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Source : bitcoin DOGECOIN PacCoin cripto moedas Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Bitcoin Olá, se você está procurando investir em cripto moedas comece comprando no mercado livre, além de seguro, na maioria das vezes sai mais barato do que comprar nas exchange. Temos as principais cripto moedas, clique nos links abaixo e compre a sua, o envio é imediato após comprovação de pagamento, você receberá suas moedas diretamente na sua carteira, basta informa-lá a nós. Caso você não tenha uma carteira, cadastre-se nas duas melhores exchanges que são a Yobit e Cryptopia: Yobit: Cryptopia: ################################################ Compre agora mesmo e invista no futuro. 100 Mil Paccoin: 1000 Dogecoin: 1 Milhão Paccoin: 5 Mil Dogecoin: Entre nos links e veja todas as moedas disponíveis. ################################################ Pesquisa: Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Bitcoin Cash Cardano Litecoin NEO Stellar EOS IOTA NEM Dash Monero Lisk TRON Ethereum Classic Tether Qtum Bitcoin Gold VeChain ICON U.CASH Zcash Nano OmiseGO Populous Steem Binance Coin Bytecoin Verge Siacoin Status Stratis Maker BitShares RChain Aeternity Dogecoin Augur Waves Veritaseum Walton 0x Decred KuCoin Shares Ardor Hshare Revain DigixDAO Komodo Electroneum Ark Gas Dragonchain Kyber Network Loopring Basic Attenti… Bytom DigiByte Dentacoin E-coin ZClassic Byteball Bytes Zilliqa PIVX QASH Cryptonex Ethos Golem Nebulas aelf GXShares Syscoin Bitcore Pillar Power Ledger Cindicator IOStoken Dent MonaCoin Factom FunFair Enigma Aion SALT ZCoin Kin Particl SmartCash TenX Bancor Polymath MaidSafeCoin Nxt ReddCoin Quantstamp SingularityNET Emercoin Request Network Ignis Experience Po… Neblio Blocknet Substratum Nexus Iconomi XPlay Gnosis WAX ChainLink GameCredits DigitalNote Civic High Performa… Vertcoin Storj Raiden Networ… BitcoinDark Red Pulse Dynamic Tradi… SuperNET Skycoin Decentraland Aragon Time New Bank DEW ZenCash NAV Coin MediBloc Achain iExec RLC Santiment Net… Bluzelle Enjin Coin HTMLCOIN PayPie Storm SIRIN LABS Token Ubiq BLOCKv Monaco Agoras Tokens DeepBrain Chain Ripio Credit … AirSwap CRYPTO20 BridgeCoin Bibox Token IoT Chain VIBE Jibrel Network ETHLend Peercoin PACcoin SingularDTV XTRABYTES Einsteinium MediShares Cobinhood SpankChain SophiaTX Asch CyberMiles SONM Counterparty BitBay Simple Token AdEx Ambrosus Metal Quantum Resis… Wagerr UTRUST Oyster Trinity Netwo… WaBi Edgeless Viacoin INS Ecosystem MobileGo Telcoin Modum Melon Tierion Streamr DATAcoin Gulden AppCoins Theta Token QLINK Eidoo Unikoin Gold ION Centra Wings Gifto Triggers CoinDash Nuls Metaverse ETP Genesis Vision Etherparty All Sports NAGA district0x Hive LBRY Credits Crown Rise Electra Burst Bread ATMChain MinexCoin Aeon Mercury Internet Node… SaluS adToken DECENT CloakCoin indaHash Safe Exchange… ECC OriginTrail DeepOnion Groestlcoin Pura Decision Token Energo COSS TaaS Presearch LOCIcoin Lykke FirstBlood Viberate Cappasity[youtube] bitcoin DOGECOIN PacCoin cripto moedas Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Bitcoin

After The ICO: Now What?

