Circle Asset Framework: How to List Coins on Poloniex, Circle Invest & Circle Trade

Cryptocurrency Company Circle Reveals How It Decides To List New Tokens
The blockchain and crypto-related startup Circle has revealed how it decides to list new cryptocurrencies for its trading and investment platforms. The most important companies an…

Circle Internet Financial CEO Jeremy Allaire Says All Currencies will be Cryptocurrencies

Goldman Sachs’ Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire Claims All Global Currencies Will Become Cryptocurrencies
Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies will eventually be the same thing, according to a statement by the CEO of a Goldman Sachs-backed startup.
“Our vie…

All Fiat Currencies will Become Cryptocurrencies’ According to Circle’s CEO

In an interview to CNBC, Jeremy Allaire, chairman and chief executive officer of Circle Internet Financial, candidly commented that all Fiats that operate as global currencies, be it US dollars or Chinese yuan, will have their own cryptocurrencies vers…

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