new Bitcoin will appear in the market, named BitcoinGold (BTG). If Bitcoin is going to split, why is Bitcoin price being traded … Lire plus

Bitcoin Anarchist Amir Taaki Talks Technology’s Purpose and Altcoins (Interview part 2)

In PART 2, crypto folk hero Amir Taaki shares his thoughts with on past projects and Altcoins, while pointing to a philosophical paradox he sees in the wider community. Read part one here. Also read: Crypto-Anarchist Cody Wilson Launches … Lire plus

What Is QTUM? (Without the Bullshit)

QTUM’s mainnet launched on September 13th. Exchanges began to swap ERC20 QTUM tokens to mainnet QTUM tokens near the end of September. These are exciting times for QTUM and its community. Along with the mainnet launch came many new updates … Lire plus

In Apple’s Battle for Supremacy in the Payment Ecosystem, Bitcoin Will Win

Apple is internally expanding tests of its new Apple Pay Cash feature, thus further intensifying the battle for the supremacy of the mobile payment ecosystem. Moreover, Bitcoin’s advances and Apple’s latest efforts further underscore the obsolescence of the banking industry. … Lire plus

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