Source : After The ICO: Now What? Much attention is given to whether a particular initial coin offering (ICO) may be a good investment prior to crowdfunding or a presale – but what about after the ICO? Separating low quality projects, from projects with a potential for success, is a must for any potential ICO investor or speculator. What constitutes best practices after the ICO is complete and the project or company has received their startup capital is just as important as what precedes it. And yet, as the new DAICO model postulated by Vitalik Buterin suggests, this is an area in which the entire ICO world must improve as regulatory scrutiny increases. Here we will explore some suggestions for best practices after the ICO, as well as highlight some examples from recent ICOs. Talk To Us! Communication is essential to the success of an ICO. Unfortunately, the crypto space is littered with fly-by-night operators. Therefore, holders of new coins tend to get spooked when communication with the developers breaks down. After the ICO projects, should have the funding to deploy professional public relations and customer service staff that can field questions, preferably in an open and shared environment such as Twitter or Telegram. Frequent updates on the progress of the project can assuage concerns, especially in light of delays or unanticipated problems. Having a team that can address rumors, innuendo, and negative press in a clear, professional, and authoritative way will inspire confidence, potentially buffering a coin from sharp drops in price. Use Adequate Security For ALL Customer Data Having proper security procedures in place is necessary for any ICO to function in the current climate. Successful ICOs have large targets on their backs because it is known they possess large amounts of capital that is often raised hastily. One common tactic is to defraud investors by means of a phishing attack. During, and even after the ICO, would-be investors can be conned into sending funds to the scammers address when the original project is compromised and wallet addresses are clandestinely changed. Examples of this include a $500,000 loss for investors in the cryptocurrency Enigma, a $150,000 loss for Experty, a staggering $7 million loss for Coindash, and a whopping $8.4 million loss for Veritaseum. Besides phishing attacks ICO funds can be vulnerable to theft due to previously unknown bugs or errors in the underlying code. A colossal example of a catastrophic bug in underlying code is the case of the Parity multi-sig wallet which caused over $150 million of customers funds to be frozen. Besides securing raised funds it is also essential to secure customers sensitive private information such as passport documents. In order to comply with regulations, such as “know your customer” regulations, some ICOs are requiring investors to provide identification documents. If these documents are compromised, investors can be left vulnerable to identity theft. Best practice includes keeping only the amount of information that is needed to conduct business. A refreshing example of this procedure occurred …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Veritaseum

Source : A Beginner’s Guide to Veritaseum Many cryptocurrencies with top market caps rose to their positions after a massive surge – either due to a new development, an explosion of support and hype, or even an unexplained, spontaneous pump. Even more peculiar are coins of the opposite nature – those that appreciate to huge valuations without causing many waves. What is Veritaseum? Veritaseum provides its users and clients with several tools dedicated to trading and financial markets. The main component of Veritaseum is the VeADIR (Veritaseum Autonomous, Dynamic, Interactive Research) trading platform, which is an autonomous financial machine, or trading algorithm, that exposes VeADIR users to a number of trading opportunities, including strong buy positions and highlights of undervalued or under-reported assets. The assets found on the VeADIR platform consist partially of the tokenized (“Veritized”) sub-assets. Essentially, stocks, commodities, and other investment vehicles can be pegged to Veritas (VERI) sub-tokens, to be traded on Veritaseum systems such as its in-house exchange, VeRent, or on independent markets that incorporate the Veritized tokens. VeRent also allows users to buy, sell, or rent VERI. Users may look to rent VERI tokens for temporary access or usage of components of VeADIR which require VERI fees, paid to the development team, to use. Additionally, license holders can rent or resell their access to VeADIR through VeRent. According to the website, while it is in beta, access to VeADIR requires a balance of at least 3,333 VERI, which is equivalent to roughly US$1 million. Beyond this, fees must still be paid to utilize the technology. Alternatively, accredited investors with at least US$5 million in assets or members of “family offices” can also receive access to the platform. Behind VeADIR VeADIR is an interactive, dynamic platform for trading and research that operates through the coordination of a number of smart contracts. VeADIR was inspired by Reggie Middleton, founder and CEO of Veritaseum, and built by the lead engineer, Patryk Dwórznik. Reggie Middleton is a widely renowned analyst, and his accomplishments include predicting and publicizing his opinions on the housing collapse in 2007 prior to the global recession that took place in 2008. Veritaseum Autonomous, Dynamic, Interactive Research is advertised as a revolutionary trading and research platform that outperforms any existing application. Users can activate the smart contracts to research various assets, as well as execute automated trades. While there is little public access to the platform, it can be concluded that the price tag is at least somewhat justified if VeADIR is as extraordinary as it lets on. Criticisms Regardless of the worth of the technology offered by Veritaseum, there are a number of glaring issues that jeopardize Veritas’s viability as an investment. The most obvious point of discontent is the VERI supply. Of a total supply of 100 million tokens, only 2,036,645 tokens are currently in circulation. The other 97.9% are held in a single address, owned by Middleton, the CEO. At a market price of US$290, those almost-98 million VERI are valued at over US$28 billion. Of course, if the CEO decided to sell even a small portion …

