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Running a Masternode Is an Excellent Way to Earn Passive Income

When it comes to making money with cryptocurrency, there are many ways to do it. Diversifying into altcoins, investing in ICOs, or just daytrading in general are all valid approaches. Some coins offer a masternode system which automatically rewards users … Lire plus

WAVES: What Is It and Should You Invest?

I spent the past few weeks doing a deep dive into the WAVES project and let me just state this outright: WAVES is one of the most impressive blockchain projects out there. The project was started by Russian entrepreneur Alexander … Lire plus

Stratis Team Releases Alpha Version of the Breeze Wallet

The Breeze Wallet developed by the Stratis team has already excited cryptocurrency enthusiasts. However, it has taken a while for an alpha version to get introduced to the public. That situation has now changed, and an alpha version of the Breeze Wallet is now … Lire plus

China Bans ICOs – What This Means for Cryptocurrencies

UPDATE 1 (Sept 5): Yunbi delists ICO tokens, QTUM, GXS, EOS, ANS, DGD, 1ST, GNT, REP, SNT, OMG, PAY, LUN, VEN. There’s a rumour that Yunbi is under police investigation and wants to distance itself from ICOs as much as … Lire plus

stratis(strat) coin breeze wallet *******BITCOIN TUMBLER*******

Guys buy stratis coinstratis and eathtwine partnership food market is of $200 billion dollar stratis will be the futureThere will be huge announcement on … Source Article : stratis(strat) coin breeze wallet *******BITCOIN TUMBLER******* Tags: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Wallet

Investing in Cryptocurrency with Index Tracking

Index tracking is a trading/investment strategy whereby an investor tracks a broad market index or a segment thereof. An approach like this involves investment in all of the securities within an index, or a representative number of them. Index tracking … Lire plus

Like Others Before It, Messaging Is On The Verge Of Blockchain Disruption

The blockchain is surging like a wave that knows no bound. With each passing day, new fields and industries are disrupted by the emerging technology. Prominent among areas where blockchain technology has made in-roads are industries such as: Remittance: Peer-to-peer … Lire plus

Can ICOs Disrupt Venture Capital in Asia?

Can ICOs Disrupt Venture Capital in Asia? Or is it just another bubble waiting to burst? It was only inevitable that the finance and banking industries would be disrupted by fintech companies. We have seen this happen with “unbanks” that … Lire plus

HiddenWallet and Samourai Wallet Join Forces to Make Bitcoin Private With ZeroLink

Ádám “nopara73” Ficsór, HiddenWallet developer and TumbleBit contributor, and “TDevD,” the pseudonymous Samourai wallet developer, are joining forces on a new privacy project: ZeroLink. ZeroLink is set to realize a trustless mixing scheme first proposed by Bitcoin Core contributor Gregory … Lire plus

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