Highly-respected and Vocal BitGo Engineer Targeted with SWAT Prank

On October 16, Jameson Lopp, the lead engineer for BitGo and a highly respected figure within the cryptocurrency sector, fell victim to a cowardly attack which involved him looking down the barrell of a rifle and a false hostage situation … Lire plus

How to Obtain B2X Safely Upon the SegWit2x Hard Fork in November

The SegWit2x hard fork is expected to occur in mid-November of 2017. Inevitably, if the hard fork is executed within the next month, it will lead to a split chain and the creation of another fork of Bitcoin. This guide … Lire plus

Flyp’s Inclusive and Seamless Exchange will Innovate Crypto-trading

A new crypto-to-crypto exchange is launching, backed by industry veterans and the team behind HolyTransaction.com, the first web wallet to support Ethereum. With a 50 percent profit sharing feature, no requirements to create an account and a mechanism to propose … Lire plus

Calvin Ayre Declares Bitcoin Cash “The Only Bitcoin”

In a statement addressing the upcoming the bitcoin (BTC) fork that is scheduled for mid-November, Calvin Ayre has stated it’s belief that Bitcoin Cash [Bitcoin (BCC)] is “the only bitcoin.” Also Read: Fork Debate Drops to New Low, Outspoken Developer Lopp’s … Lire plus

Here’s Bitcoin.com’s Updated Stance on Specific Bitcoin Chain Symbols and Monikers

A lot has changed in the cryptocurrency space, and things are entirely different than they were when bitcoin was launched by its anonymous creator back in 2009. One of these changes has affected the entire ecosystem, as the bitcoin scaling … Lire plus

Off Chain Ep 9 – Q&A about Bitcoin Gold and 2x

Donate here: 1EGDTZjoVFarWH2eg5bFqc2FLNRCZFyjGi Articles:https://bitcointechtalk.com/bitcoin-gold-what-you-need-to-know-8b3e645be409https://bitcointechtalk.com/how-segwit2x-replay-protection-works-1a5e41767103 Developer Training:https://bitcoinedge.org/event/stanford-devplusplus-2017http://programmingblockchain.com/ Lire Suite : Off Chain Ep 9 – Q&A about Bitcoin Gold and 2x Tags: Bitcoin, Blockchain

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