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What Is Veritaseum?

Source : What Is Veritaseum? If there is one blockchain project in the world of cryptocurrency which has faced the most scam allegations, it has to be Veritaseum. A lot of people are not too happy with this project, mainly because there was very little information available about Veritaseum’s business model several months ago. That doesn’t mean the project doesn’t have potential, even though the jury is still out on whether or not it is a legitimate offering. What is Veritaseum About? On paper, the Veritaseum project focuses on many things, but it basically comes down to enabling software-driven peer-to-peer capital markets. Most importantly, this service will be provided without middlemen, brokers, or even banks. This “disruptive application of blockchain technology” offers its very own smart contracts and distributed computing solutions to industries suffering from friction, inefficiencies, and high fees. But How Does it all Work? It is evident Veritaseum wants to become the gateway to peer-to-peer capital markets. By allowing individuals to transact directly with one another, the project cuts out all intermediaries along the way. Even though this functionality sounds very similar to most brokerage services, Veritaseum doesn’t portray itself as a broker, fund, bank or exchange. Instead, it is a distributed and serverless piece of software. Bringing templated agreements to the masses is a rather intriguing business model. This will be facilitated by the native smart contracts which reside on the Veritaseum blockchain. Additionally, self-custodied capital will be escrowed in a distributed manner and open up a lot of new opportunities in the process. One could say Veritaseum is a vendor of new smart contracts which could transform the way the world transfers value. To that end, the team has introduced something called the VeADIR financial machine. Currently in beta, VeADIR stands for Veritaseum Autonomous Distributed Interactive Research and provides exposure to vetted research subjects. It is completely independent of Veritaseum itself. All communication is performed in machine language, and the solution will pay operating fees to Veritaseum for real-world research. Research results will then be fed back into VeADIR, and the cycle continues. What Comes Next for Veritaseum? With such an ambitious project, most of the underlying infrastructure will first have to be developed and optimized. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a specific roadmap for this project, which is a bit worrisome. We do know the team is working on VeRent – an economic rent facility – and VeExposure solutions, but there are no official deadlines for any of these projects as of right now. Some initial investors will be keeping a close eye on how things unfold, but for now, it is anybody’s guess as to what happens next.

Discover Top 50 Cryptocurrencies [2018] How Many Do You Own?

Source : Discover Top 50 Cryptocurrencies [2018] How Many Do You Own? Many blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms continue to emerge. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make the best decision when it comes to an investment project. This piece provides a summary of each of the top 50 digital assets according to how they rank on CoinMarketCap (CMC) as of this writing. Top 50 Cryptocurrencies: 1. BITCOIN Dubbed the Crypto grandfather, Bitcoin is a secure, decentralized digital asset. Count on it for transactions and a store of value. 2. ETHEREUM The first to initiate smart contracts and tokens, Ethereum leads in creating a robust and decentralized platform for app development. 3. RIPPLE Ripple enables fast and secure transactions, focusing on financial institutions—the main difference between it and Bitcoin. 4. BITCOIN CASH A fork of the original bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash enables cheaper transactions and a transparent development process. 5. CARDANO A brainchild of the Ethereum co-founder, CARDANO offers a reliable Smart contracts platform, branded ‘Ethereum of Japan.’ 6. LITECOIN Litecoin is the silver of Bitcoin 7. NEM The world’s first ‘Smart Asset’ blockchain platform 8. STELLAR In the footsteps of Ripple, Stellar targets more end users than financial institutions 9. IOTA This digital currency requires no transaction fees, no blocks, and no mining. Unlimited nano payments 10. DASH DASH is a digital currency, a hybrid between Bitcoin and Monero 11. NEO NEO operates smart contracts similar to Ethereum. The largest cryptocurrency in China aims to be the platform for a new smart economy 12. TRON Operates on ERC20 token with the objective to become a decentralized platform for entertainment content sharing 13. MONERO The first digital currency to offer transactions with complete anonymity 14. EOS A platform for Smart contracts similar to Ethereum, but offers better performance and scalability 15. ICON Aims to ‘Hyperconnect the world’ by building by creating one of the largest decentralized global networks 16. BITCOIN GOLD This Bitcoin fork uses a fresh POW algorithm, allows for GPU mining with faster block difficulty adjustment. 17. QTUM A hybrid of Bitcoin and Ethereum, based in Singapore 18. RAILBLOCKS Focuses on scalability and zero-free transactions 19. ETHEREUM CLASSIC An Ethereum fork that failed to revert the hacked DAO funds 20. LISK A Javascript-based platform for smart contracts similar to Ethereum 21. VERGE Works like bitcoin but incorporates TOR for faster transactions 22. OMISEGO An extension of OMISE—an Asian-based payment processing company, operates on ERC20 token 23. SLACOIN A platform for distributed cloud storage 24. BITCONNECT Regulators and investors call it a Ponzi scheme, it allows for lending of bitcoin on their platform 25. ZCash Focuses on privacy like Monero, but operates on a different protocol 26. BYTE COIN Similar to Bitcoin but offers faster transactions using a different POW algorithm 27. POPULOUS Operates on the Ethereum blockchain, focuses on invoice and trade finance 28. STRATIS A blockchain-as-a-service platform, allows creation of private blockchains and applications to run on those ledgers 29. BINANCE COIN Operates on ERC20 token issued by Binance …

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Veritaseum Update: Fireside Chat W/Reggie Middleton on Veritaseum’s VeADIR and the Disintermediation of Wall Street

Source : Veritaseum Update: Fireside Chat W/Reggie Middleton on Veritaseum’s VeADIR and the Disintermediation of Wall Street [youtube] [youtube] Veritaseum Update: Fireside Chat W/Reggie Middleton on Veritaseum’s VeADIR and the Disintermediation of Wall Street Source: Reggie Middleton

Top 50 Cryptocurrencies Explained in 50 Sentences

Source : Top 50 Cryptocurrencies Explained in 50 Sentences With the vast amount of new blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms out there it is easy to get overwhelmed when looking for a project to invest or get involved with. This article summarizes each of the top 50 cryptos, based on the ranking from coinmarketcap at the time of writing. 1. Bitcoin The grandfather of crypto, secure decentralized transactions and store of value. 2. Ethereum Number one smart contracts and token platform, leader in providing a robust platform for decentralized app development. 3. Ripple Fast and secure transactions, similar to Bitcoin but targeted towards financial institutions. 4. Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin fork that provides cheaper transactions and a more open development process. 5. Cardano Established by a co-founder of Ethereum, Smart contracts platform, the “Ethereum of Japan.” 6. Litecoin What Silver is to Gold, Litecoin is to Bitcoin. 7. NEM World’s first “Smart Asset” blockchain. 8. Stellar Ripple Fork, caters more towards end users rather than financial institutions. 9. IOTA No mining, no blocks, no transaction fees, limitless nano payments. 10. DASH Digital Cash, a hybrid between Monero and Bitcoin. 11. NEO Smart contracts ecosystem similar to Ethereum, goal is to be a platform for a new smart economy, China’s largest cryptocurrency. 12. TRON ERC20 token, goal is to be a decentralized entertainment content sharing platform. 13. Monero Number one currency for anonymous transactions. 14. EOS Smart contracts platform similar to Ethereum, but with performance and scalability benefits. 15. ICON Wants to “Hyperconnect the World” by building one of the largest decentralized global networks. 16. Bitcoin Gold Bitcoin fork that uses a new POW algorithm and faster block difficulty adjustment, ultimately allowing for GPU mining. 17. Qtum Singapore-based Ethereum and Bitcoin hybrid. 18. RaiBlocks Focuses on scaling and zero fee transactions. 19. Ethereum Classic Ethereum fork that didn’t revert the hacked DAO funds. 20. Lisk Smart contracts platform similar to Ethereum but based on Javascript. 21. Verge Just like Bitcoin but faster transactions with tor integration. 22. OmiseGO ERC20 token, extention of the company OMISE – payment processor in Asia. 23. Siacoin Distributed cloud storage platform 24. BitConnect Branded a Ponzi scheme by regulators and investors, allows for lending of Bitcoin using their platform. 25. ZCash Privacy centric cryptocurrency similar to Monero but with a different protocol. 26. Bytecoin Just like Bitcoin but with faster transactions and a different POW algorithm 27. Populous   Ethereum based platform designed for invoice and trade finance. 28. Stratis BaaS (Blockchain as a Service), allows companies to create their own private blockchain and applications to run on those ledgers. 29. Binance Coin ERC20 token issued by the Binance exchange, allows users to pay lower trading fees using the coin and is a way to “invest” in the exchange. 30. Bitshares A decentralized exchange and a platform for Smartcoins – coins like bitUSD, bitGOLD, bitCNY – which are “pegged” to the value of their counterparts. 31. Ardor A blockchain platform that will allow people to utilize the blockchain technology of Nxt through the use of …

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WAX vs. BitShares vs. Veritaseum

Source : WAX vs. BitShares vs. Veritaseum Digital assets have become a lot more popular over the past 12 months. We are not talking about regular cryptocurrencies here, but rather new assets which are issued on a blockchain. Several key projects are focusing on the digital asset industry as we speak, although they all seem to offer a slightly different take on things. We have outlined the basic ideas behind three of these projects below and how each differs from the others in its own unique way. 3. WAX For those who are unfamiliar with WAX, the name stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange. It is a platform and a token designed to let anyone in the world create a marketplace for digital assets of their choosing. This project was created by the OPSkins team, which gives it a bit more credibility than one might otherwise assume. OPSkins is the world’s leading virtual item marketplace at present. WAX will allow different types of digital assets to be traded, including video game virtual items. Buying or selling digital assets is anything but straightforward. Right now, buyers and sellers must contend with different currencies, chargebacks, and more. With the WAX platform, all of those problems become things of the past. The use of cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and blockchain-based settlement makes this a project well worth keeping an eye on. That’s especially true when considering that these merchandising capabilities are offered to users free of charge. 2. BitShares One of the older projects focusing on blockchain-based digital assets goes by the name of BitShares. This particular concept is all about the creation of SmartCoins and providing decentralized exchange services. The project offers quite a few other features as well, including the option of banking on a blockchain. With a focus on becoming a decentralized exchange, BitShares aims to provide high performance, security, and convenience. In fact, the team claims their technology can process the same trading volume as NASDAQ. Using the BitShares platform, it becomes possible to tokenize any asset and trade it in a decentralized manner. Whether it is gold, oil, national currencies, or cryptocurrencies, everything can be traded using Bitshares. Moreover, the technology is capable of tracking stocks, bonds, indexes, and even inflation. In an ideal world, companies would issue their stocks in a tokenized form on BitShares. This project offers plenty of opportunities waiting to be explored. 1. Veritaseum One of the newer digital asset-related projects to come to market goes by the name of Veritaseum. Ever since its launch, the project has received a lot of attention and some criticism as well. Whether any of that is justified remains to be determined. The Veritaseum project focuses on building blockchain-based peer-to-peer capital markets for the global market. Its team is focusing on putting a wide range of assets and exposures on the blockchain as autonomous software. Anyone in the world can access these capital markets at the time of their choosing without any friction. It is important to note two key aspects of Veritaseum. Its centralized solution caters to existing institutions not looking to get into distributed capital markets systems just yet. As …

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